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TimeShift Cheats for PS3
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TimeShift PS3 Cheats

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Rocket jump 63%
U can rocket jump by putting self dameg on disable have the game set it to rocket arena then in the game shoot at your feet then volia your flying above every one else
By: poketrap3489(7)
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Deley grenade 60%
When ever you use the grenade launcher hold the button it delays the detonation work multi player or single
By: mewrocks2(4)
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Tactic against the shielded enemies 25%
When you see some shielded enemies use E.M.F Cannon to penetrate their shield,but I dont know if the magnesium overload works.I was just tryed the magnesium projectiles.And please tell me where I find some Swarm Grenades(mini attack drones)
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Barrle throw 25%
On map 6 go under ground with the surge gun find a gray barrel shoot at it with the lightning bolt (you cant control it ) oh make sure you have it on force wepon type is surge gun so you can do it long
By: mewrocks2(4)
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55 Trophies
TimeShift - Alpha District - Casual Alpha District - Casual
Complete Act 1 "Alpha District" on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - The Stronghold - Casual The Stronghold - Casual
Complete Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - The Forgotten - Casual The Forgotten - Casual
Complete Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - Munitions Plant - Casual Munitions Plant - Casual
Complete Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - Airborne - Casual Airborne - Casual
Complete Act 5 "Airborne" on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - Alpha District Revisited-Casual Alpha District Revisited-Casual
Complete Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - Alpha District - Skilled Alpha District - Skilled
Complete Act 1 "Alpha District" on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - The Forgotten - Skilled The Forgotten - Skilled
Complete Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - Munitions Plant - Skilled Munitions Plant - Skilled
Complete Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - Pickpocket Pickpocket
Swipe 10 weapons out of enemy hands using Time Powers
TimeShift - All Fall Down All Fall Down
Kill 3 enemies at one time during Time Stop
TimeShift - Look What I Can Do Look What I Can Do
Walk on water using Time Powers
TimeShift - Disarmed! Disarmed!
Shoot 5 weapons out of enemy hands
TimeShift - Get It Off Me! Get It Off Me!
Remove a stuck Clutch Grenade using Time Powers
TimeShift - The Stronghold - Skilled The Stronghold - Skilled
Complete Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - Airborne - Skilled Airborne - Skilled
Complete Act 5 "Airborne" on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - Alpha District Revisited-Skilled Alpha District Revisited-Skilled
Complete Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - Alpha District - Elite Alpha District - Elite
Complete Act 1 "Alpha District" on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - The Stronghold - Elite The Stronghold - Elite
Complete Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - The Forgotten - Elite The Forgotten - Elite
Complete Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - Munitions Plant - Elite Munitions Plant - Elite
Complete Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - Airborne - Elite Airborne - Elite
Complete Act 5 "Airborne" on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - Alpha District Revisited-Elite Alpha District Revisited-Elite
Complete Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck
Complete a level without dying on Casual difficulty
TimeShift - That Guy Is Swift That Guy Is Swift
Complete a level without dying on Skilled difficulty
TimeShift - Death-Proof Death-Proof
Complete a level without dying on Elite difficulty
TimeShift - You're It You're It
Tag 15 enemies with Clutch Grenades
TimeShift - TimeShift Veteran TimeShift Veteran
Play 100 multiplayer games
TimeShift - TimeShift Champion TimeShift Champion
Win 100 multiplayer games
TimeShift - Did I Do That? Did I Do That?
Score a Fury Kill
TimeShift - Berserker Berserker
Go on a Reaper Spree
TimeShift - MVP MVP
Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag
TimeShift - Yoink! Yoink!
Retrieve 50 flags in Capture the Flag
TimeShift - Are You Cheating? Are You Cheating?
Score 30 headshots with any weapon in multiplayer games
TimeShift - Bullets Are Expensive Bullets Are Expensive
Kill 25 opponents with melee attacks in multiplayer games
TimeShift - Have It Your Way Have It Your Way
Host and complete 10 games with custom presets
TimeShift - Very Gracious Very Gracious
Host a dedicated server for 48 hours total then quit
TimeShift - I Don't Rent, I Own I Don't Rent, I Own
Win a Ranked Deathmatch game by at least 5 kills
TimeShift - King Me! King Me!
Win a Ranked King of Time game by at least 5 points
TimeShift - Not Even Close Not Even Close
Win a Ranked 1v1 game without dying once
TimeShift - Keep Away! Keep Away!
Win a Ranked Capture the Flag game without the other team capturing your flag
TimeShift - Nuclear Winter Wonderland Nuclear Winter Wonderland
Win a Ranked Meltdown Madness game by at least 30 seconds.
TimeShift - The First of Many The First of Many
Win a Ranked match
TimeShift - Anytime, Anyplace Anytime, Anyplace
Win a Ranked match on every map
TimeShift - Jack of All Frags Jack of All Frags
Win a Ranked match in every game mode
TimeShift - Boy in the Bubble Boy in the Bubble
Score 30 kills while trapped in a Time Grenade
TimeShift - Ride My Rockets! Ride My Rockets!
Use rocket launcher 11 times to kill opponent while he is in the air. Low gravity mode will help.
TimeShift - Jump of the year! Jump of the year!
Use time powers or time fields to prevent falling damage 3 times.
TimeShift - You won't even know how! You won't even know how!
Throw reverse grenade when opponent is shooting you. Kill your opponent 3 times with his own shots.
TimeShift - You can't catch me! You can't catch me!
Use your time shield to escape from any time field 25 times.
TimeShift - DLC 2 Expert DLC 2 Expert
Win ranked match on every map in DLC 2.
TimeShift - Flag Snag! Flag Snag!
Throw reverse grenade in CTF mode on enemy who carries your flag
TimeShift - Master Miner--Crowned! Master Miner--Crowned!
Get 25 kills using land or laser mines.
TimeShift - Regicide Rules! Regicide Rules!
Kill king in King of Time mode 25 times.
TimeShift - DLC 1 Expert DLC 1 Expert
Win ranked match on every map in DLC 1.

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TimeShift 390155I've made it to the last section (rooftop, 3 timeshift soldiers, sentinel with three turrets on legs). I can kill the soldiers and take out one turret with the surge gun, but I can't find any moving, timeshifting, and shooting sequence to take out the other two turrets before getting killed. I've spent as much time on this last part as I've spent on the entire previous game. Can anyone provide a specific sequence of moving, time shifting and shooting that works? Thanks Answers: 1
TimeShift 478594On the level where you have to get through all the gards I think on the third level I tried slowing down time but they keep seing me so how do you get past? Answers: 1
TimeShift 520830Online demo i've seen players use technique where a clone is left behind while real one disapears -time shift game- how? Answers: 1
TimeShift 838025What do you do next after blowing up the tank there is nowhere else to go Answers: 0
TimeShift 888193Where is the fourth terret on level ten? Answers: 0
TimeShift 960660How to past levels Answers: 0
TimeShift 961225I have internet connection but when I try to play online it wont let me play. can you help me? Answers: 1
TimeShift 991209How does the player walk on water? what do you do with controllre? Answers: 0
TimeShift 365182How do you pass through boiler room, tried stopping time and jumping from ramp. Answers: 1
TimeShift 575768I cant find out when to enter the infinite time cheat code for timeshift on ps3........can you please help.......? Answers: 1
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