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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Cheats for PS2
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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to defeat Malefor for PS2 97%
You will have three fights. In the first fight, be sure that Spyro and Cynder are in their gold armor. You may want to put Cynder in Black Armor, because her Fury Breath is ten times better in that one. Depending on how you are playing ( By yourself or with someone) Use Cynder's poison or fear scream to stun Malefor, then use Spyro to hit him. If you do it right, green magic gems and red health gems will fly out of Malefor. He will then zoom past you and start throwing those damn fire balls at you. Use your spinning action ( L1) to spin around them. Do the same thing, using Cynder's posion and Spyro's electricity to fight him. It really is key to actually HIT him and not use just magic. At the bottom right hand of your screen, you should see Malefor's health begin to deteroiate. When it gets low enough, it will go to a cutscene, where you will have to press different buttons. If you do it correctly, the world will begin to destory and that leads to the 2nd fight. In this fight, it took myself and my boyfriend ( we played it as two player) forever to pass this part. Malefor will shoot ice and purple fire balls at you. Again, use your spin action to get around these. Be careful though, because the purple balls will target either Spyro or Cynder. Use your magic from time to time, but this is when you really want to HIT Malefor. Use Cynder's poison and Spyro's electricity, BUT Use combos, ( Mainly the Square button) and really just beat the crap outta Malefor. Towards the end, you will want to go into Fury Mode. If you dont know how to do this, hold the triangle and square buttons together . Just hold them, dont press them rapidly, just hold them. Spyro and Cynder willl form purple and blue balls around them, then shoot beams of power out of thier mouths. ( You need to press L2 to shoot the beams) (( Malefore's health needs to be low enough for you to do this). It will then go to another cut scene. You will have to press the buttons in the order they appear on the screen. Okay, now you are at the last fight. Malefor will have a purple bubble around him. HIT THE BUBBLE TO REBUILD YOUR FURY METER. Once your fury meter is full, go into Fury mode again and then it should go into another cut scene. Press the buttons in the order they appear on the screen and there you have it. It will show the ending and then the credits. Wait after the credits for a special scene. Hope this helped you alot, I know my boyfriend and I searched EVERYWHERE on the internet, but no one seems to have info on PS2. Just PS3, Wii and XBOX. But good luck and have fun!
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How to defeat an Elight monster 95%
Hint: to defeat a elight monster you need to see its helmet what ever color the helmet is to determin what element to use and you have to knock off the helmet.and then the monster is able to be hit by any thing.
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The gate problem 95%
When you are at the dark place at dragon city(malafores traning area) to get in the gates you use cynders shadow element to get under the gates
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How to fight without fighting 94%
Just upgrade the shadow breath to the last then use it in battle by using shadow fire then blast it on enemies by puting it on them
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How to beat an elite enemy in less than five minutes 93%
Of course, knock off the enemy's protective helmet using the Element that matches the color of the helmet (i.e., Green=Cynder's Poison, Blue=Spyro's Ice). If not already available, upgrade Cynder's Poison to allow her to perform Toxic Scorpion Strike. Repeatedly hit the enemy with Scorpion Strike, now and again using Snake Skill to evade attacks. It will only take about four or five Scorpion Strikes to reduce the enemy's health to 50%.
Switch to Spyro. If not already available, upgrade Spyro's Fire to Blazing Comet Dash. Repeatedly hit the enemy with the Dash, and there you have it.
Hint: if you run out of experience points but still want to upgrade, replay the very first level. Take advantage of those random vases or piles of wood you find laying around and harvest Blue Crystals from there. Pretty much anything that isn't nailed to the wall can be useful.
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Spyro:DOTD elemental atacks 100%
The best and eaiser way to defeat ANY enemy[exept bosses]is:
with spyro,s electricity:hold down R2
with cynder's fear:hold down R2.that WILL DEFEAT ANY ENEMY even THE ELITE ENEMYS.
the best and eaiser way to push an enemy away[exept the flyng enemys]is:
with cynder's shadow strike:press/hod R2
with spyro comet dash:press R1
how to: get nearby an enemy and use cynder's shadow strike and switch to spyro and jump/double jump towards the enemy and use it.its usefull against the third elite enemy to "throw" him away.
I'll make other things later when I just find more [glitches,FAQs,etc]
By: spyrodragon(3)
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Cynder,s "going up" glitch 100%
This glitch is in EVERY chapter maybe you can do this with spyro in the pounce part BUT the melee part only acn be work with cynder:jump/dobble jump then hold down [TRAINGLE] and then,when you hear him/her do the sound of hiting the ground hold down the [L1]button.
*note*the hight is RANDOM but if you were using cynder keep meleeing(pressing the [SQUARE])button and when you reach the 4th hit repeat the whole meeelling again.
*note*if you wanna gain hight AND kepp going forward just do the 5 WEAK COMBOS attacks

