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Dreamer: Horse Trainer Cheats for NDS
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Dreamer: Horse Trainer NDS Cheats

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Dreamer: Horse Trainer

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Jumping 80%
Do not jump straight at the jump

you need to jump to the outside of the jump/ to the right of the jump not directly over it
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Dreamer: Horse Trainer 381835How do you jump?I try hitting the touch screen when it is on green and I get caught in the jump.I try hitting it on yellow and I clear the jump ...but I get penaltie points and dont pass the lesson.HELP! Answers: 4
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 433870Kk I still don't under stand alot ALLL how to jump i've tried everything but I don't get wat you mean like on what I have to do because I wait for it to turn green and the girl says I did great but I still get stuck sooo confuesd PLEASE HELP! Answers: 1
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 442570Why does the horse get stuck when I try to jump the fence? Answers: 2
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 466584I have waited well over "two days" and still no foal? i've waited like over a week. and somewhere in the game is suppose to be where mary is readin a letter? where does that come in? Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 455353We have 2 horses and have waited more than two "days" and still no foal...any other tips? We REALLY want a foal! Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 489537OK... so I've passed all the exams and everything and I have 2 horses so what do I do now? I cant find anything new so is there something im supposed to do or am I just gonna keep riding around in circles? An answer from anyone would be nice! :) Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 501213Where is the dog in the feild I cant find it also how do you get a 2nd horse? Answers: 2
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 612567K,well when I jump the girl says perfected and my horse gets how do you jump over the fences with out getting stuck.if you have any suggestion's plzz tell me Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 625248In this game I am on my 45th day! and yes ive passed all the lessons & everything else! I have to horses and no foal! how much more do I have to wait!? Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 663940I beat all the thingys outside but I can't find the camera where is it? i've been riding for 20 minutes! Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 871706How to find gramdpas glasses Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 870086How do you jump every single time I wait for the green I always get stuck between the fence and I get penalty points if I jump on the yellow or the red someone help please I really want another horse please help for the jumping part plz Answers: 1
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 872150What do you do avter the gramdpa gives you a new horse Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 928100How long my 2 horses have foal I try every thing like care them but I wait like 5 day mine was 67day I pass all test Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 938807Where are all of the camera icons located at when you can start riding on your own. I have found all of them but one. Please help. Answers: 0
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 386608I am really annoyed because every time that I try jumping on Horse Trainer for the DS, I wait for green, then I get caught in the jump, but she still says good job. Then when I wait for yellow or red, I get penalty points! How do you Jump? Answers: 1
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 388941Yeah I have the same problem. I cant clear the jump without gettin penalty points. Idk if it's a glitch in the game or what. Does anyone have the answer? Answers: 2
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 387807How do you jump? Answers: 1
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 421309How long do you have to wait for a foal? Answers: 5
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