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Bolt Cheats for XBOX 360
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Bolt XBOX 360 Cheats

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Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat List 98%
Description: Navigate to the Cheats menu in Extras and input the codes below for the desired effect. They must be toggled on or off in the pause menu.

Unlimited InvulnerabilityDown, Down, Up, Left
Unlimited Laser EyesLeft, Left, Up, Right
Unlimited Stealth CamoLeft, Down, Down, Down
Unlimited Enchanced VisionLeft, Right, Up, Down
Unlimited Gas MinesRight, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right
Unlimited SuperBarkRight, Left, Left, Up, Down, Up
Level SelectRight, Up, Left, Right, Up, Right
All Mini GamesRight, Up, Right, Right
Unlimited Ground PoundRight, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down
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37 Achievements
Bolt - Walking is Boring Walking is Boring
Penny successfully performed a wheel bar up, sidle, and cable
Bolt - Party Crasher Party Crasher
Completed the final level of Act 1 (Italy)
Bolt - Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle
Completed the final level of Act 2 (Belize)
Bolt - Good Comrade Good Comrade
Completed the final level of Act 3 (Russia)
Bolt - Well "Trained" Well "Trained"
Completed the final level of Act 4 (China)
Bolt - Beyond Awesome, it's Be-Awesome Beyond Awesome, it's Be-Awesome
Completed the final level of Act 5 and the Game (Oceania)
Bolt - So you think you can hack So you think you can hack
Completed 5 Bonus Hack Levels
Bolt - Tame the Mainframe Tame the Mainframe
Completed 10 Bonus Hack Levels
Bolt - Security? What Security? Security? What Security?
Completed 15 Bonus Hack Levels
Bolt - Time to increase recruiting Time to increase recruiting
250 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated
Bolt - Biological Enhancement Complete Biological Enhancement Complete
Bolt's health bar maxed out
Bolt - Atomic Core Critical Atomic Core Critical
Bolt's power bar maxed out
Bolt - Battery Upgrade Complete Battery Upgrade Complete
Penny's gadget bar maxed out
Bolt - No hack too hidden No hack too hidden
All bonus hack levels have been found
Bolt - Give em the ol' one-two, or six Give em the ol' one-two, or six
Attain a 6 hit combo
Bolt - Mad Combo Skills Mad Combo Skills
Attain a 15 hit combo
Bolt - Combo Master Combo Master
Attain a 30 hit combo
Bolt - Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky
Penny completed RAISIN' A RUCKUS or HIDE AND SNEAK without alerting any enemies without using cheats
Bolt - Hacktacular! Hacktacular!
Beat a mini-game level without taking damage
Bolt - Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming
Bolt successfully defeated 3 different enemies with Super Sonic Bark, Laser Eyes, and Ground Pound
Bolt - Security Override Security Override
Penny successfully hacks the system
Bolt - Lights Out! Lights Out!
Destroyed Calico's generators
Bolt - Belly Up Belly Up
Sunk Calico's Warheads
Bolt - The Cat didn't come back The Cat didn't come back
Calico was utterly defeated
Bolt - Bolt, Stare! Bolt, Stare!
100 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated by Bolt's Laser Eyes
Bolt - Bolt, Speak! Bolt, Speak!
100 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated by Bolt's Sonic Super Bark
Bolt - The Dog Pound The Dog Pound
100 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated by Bolt's Ground Pound
Bolt - Watch your step Watch your step
Send 25 Calico henchmen through windows or over cliffs
Bolt - Scrap Metal Scrap Metal
Destroy 7 of Calico's SUVs
Bolt - Ruffed Up Ruffed Up
Bolt defeated Glovey with a finishing move
Bolt - Indiscriminate Justice Indiscriminate Justice
Bolt defeated Proddy with a finishing move
Bolt - Starry Eyed Starry Eyed
Bolt defeated Starry with a finishing move
Bolt - This dog doesn't play frisbee This dog doesn't play frisbee
Bolt defeated Disky with a finishing move
Bolt - Bull Whipped! Bull Whipped!
Bolt defeated Bully with a finishing move
Bolt - Give him the Boot Give him the Boot
Bolt defeated Stompy with a finishing move
Bolt - Which button is block? Which button is block?
Got whipped by a Glovey
Bolt - Ouch! Ouch!
Got hit by an SUV!

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Bolt 413691How can you beat the Rocket ship on the game Bolt? I have been trying for 3 days and I just keep dying ...... Answers: 2
Bolt 447570How do I use level select and where can I find it? Answers: 0
Bolt 833665How to best the fire wall "time to flea" Answers: 0
Bolt 917023Where is the extra tab located to put in cheats? Answers: 0
Bolt 946222How do you use the supercharge Answers: 0
Bolt 965203How do I go to level select Answers: 0
Bolt 975029How do you do superbark Answers: 1
Bolt 978208I know it says use right and left trigger for supercharge, but it won't work with mine! is it right and left TRIGGER? or right and left BUTTON? Answers: 0
Bolt 359627In the game bolt. How do you get past the ninja boss that stands in the ruins shooting stars at you. 4 lessor nijas just keep coming and the boss does not come down to where you can get him. help Answers: 2
Bolt 386840Im stuck on ACT 4! After bolt loses his power, Penny is suppose to get to the control do I get there!? Im stuck with a big green eyed door. I use the enhanceming goggles, but they show me the door and the little red thing. HELP PLEASE! Answers: 1
Bolt 514202How do I defeat all the bad guys while having the attack of supercharge and having superbark at the same time because all I keep doing is fighting these guys over and over and nothing new is happening,So please help me. Answers: 1
Bolt 419387How can I get the head of the jaguar statue out? Answers: 1
Bolt 862089What buttons do you use for supercharge on the 360 when fighting the 4 ninjas Answers: 0
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