hope it works
By: legendofspyro(3)
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Hwo to defeet malefor 80%
Here anathor easer way to defeet malefor:
step 1>> sky
use the gold armor[immune to stun if you unloked] then,use spyro to atack him BUT BE CARFUL do NOT waste your time if you late he takes the chanse so be carful,then like anathor one he sat{AN CUT SCANE APEAR AND YOU NEED TO PREES THE BUTTUNS AT THE SAME ORDER}.
like the first one but this time is 2/3 AND he will be spit TWO BIG ICE BALLS AND WHEN IT'S GET FAR FROM HIM IT'S EXPLODE SO BE CARFUL AND WHEN HE DO THAT DO NOT GET IN FRONT OF HEM but he can't use ane fire atacks AGEEN use the same armor BUT this time you need to use the element atacks to help but from me [don't use earth or wind (cyclone) atack's] but you can use ane anuther atack contenue atack him untel a cut scane apear
step 3>>volcano
it'nearle to die and he have just1/3 BUT this time he have a shild,use cynder'twister atack (wind) to full up the fury atack {or if you have a lot of mana use the black armor and use cynder'fury and ATACK} and then when he die and the puple bar is full and you want to save your progres with a MAX MANA,prees squere and tringle togather BEFORE THE CUT SCENE APEARS and then when you finish a vedio cut scene apears and when that hapend you will BEET THE GAME
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How to get fury mode very fast 75%
To get fury mode very fast use tornado (wind power) and in 150 hits start punching and u'll get fury mode fast.
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Elite Beasts - Help 75%
You can find elite beast counts through the "Chapter" option under the menu. You must have beat the level to unlock playback mode. An elite beasts has a shiny helmet that the color will vary. A health bar will appear with a demon face. You can only beat it when its helmet is knocked off. The color tells the element:

(Spyro and Cynder's Rage Beam counts as universal)

Red- Fire
Yellow- Thunder
Brown- Earth
Blue- Ice

Green- Poison
Gray- Wind
Purple- Darkness
Red- Fear

Once you knock off the helmet, the monster will fight back then make a run for the helmet. You can kill it before it gets the helmet.
By: Cometheart(121)
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Defeat the golem in avatar pass 75%
Go to pause menu then hold L1 and press Right, right, down, down, left for unlimited health
then hold R1 and press up, right, up, left, down for unlimited mana. and just keep killing him
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The legend of spyro dawn of the dragon-dragon city golem that attacks hunter 75%
What works best to kill the golem is spyros electricity. Go up to its stomache and if youre cynder go to spyro then use his electricity it works!
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All cheat codes (do this at the pause menu) use the left along stick to do these cheats 74%
Hold L1 and press left, up, down, up, right: All Upgrade slots unlocked.
Hold L1 and press Right, right, down, down, left: Infinite Health.
Hold R1 and press up, right, up, left, down: Infinite Mana/Breath.
Hold R1 and press up, left, left, down, up: Max Experience.
Note that the codes will deactivate when you quit to the Main menu screen.

By: haakon
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Common Help 74%
There are many common puzzles that have to be solved throughout the game. This will show how to easily get past it.

Lock Wheels, Armor Boxes and Levers
-Go up to two purple spheres by a wheel, iron case or a lever. Press circle then square rapidly. How long you have to depends on what you're working on.

Tuning Forks
-Switch to Cynder and press "Left". Use R2 to scream Fear at the forks. They will spin to a speed then let off a quick show of energy.

Dark Gates
-Switch to Cynder and press "Down". Hold R2 and go through the gate. Dark gates have dark energy on the bottom.

-Torches are the bowls with two dragon heads. Switch to Spyro and press "Up". Hold R2 until the bowl is fully lit.

-There are common puzzles that need to be done with teamwork, usually on dragon graps something and the other flies.
>>The Raft- go to any dragon. Press Circle by the prongs in the middle. Switch to the other dragon and go airborn. Fly in the direction you need.
>>The Dam- go down the dam. There is a place where you need weights. Grap one, and fly out and to your left. There'll be vines. Climb up to the top with the light dragon. Switch to the heavy dragon and press circle to grab on to the vine. Climb up and jump onto the wood balcony. Get the other dragon off, too. Drop the weight in front of the wooden tube on top. Grab onto the prongs and switch to the other dragon. Start flying until all four wheeles on the wall start spinning. Repeat on the other side.
>>Gate Lift- in Dragon City behind the gate, there is a lift. It works like the same as the raft.
By: Cometheart(121)
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Entrances to special items {Avatar world} 73%
Hint:Ok. So once you defeat all of those enemies that attack the avatar clan {Hunter's place} The leader finds that one of their pack members have disappeared {Meadow} So of course you go to the nearest waterfall and save him and defeat the level. right?
Well, there are also entrances to armor chests. Examples:

*At the largest waterfall
*At the waterfall where you save Meadow. Beside it are vines on which you climb.
*At the Hermit's cave
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2P Mode: Easy Beat Elites (and large enemies) 70%
If you have Spyro's Lightning element, use it to paralyse the enemy while your partner beats the tar out of it.

