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A Kingdom for Keflings Cheats for XBOX 360
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A Kingdom for Keflings XBOX 360 Cheats

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A Kingdom for Keflings

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

A Kingdom for Keflings (X360) - FAQ's 90%
Q: How do I get wool/crystals?
A: You need a special tool. The shears (for wool) are to the west of the town square. The digging rod (for crystal) is to the southeast.

Q: How do I unlock more blueprints?
A: Keep building things. You should have one of every building, plus multiple houses/cottages/manors), plus whatever decorations you want around town.

Q: How can I carry more?
A: There are two belts in the game. Getting one lets you carry up to 17 units, getting both lets you carry 25. One is hidden under a resource to the east, the other is from a quest.

Q: How do I get more Love (hearts)?
A: There are five hidden under resources - one to the north-norhwest, the others to the east. The rest you get from quests.

Q: How do I get more quests?
A: Keep building. They seem to be unlocked as the town grows.

Q: What's the purpose of guild/smart/graduate Keflings?
A: Some buildings require one to be activated. You will need all three buildings, as the requirements are specific.

Q: Help! I do not have enough books! Is my game bugged?
A: There are exactly enough books in the game. There are three on the world map - two are visible, the 3rd is hidden under a resource to the east. The other three books are created when you finish building one of the buildings that needs a book. The book is created at the town square when you place the last building component, so do not worry if you seem to be one book short but haven't finished constructing the building yet.

Q: Are resources limited?
A: No. While most resources will disappear once they are fully harvested (this gives you more space to place buildings), the resources at the edges are infinite. Sheep are slightly different - once you get all the wool off one, it will regrow.

Q: My Keflings keep going back to harvesting nearby infinite resource points instead of clearing the area I told them to!
A: Pick them up, take off their hat (Y button), and place them on the area you want them to clear. Then either do not give them a drop-off point, or give them one nearby on the ground instead of taking them back to one of your buildings.

Q: Should I pick the gypsy or foreign trade?
A: The Gypsy will eventually unlock buildings that help with wood and crystal harvesting. The foreign trade will do the same for rock and wool. Pick whichever you like.

Q: What do stars do/mean?
A: Sometimes you get a quest to get more stars. Also, I believe they help increase your score.

Q: How do I get more stars?
A: When you build a new type of building, some will give you more stars. The blueprint will show how many stars you get.

Q: How do I complete the keep/castle?
A: Aside from upgrading the town hall, you also need to build one (for keep) or two (for castle) of the other components and connect them to the upgraded town hall using walls. I've heard of a couple reports where the walls didn't count it as connected in that case, just build it adjacent to the town hall and it will count.

Q: Can I get rid of the town/keep/castle workshop once I build the town hall/keep/castle?
A: I'd advise against it - you will run into a blueprint here and there later on that may require a part from them, plus you can use them to make walls and banner towers for decoration. If they're in the way, just destroy them (X button three times) and move them.

Q: Do I lose any resouces when I destroy something?
A: No - buildings break down into their components, and if the building had any resources, Keflings or books in it they appear on the ground in the middle of the resources. If you break a building component, it breaks into 100% of the resources used to build it.

Q: Where are the tool upgrades?
A: The upgrades for rocks, wood and wool are hidden under resources to the east. The upgrade for crystal is a quest reward. As a side note, the upgraded shears alone will not allow you to harvest wool - you still need the regular shears.

Q: What do the gloves do, and where are they?
A: The gloves let you move faster when carrying things, and are given as quest rewards.

Q: What do the shoes do, and where are they?
A: The shoes let you move faster. One is a quest reward, the other is hidden under a resource to the west.

Q: How do I unlock the blueprints in the upper right of the blueprint page?
A: The upper part unlocked with the gypsy, the part just below those with foreign trade. You have to pick one or the other, you can't have both.
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A Kingdom for Keflings XBox360 - Achievements 89%
Big Bully (15)Keep kicking the Keflings
Frank Lloyd (25)Unlock 25 blueprints (Single Player)
Friend (10)Collect 10 unique player banners from other giants during Xbox LIVE play
Haberdasher (20)Encounter every possible Kefling hat (Single Player)
If I Had a Hammer (5)Build a lumbermill (Single Player)
King (40)Finish a complete castle with 3 connected parts (Single Player)
Like Rabbits (15)Reach a total Kefling population of 30 (Single Player)
Master Builder (25)Build a cathedral (Single Player)
Siegfried (or Roy) (5)Train a Kefling (Single Player)
Think Big (10)Build a building made of more than 8 pieces (Single Player)
Vanity (20)Build 4 alike busts from the Sculptor in a square formation to build a "colossus" statue
World Traveler (10)Play in an online game where 20 different player banners appear
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Easy score for high scores 51%
Make a sculptor jousting arena and a theater then just keep making 4 bust statues and make a big one for a lot of points
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FAQs 45%
Q: I have built all the things that require text books but im missing one!
A: after you build all of the places that require text books when you start building the last one it should put one book at the town square for you

Q: my friend told me there's ____ object under this ____ resource but its not there!
A: its different for every game.

