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Sonic Unleashed Cheats for XBOX 360
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Sonic Unleashed XBOX 360 Cheats

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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Unlimited Rings 93%
A stock of 3000 Rings is required before beginning this cheat.

Once you've saved up, you will need to track down Wentos, the travelling merchant. If he happens to be selling Hero Sandwiches for 30 Rings (a major discount), purchase a full stock of 99 of them. You may now sell these back for 50 Rings a piece. Profit! You may now repeat this trick for ample rings.
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Pass Through Walls 89%
You can pass through many walls, doors and the like by initiating the X, Y, Y combo, then activating the shield.
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Eggmanland Hub World 87%
Win the game to unlock the Eggmanland Hub World.
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Walking in water 65%
If you boost 10 times on water you can walk on the water
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Long lasting slide 58%
At spagonia go to the water fountain then slide then you will slide for a little while
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Dark Guardian (XBOX 360 AND Wii) 58%
To defeat him attack him as if a normal enemy. However for the Xbox 360 you'll have to push the blocks into the blue area since he heals himself (GRR!). On the Wii, same again except there's no blocks to push, instead you run to him and attack. I hope this helped. –)
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Ben 10 57%
Kill same boss 10 times and you will be shadow the silver
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Super master 56%
Colect 5000 rings and you will be all the time super sonic
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Flash 55%
Are you stuck on holaska trying to get to the boss-learn how to wall jump frist then bost on water look very good theres a secret path
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The stair sliding glitch 49%
First in sonic unleashed for x360 go spagonia and you see and old lady on the stairs the little stairs while running on them press the b button to slide there ill be here for more glitches next time see ya later guys and girls
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Shadow not Sonic? 43%
(This is just a rumor)In any Apotos level,go to a dark place during day.Then go to a place where there is no light,stay there for a minute or more and you will have a black fur like Shadow's.
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49 Achievements
Sonic Unleashed - Still Broken Still Broken
Save the first continent
Sonic Unleashed - Looking Better Looking Better
Save the second continent
Sonic Unleashed - Still a Jigsaw Puzzle Still a Jigsaw Puzzle
Save the third continent
Sonic Unleashed - Picking Up the Pieces Picking Up the Pieces
Save the fourth continent
Sonic Unleashed - Almost There Almost There
Save the fifth continent
Sonic Unleashed - One More to Go One More to Go
Save the sixth continent
Sonic Unleashed - World Savior World Savior
Complete the game
Sonic Unleashed - Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Collect Sun Medals
Sonic Unleashed - Sunny Sunny
Collect all of the Sun Medals
Sonic Unleashed - Half Moon Half Moon
Collect Moon Medals
Sonic Unleashed - Full Moon Full Moon
Collect all of the Moon Medals
Sonic Unleashed - Blue Streak Blue Streak
Create an unbeatable Hedgehog
Sonic Unleashed - Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming
Create an unbeatable Werehog
Sonic Unleashed - Getting the Hang of Things Getting the Hang of Things
Get a high score with Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Unleashed - Creature of the Night Creature of the Night
Get a high score with Sonic the Werehog
Sonic Unleashed - Helping Hand Helping Hand
Help someone in need
Sonic Unleashed - Lay the Smackdown Lay the Smackdown
Improve your Stomp!
Sonic Unleashed - Wall Crawler Wall Crawler
Improve your Wall Jump!
Sonic Unleashed - Airdevil Airdevil
Improve your Air Boost!
Sonic Unleashed - Hyperdrive Hyperdrive
Improve your Lightspeed Dash!
Sonic Unleashed - Basher Basher
Get your Werehog level up
Sonic Unleashed - Smasher Smasher
Get your Werehog level up some more!
Sonic Unleashed - Crasher Crasher
Get your Werehog level up even higher!
Sonic Unleashed - Thrasher Thrasher
Get your Werehog level way up there!
Sonic Unleashed - Social Butterfly Social Butterfly
Talk to people around the world
Sonic Unleashed - Hungry Hungry Hedgehog Hungry Hungry Hedgehog
Eat everything in the world
Sonic Unleashed - Ace Pilot Ace Pilot
Pull off some flawless flying
Sonic Unleashed - Day Tripper Day Tripper
Race through all stages
Sonic Unleashed - Get on the Exorcise Bandwagon Get on the Exorcise Bandwagon
Drive dark spirits away
Sonic Unleashed - Gyro with Relish Gyro with Relish
Eat all the hot dogs in Apotos
Sonic Unleashed - Pig in a Blanket Pig in a Blanket
Eat all the hot dogs in Spagonia
Sonic Unleashed - Exotic Toppings Exotic Toppings
Eat all the hot dogs in Mazuri
Sonic Unleashed - Sausage Fried Rice Sausage Fried Rice
Eat all the hot dogs in Chun-nan
Sonic Unleashed - Iced Hotdog Iced Hotdog
Eat all the hot dogs in Holoska
Sonic Unleashed - Kebab on a Bun Kebab on a Bun
Eat all the hot dogs in Shamar
Sonic Unleashed - Ketchup and Mustard Ketchup and Mustard
Eat all the hot dogs in Empire City
Sonic Unleashed - Hard Boiled Hard Boiled
Eat all the hot dogs in Eggmanland
Sonic Unleashed - Fried Clam Roll Fried Clam Roll
Eat all the hot dogs in Adabat
Sonic Unleashed - First Time Customer First Time Customer
Buy something from Wentos
Sonic Unleashed - Oh, You Shouldn't Have! Oh, You Shouldn't Have!
Give a souvenir to the Professor
Sonic Unleashed - That's Enough, Seriously That's Enough, Seriously
Give every souvenir to the Professor
Sonic Unleashed - Hedgehunk Hedgehunk
Talk with people in the pursuit of love
Sonic Unleashed - I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost
Someone is dealing with spectral troubles
Sonic Unleashed - BFFs BFFs
Become better friends with Chip
Sonic Unleashed - Speeding Ticket Speeding Ticket
Become the fastest thing alive
Sonic Unleashed - Combo King Combo King
Work on your combos
Sonic Unleashed - Ring Leader Ring Leader
Gather Rings from all over the world
Sonic Unleashed - Knockout Brawler Knockout Brawler
Smash, smash, and smash some more
Sonic Unleashed - Blue Meteor Blue Meteor
Dash through the white walls at top speed

