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Call of Atlantis Cheats for PC
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Call of Atlantis PC Cheats

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Call of Atlantis

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

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Call of Atlantis 967386What are the heart tiles used for they are called extra lifes but how do you use them? Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 978198How do you use the hearts in the game Call of Atlantis I have 250 hearts and my current score is 7235695 game gets harder and harder.......... Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 753875Level 7 in Carthage 3 pieces on stuck on unbreakable, How do I move the pieces up and over so they can be released? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 756776Level 7 Carthage 3 how do you get the two pieces on each side that have the wall under them? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 773353Im stuck on level 9 in greece where I have to solve some puzzle but the items I point to light up but nothing moves Im so confused? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 839148I am completely stuck on Call of Atlantis, level 9 of Cathage. Does anyone have a cheat..... keep in mind I am not a computer geek, so your answer needs to be easy/simple. Thanks. Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 904927I'm also stuck on last level of Carthago - and have lost almost all my lives. I've read the tip about the time, is there any way to get more lives or swap bonus? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 959967How do you activate extra lives (heart icon)? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 965228I'm stuck on level 2 with last piece. What's a power up Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 969282Very last level of the whole game. Bricks all across the bottom. Nothing gets rid of them. So do I give in now? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 971313How do you activate the hearts you have aquired Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 979292In level 4 0f Carthage I have a bonus symbol with 1 locked symbol on each side of it. They are on a mantle and the bonus one is in the middle on a brick wall. What to do? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 979294How do you use the bolts to your advantage? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 998898I found the question, is the brick wall really not breakable? so you cant finish the game? Answers: 0
Call of Atlantis 520031I'm stuck on level 9, 3rd. round, in Carthage. Any suggestions? Answers: 2
Call of Atlantis 556277I'm stuck on level 2 in Carthage. How do you get the isolated piece when everything under it drops off the screen and you have no way to clear it with a match? Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 480345I too am stuck on level 9 getting the last piece out of the center. I have tried everything I can think of. Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 676966Playing call of atlantis and stuck on carthage level 2 can anyone help Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 444875How do you use the switch bonus piece? Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 370060On Egypt Level nine I can't figure out how to get the last piece out where I can play it to the bottom. Also, what is the strategy behind playing the switch places. Answers: 1
Call of Atlantis 405383Level 9 do you get the "tool" from the middle of the bricks when you can't match it with anything...I got it to the end..don't know how... but no further..Thank You Answers: 3
Call of Atlantis 800131How do you break brick wall Answers: 1
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