Q: do the resources ever respawn?
A: no, but there are some infinite resources on the edges of the map

Q: I have gotten every blue print but I dont have one for mining the crystals and logs faster (or the other way around, rocks and wool)
A: the gypsy gives you the crystals and logs
the foreign trades give your the wool and the rocks.
By: omarscap3(16)
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Control "Always remember" on the credits 35%
All you have to do is change your motto to whatever you want on the Always remember part at the end of the credits and tada! to see it faster than watching all the credits just hold UP on your d-pad until you get to where you can see the Always Remember title. Enjoy!
By: Spartin007(13)
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What is special of the special belt? 31%
It makes you able to carry 17 things at once. not like 5 rocks and 10 things of wood. it only lets you carry 17 things of one like....17 things of wood.
By: meganzoomoo(8)
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How to get more Keflings? 28%
You can get more by destroying a house and using the love on another house and you still keep the other ones.
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Millions of rocks and logs 28%
After you have like 100 logs and rocks you buy 5 towers then you put them in rows and hit them 3 times with the "X" button then you keep on doing it then you can say bye-bye to the keflings.
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3 new keflings 20%
Ok now for this cheats to work you need to have built every thing and complete the game then all you have to do is destroy all of your kefling houses then put them back together but destroy all befor you put them back together and should have 2 or 3 more keflings its not much but it works then you just have to put the keflings back in the buildings but they do go away wen your not playing even if you save the game they will still be gone
By: ckrog5(13)
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12 Achievements
A Kingdom for Keflings - If I Had a Hammer If I Had a Hammer
Build a lumbermill (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Siegfried (or Roy) Siegfried (or Roy)
Train a Kefling (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Frank Lloyd Frank Lloyd
Unlock 25 blueprints (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Big Bully Big Bully
A Kingdom for Keflings - Haberdasher Haberdasher
Encounter every possible Kefling hat (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Like Rabbits Like Rabbits
Reach a total Kefling population of 30 (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Think Big Think Big
Build a building made of more than 8 pieces (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Master Builder Master Builder
Build a cathedral (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - King King
Finish a complete castle with three connected parts (Single Player)
A Kingdom for Keflings - Friend Friend
Collect 10 unique player banners from other giants during Xbox LIVE play
A Kingdom for Keflings - World Traveler World Traveler
Play in an online game where 20 different player banners appear
A Kingdom for Keflings - Vanity Vanity

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A Kingdom for Keflings 531215At what point in the game will the Kefling lumberjack or miner carry their goods to the lumber mill or stone cutter etc themselves? Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 586996What do keiflings do after they go to the guild hall, what can they do now? Answers: 2
A Kingdom for Keflings 638406How do I get the gypsy to give the keflings crystal and log harvest upgrade Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 647102How do you build the wizards tower - Ive unlocked the blueprint but cant find the tree to finish the building off where is this please Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 705835Hey how do I get all the upgrades for my avatar? I got 1st belt and 1st shoe axe, pickaxe, sheers, both crystal staffs pls help Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 753820I have put all the needed pieces together to form the castle - even used the answer given earlier to try to finish with the caste wall but nothing happens. The components just stand there next to the keep without connecting with the castle walls. Any ideas of how to get the castle to complete? Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 389105Hi, i can not unlock the church, brick mason and wood carver... I kwno these are next because I ahev played before... the game will not let me go any further for some reason... Answers: 4
A Kingdom for Keflings 626874What do I need for the Market Square? Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 725633How to get indistruable buildings online Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 762088How do I get a wized Answers: 0
A Kingdom for Keflings 766473After you finish the castle, is there any way to get more hearts to build more buildings? (PLEASE NOTE: I've cleared all the consumable resources already) Answers: 0
A Kingdom for Keflings 786859How do I connect the gate to the keep? Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 822677Can you still get the gyspy trade after you get the castle? Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 922731How do you get a brick Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 933714I cant figure how to change the color of the buildings Answers: 0
A Kingdom for Keflings 946374How do I get cloth Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 952333How do I get my keflings to move things (wood rocks ect.) to the work shops I want insted of making piles Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 964938Q. Help! What building do you have to build to find the tower to build the monolith? Answers: 0
A Kingdom for Keflings 604942How do I build a cathedral. Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 609265How can you have multiple players play using one xbox? is it possible? Answers: 1
A Kingdom for Keflings 633309In what quest do you get the upgrade for crystals? Answers: 0
A Kingdom for Keflings 679944How do I find/make magic gems Answers: 2
A Kingdom for Keflings 737909How do you get the quest where you can either get a gypsy or trade fortune? The mayor didn't ask me Answers: 0
A Kingdom for Keflings 744600I never got the option between the contractor and the gypsy, is there a blueprint I need to find or something? I played the game before a year or two ago and did the quest, but this time it skipped right over it, I feel cheated! Answers: 0
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