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Gallop and Ride Cheats for WII
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Gallop and Ride

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Good Start Cheat. 100%
This is a little cheat or tip if you will that I discovered while playing my game for the first time. To get a really good start on the game and make the game easier to get through follow these steps exactly!

1. Start a new game.

2. DO NOT: rais the amount of money that you have over 485 at any time during the game otherwise this cheat will not work.
*DO NOT: upgrade any buildings or buy any horses until you have finished getting all that you can without leveling up.
*DO NOT: get your horse from the pasture or worry about feeding him yet. This will save you money that you will need.

3. end the day and keep track of how much money you have. Each time that you end the day, your money will increase by 50. Do this until you have 450 to start with.

4. go to the computer and shop your little heart out. remember do not buy a horse at this time. you may buy the maximum of all objects.
(Under Horse essentials)
*Feed and hey
(Under horse equiptment)
*Blankets red & green
*Saddles Brown, brown & black, brown & white, and white
(Under rider clothing)
*All clothing

To get Everything listed above may be purchased without leveling up. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have everything listed above.

During that time you can also take your horse out into the field and train it over the jumps and collect the bonus horse shoes in the fields. if you jump over the jumps three times each you will get more points in training. do this until you have enough skill to compete in races. After you have gotten everything that you can without leveling up you can then level up and use the money that you earn from training foals to buy the rest of the things that you need.

*The hose station
*all level one books.

Use your bonus points to purchase your first horse. It will be cheeper that way. Once you have earned enough money to upgrade and make a breeding stables use the two horses that you have to breed more. You will never have to buy another horse this way and your money can be spent on more important things. Also the higher the skill level of the horses that you breed the better the foals.

I hope that you find this useful.
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Gallop and Ride 100%
If your horse gets ill, and if you don't have any money, if you go to bed for 3-6 days your horse will not be sick anymore. Though you might have to build up your horse's trust and health. Then your horse will be as happy as it can be ! :D
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How to spend less money on food 84%
Instead of keeping your horses inside the stables, only keep them in the paddock. You never have to feed them because they feed on grass. Just remember that you have to build their trust again when you bring them back to the stable, unless you visit them every day. This strategy is good because if you have, or are very close to finishing, and have lots of horses, it gets very expensive to feed them every day.

Thanks for reading! Good Luck completing the game!
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Money 52%
If you are just starting a new game (on gallop and ride) then if you go to bed repeativly and do it about 5 times... you get $50 every time you go to sleep. But once you do it about 5-6 times it wont allow you to do it anymore!
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Tip for ridding! 47%
If when you go to rid you hourse and he/she has no energy that means you put him/her out on the paddock. Make sure your hourse is inside be for you go to sleep! and I when your ridding you have to wii remote and you find it hard to contorl, you can  change that  in the options menu.
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Skill Points Out on Trail 43%
Whenever your out on trail and you just over logs or streams, you usually gain +3 skill. However, repeating the same obstacle(log,river,etc.) over and over again on the same trail ride decreases your skill gain. If you repeat the same obstacle twice, instead of +3 skill, you get +2 skill, and so on.

---If you can't beat the heat, then wear suntan lotion
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Gallop and Ride 793227Ether my wii is mess up or the foals I trian DONT CARE... they wont stop, sumtimes wont go and wont move up or down most of the time... PLZZZZZ HELP! Answers: 9
Gallop and Ride 616709Only one quest will ride at a time and they all ride the same horse...i have four horses and four saddles so I don't understand why they don't ride. Answers: 4
Gallop and Ride 747951Where are the horseshoes in gallop and ride? Answers: 3
Gallop and Ride 421397How do you get to ride the horse. I bought the blanket and saddle. what's up now. Answers: 6
Gallop and Ride 618151How do you build the riding center? Answers: 2
Gallop and Ride 788296Where are the bonus stars for the wii game Gallop an Ride Answers: 4
Gallop and Ride 624225On gallop and ride for the wii I cannot go to the first star how do I do it without having to go ride Answers: 6
Gallop and Ride 737016I have breed a foal and I am pretty sure that it has grown up but I can not find it anywhere else on my farm soo where is it? Answers: 6
Gallop and Ride 764519IN Gallop & Ride (wii), after you get your first horse how far in the game do you have to get to get your second horse, or do you have to buy it? Answers: 4
Gallop and Ride 798955I feed my horses in the morning, and look for my guests.... but no one shows up on the front lawn as someone else described on Cheatmasters. How do I get my guests to appear? I have looked and looked everytime I feed my horses and cannot find them! Answers: 4
Gallop and Ride 801348How do you upgrade or add stalls? Answers: 2
Gallop and Ride 864791How do you therapy on the horses? I DONT GET EHAT YOU NEED TO DO! PLZ HELP ME Answers: 1
Gallop and Ride 551210How do you clean a stall? Answers: 6
Gallop and Ride 707369Looking for all of the gold shoes in the 1st field. I need one more! Is there a map available? Answers: 3
Gallop and Ride 710980I baught some blankies for my ponies but I cant put them on please answer I really need help Answers: 3
Gallop and Ride 725991How do you use the General Vaccine? Answers: 2
Gallop and Ride 795485How do you pass the 5x2 task on the second star Answers: 3
Gallop and Ride 804776How on earth do you mount a horse to your yard!? I read in the useful tips book that mounting a horse to your yard is quicker then leading it, but ... how do you do that! please somebody tell me! Answers: 7
Gallop and Ride 817395My horse has won all the field races but I spent all the money on its food and upgrades to the bridge, riding hall and a hose but I still need to get the therapy center. How do I get more money? Help! Answers: 3
Gallop and Ride 824469How do you get a foal? Answers: 4
Gallop and Ride 824478When your guest rides a horse, do you get to ride on another one of your horses with them or do they ride on their own? Answers: 2
Gallop and Ride 885661How can you get a stallion I tried so many times to get a stallion please help me Answers: 3
Gallop and Ride 899839How do we massage a horse? Answers: 1
Gallop and Ride 900477How do you train a foal in the training section I am not getting any money and need to know how? Answers: 1
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