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Bolt Cheats for WII
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Bolt WII Cheats

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Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat List 99%
Description: In the Extras menu, navigate to 'Cheats' and enter these codes for the desired effect:
Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, Right - Unlock All Game Levels
Right, Up, Right, Right - Unlock All Mini Games
Left, Right, Up, Down - Unlimited Enhanced Vision
Right, Left -Left, Up, Down, Up - Unlimited SuperBark
Down, Down, Up, Left - Unlimited Invulnerability
Left, Left, Up, Right - Unlimited Laser Eyes
Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right - Unlimited Gas Mines
Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down - Unlimited Ground Pound
Left, Down, Down, Down - Unlimited Stealth Camouflage
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All Mini Games 96%
How to unlock: To unlock all mini games, press Right, Up, Right(2).
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Unlimted laser eyes 100%
Left left up right
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Cheat Codes For Bolt [Wii] 79%
Left Right Up Down=Unlimited Enhanced Vision[Penny]
Right Left Left Up Down Right=Unlimited Gas Mines[Penny]
Right Up Right Up Left Down=Unlimited Ground Pound[Bolt]
Down Down Up Left=Unlimited Invulnerability[Bolt]
Left Left Up Right=Unlimited Laser Eyes[Bolt]
Left Down Down Down=Unlimited Stealth Camo[Penny]
Right Left Left Up Down Up=Unlimited SuperBark[Bolt]
Right Up Left Right Up Right=Unlock All Game Levels!
Right Up Right Right=Unlock All MiniGames
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China missiles on train 67%
To get past the train level with the missiles, use invulnerability when the center missiles are coming, then move forward during the second before the missiles hit you(repeat until you reach cannons).
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Tip For Bolt's Ground Pound 61%
Normally to do a "Ground Pound" you just move the wii remote and nunchuk down at the same time quickly but an earier way to do it is just double jump and while your in the air go into invulnerability mode and you'll do a "Ground Pound".
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Invisibility 53%
Down down up left
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All minigames 37%
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Bolt 426445Where are the two keys to unlock the jaguar? Answers: 1
Bolt 440262Penny has passed the infa-red gates and is sneaking past the guard. iv:e jumped onto the boxes but can"t get onto the last one were I can see the letter c ready to press Answers: 2
Bolt 449291Level 3 how do you break the gate on the bridge to get across Answers: 1
Bolt 425938I am stuck on the level where Penny has to jump from the uneven bridges. She has to jump from one to another- there are 4 of them. I can only get on the second one and can't get on the third. Help please! Answers: 3
Bolt 453679On the level with the turbines, where the only option is the elevator and the turbines and pipes, what do you need to do? You can't go any farther and the elevator doesn't move. Answers: 3
Bolt 780762On level A Penny Saved I cannot find a way for Penny to get anywhere at the start. She is spose to find a way in. Any help would be appreciated... Answers: 1
Bolt 698353How do you get rid of the minigames? Answers: 2
Bolt 473224Level One: How can you press "C" to get past the gate? The hint says to use the wheelbar and repeatedly tap, but we can't get it to do anything! Help! Answers: 3
Bolt 503883How do you get past the Raisin a ruckus level? Answers: 0
Bolt 632525How do you do the ground pound Answers: 1
Bolt 635737How can bolt beat the helicopter? Answers: 4
Bolt 689216As penny how do you get past the minigame in calico's lab (stuck at end of minigame) Answers: 0
Bolt 965660How do I do SUPERCHARGE on Bolt the Wii game? Answers: 0
Bolt 607399Hi I really need help! I am in Belize in the temple, I think, and can't jump up the mini cliffs without falling off. Evryone says to just jump at the right time but is there another way? :) Answers: 2
Bolt 437608In the part of a Time to Flea, with the part with the alerting emeny, how to you get Penny passed the crates? Answers: 1
Bolt 449300How do you break the gate down on the bridge were hellicopter is shooting at u Answers: 1
Bolt 461411After i bet the boss on bolt for on top of the pyriamd i have penny back what do i do now i confused please help Answers: 0
Bolt 482681On the part where it say use" speed to make it easier" what do you do? Answers: 4
Bolt 484149When you are the space ship after you have sunk the ship does anyone know any cheats to get through this part of the game Answers: 1
Bolt 530192Into the deep I just can't pass it! There are a lot of enemies and dragons, and they always kill me! Answers: 0
Bolt 561601On bridging the gaps how do you get up to the top of the platform? Answers: 0
Bolt 539715I cant find the answer for the level bridging the gap can you help me? Answers: 1
Bolt 539950How do I complete level 22 after the mini game. I cant find anything for penny to do. Answers: 0
Bolt 567124How do you crack the security system on the computer Answers: 1
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