Especially easy when the Elite wears a lightning mask - 17 or so hits with R2 ought to knock the mask off and the enemy can't fight back while being electrocuted.
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Cheat Effect
Hold R1 + Up, Left, Left, Down, Up Max Experience this will efect in the menu where you upgrade breath it should give you just enough to fill them all!
Hold R1 + Up, Right, Up, Left, Down Infinite Mana/Breath (infinite) you will never run out of breath till the end of the level
Hold L1 + Right, Right, Down, Down, Left Infinite Health same as ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hold L1 + Left, Up, Down, Up, Right All Upgrade Slots all armor Unlocked!
READ>> use analog stick! at alll times! these cheat but the frist one will stop working every level (repeat the cheat every level!)
By: cheatmastrs(27)
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Malefore Help 64%
Malefore is the last boss. I'll tell you how to easily beat him.

>>Stage 1: Sky

Fly towards him and use Square to weak claw him. Don't waste your time with powerful attacks, he'll take advantage. He has tricks up his sleeve:

Fire ball- If he launches, just move out of the way
Homin Fire Balls- Keep moving. Attack and move around Malefore
Dark Spheres- Keep moving. Once they pass after homing, attack Malefore.
Rage Beam- Not like yours. Just attack from behind when he uses.

Just claw him until his health empties. It's not the end, though.

>>Stage 2: Falling

Again, it's the same, only he has 2/3 health. He remembers the moves from stage 1. Just claw him quickly. He has a new trick, though.

Poison Sphere- When he spirals and flies up, press L1 and pull L3 down. One's the sphere is gone, it's safe.

Just claw, he'll die.

>>Stage 3: Volcano

He has 1/3 left, and now a shield. Switch to Cynder and use her wind attack as Tornado. The rage will go up quickly. Once the purple bar starts glowing, press square and triangle. Switch to Spyro. Use the rage beam to blow apart the shield and kill him.

>>Ending: Cutscene

Now that he's gone, he's still alive and well. You'll reach the heart of the planet. The scene shows his executed dragons pulling him into the Underworld. Spyro "sacrifices" his life to pull the planted to floating islands. But, Spyro's not dead, because the story must continue.
By: Cometheart(121)
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Malefor Battle 63%
When battling Malefor. Use your elemental magic cheat R1 Up right Up left down then use your infinate health cheat L1 right right down down left and start shooting Malefor with fire, electricity. And as Cynder use her dark fire so he'll lose health. While he is losing health you aren't injured and you still have a lot of magic
By: IgnitusFan(86)
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Defeat malefor without using cynder 62%
1st round:dodge his fireballs and get close enough to MELEE him
yes I said melee (a little benefit here is: use nuclear hit if you have unlocked it)
keep meleeing him untill a cutscene appears
2nd round:use ice breath (not tornado) untill you are out of mana
when you are out of mana melee him to fill it up
repeat this untill a cutscene appears
3rd round:hit the purple shield around him untill your fury meter is full and then use fury breath to kill him
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Spyros fury breath 59%
When playing the game press the up and down butten at same time for spyros fury breath... ill try to find out how to do cynders.
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Cinders fury breath 57%
I just found out how to use cinders fury breath go left right and spyros up down hope this helped you a lot.
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Unlock armor 51%
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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon 49%
Here's a easyer way to get past at level 2 says to hold x and move the left and right do that and when you get up ther shoot spyro's light flame.
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Switching players on single player 44%
If you are on single-player mode you can press L2 to switch between dragons.
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Knocking up short mini tornado attack rodeo. 40%
1st Hold triangle,then wait until the enemy is on the ground,then tap triangle 3 times and that makes 1 hit.
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Bungalow effect 38%
Press L1 + up,down,left,right,square,triangle and X
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Easter egg 20%
When your fighting da big nigar monster there is a little secret at the top of the monsters head! There you will find a very very invisible big giant nothing!
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Stupid spyro 15%
L1, l2,l3,l2,r1 and r2
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Kipjes 7%
By: spyro12(6)
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