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Syberia Cheats for NDS
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Syberia NDS Cheats

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Rating: 1/5 VOTE

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Syberia 383117I am playing syberia for ds I am stuck at the church at the dresser ever time I pull the lever the top drawer opens and there is nothing to take I try hitting the other drawers or closing the top drawer and nothing happens the only time I can close the draw if I move away from the dresser when I try again the same top drawer opens and doesent close is my game defective? help Answers: 3
Syberia 400642I am stuck at the university I cannot figure out how to fix the bandstand. please help me. Answers: 1
Syberia 455035Im stuck at the university . I need some numbers to open a lock to help raise and lower the water level Answers: 1
Syberia 398735Im at the universty trainstation, trying to grab the eggs with the tongs. But how do you grab the eggs? Answers: 1
Syberia 404460I am stuck at the Church. I think that my game is curruppted because after opening the chest and getting the key, note, and purple card, and putting the purple card into the Machine in the room from the elevator, I am now stuck. I went to the factory and she tells me "I prefer looking at the church first" But there is nothing left for me to do at the church... There is nothing in the cemetery, and I cannot enter the church's main entrance... nor the second door from the priest room. Does anyone else have this problem? I have the Telescopic key which I got from the Notary but I have no idea where it goes. Answers: 1
Syberia 391012Im at the church and I have everything out of thr dresser and I dont know what to do next there is a door it looks like it needs something to open it what do I do? Answers: 2
Syberia 393160I have the mammoth and the cylinder what do I need to leave the train station? Answers: 1
Syberia 410955I went up the elevator, put the purple card in the back and it showed a bell dinging and then a robot guy puttin his hat down in the graveyard to unlock something with the key I have.. But I cant find where the place is? Answers: 1
Syberia 428132Im trying to leave the unversity. I already put the mammoth back, and Oscar told me that we still need a second voice cylinder. I have wine and the fungus. Do I need to use any of them to find the cylinder? Answers: 1
Syberia 439304I got everything from the dresser. went to the masoleum. put the key in the hat. now there is a 2 in a circle thing. What am I supose to do with it? I need help w this part, please. Answers: 1
Syberia 448268I paid the couple the money, but went over the other side of the train depot toward the wall past the demolished buildings. Now I am unable to return back. Can you help me please? Answers: 0
Syberia 474918I think I got everything out of the drawer, and I cant get through the cemetary, and when I go to the door in the right side of the street, she says"i think I would perfer to go to the church first. wat do I do? o, and this is ds version. Answers: 1
Syberia 478010I need help I just got the game and I stuck at the notaray's office because I can't find the missing peice to the little robot thingy. i've started over a couple of times to see if I made a mistake but its just me not being able to find the item I just want to move forward in the game. :) Answers: 2
Syberia 479893Okay, I read that you need to talk to oscar first. Where is he at, I cant find him anywhere?!?! Somebody on here said you need to pull a chain or a lever, but wheres it at? Answers: 2
Syberia 489845I have wound up the train and have got the cylinder in its place and have the mammoth doll. where do I put it? and how can I get the other 2 things so oscar can get the train 2 move? Answers: 1
Syberia 489872I found the cylinder in the garden. wheres the other? Answers: 0
Syberia 490055I cannot find the glass in Arablad to make the cocktail. Cannot find the "hallway" or "room" described in the walkthroughs. Only glasses I see are in the dining rooma nd Icannot take any of those. Answers: 0
Syberia 494235I keep getting stuck in the attic. I restarted playing three times. Iam suppose to draw a picture of a mammoth. I have the ink and the diary, I have seen the mammoth drawing on the wall in that liiltle room. Momo is suppose to give me some paper or else Iam suppose to have a piece of paper. I do not and can't find any. How do I draw a mammoth and give it to momo so I can get out of here and move on? Answers: 1
Syberia 496603In Arabald I cannot find the glass I need to make the drink, I read it is in a hallway or a room , but I cannot find that particular hallway/room. Answers: 0
Syberia 515898I am stuck at the notary, it said I need to get a key from the desk...But I spend ages and could not locate the key! please help! Answers: 2
Syberia 524950Cant get paper or pencil so I can draw the pic, so I can leave, he doesnt hand me one, can someone please help, tryed for days and cant get out thanks Answers: 1
Syberia 525528How I could make legs for oscar? Answers: 0
Syberia 526443How do I get the ticket for the train?oscar is in the train but he doesnt ask me or tells me I need one Answers: 1
Syberia 530247I can't find a key of the prists drovers I only find 4 punch card but I cant find X shaped key for hat at church......ple helped me Answers: 1
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