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Sonic Unleashed 393699Where is dragon road act 1 day in chan-nan Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 434696I am stuck on shamar I need to find 3 more moon medals to open a gia gate pleas help me. Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 398685How do you get sonics special shoes in country chan-nun Answers: 3
Sonic Unleashed 822801How do I beat the four robots un Savannah Citadel act 1. They don't die and no way out of the room as werehog Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 881253Im in holoska and I have two sun medals but I cant find the last one.Can you help. Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 397194Im stuck on spagonia the bit were there are thoose secret rooms help I dont know what to do, do you? Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 399447On the Wii how you you get past the pit on Eggman Work Act 1 as Sonic Werewolf? Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 465848How do you get the spike boots back on sonic unleashed? Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 629056Special shoes in chan-nun, how do I get them? Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 716035How do you get past the first day mission on chun-nun thingy place Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 736979I cannnot get over the spagonia bridge. how can I pass it? Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 764494How do I unlock shamar Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 768886So the professor is telling me that I need to go find tails, I only have one more piece of the planet left, where do I go? Answers: 2
Sonic Unleashed 782935I get music track in apotos day stage act 2 but how I can listen to this music Answers: 3
Sonic Unleashed 815788I am still missing 4 moon medals in the Chan-nun country in order to be able to enter the stage, where can I find these moon medals? Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 841311I have this cheat for unlimited boost it tells me to do it on the start screen I have heard of the start screen can some one tell me when to input the cheat Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 874709I first entered empire city and I dont know where to go to go to the first level Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 903310How to get prats the bit on sonic unleashed where you have to grab the folting thing on the linden level Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 917283How do I beat the four robots un Savannah Citadel act 1. They don't die and no way out of the room as werehog? and I keep dieing! Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 920673I cant get all 4 sun medals on holoka how can I get them! Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 921575How do I beat the dark Gaia phoenix?!?!?!? Answers: 1
Sonic Unleashed 922219Where do I get the gaia key day? Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 928504How to kill dark phoenix Answers: 0
Sonic Unleashed 931149Looking for the rock in the jungle ride stage Answers: 0
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