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Free Realms Cheats for PC
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Free Realms PC Cheats

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Free Realms

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Bonus Codes 85%
Description: To access bonus effects, select the "Redeem-A-Code" option, then enter one of the following codes. *** They can also be used in-game. Items are limited to one use per account. The items cannot be traded and some cannot be sold.

Effect Code
Baseball Cap;
level 1 "Free Job" clothing
Bull-Horn Ninja CowlDRINKMILK
Charcoal Bermuda Shorts;
level 1 "Free Job" clothing
Chatdy Baseball Cap
level 1 "Free Job" clothing
Chatdy ShirtF7KPG5A
Checker Charged Helmet;
level 1 Kart Driver item
Crash Crunch Helmet6FG8ZT7
Crystal Hammer;
level 1 Brawler weapon
Doggy Bowling T-Shirt;
pet clothing
level 1 Miner tool
Froggy Fries;
turn into a frog
Goat Cheese;
turn into a goat
Heavenly DonutMMMDONUT
Jagged ScytheEMD73DK
Kitty Jeweled CollarDXNMJH9
Mother's Day Bouquet;
level 1 "Free Job" item, limited time
Race Away Jacket;
level 1 Kart Racer clothing
Robgoblin T-Shirt;
level 1 "Free Job" clothing
Sample Booster Pack for Trading Card Game;
10 virtual cards, no loot card
level 1 Ninja weapon
Skeletal Speed Helmet;
level 1 Kart Driver head item
Spider Snack;
Turn into shaggy spider
Spook Sphere;
turns into a ghost-like creature once
Strawberry Surge Helmet;
level 1 Kart Driver head item
Striped Shoes;
level 1 "Free Job" clothing
Striped T-Shirt;
level 1 Free-Style job chest item
Treeble MaskK9KCECXM3EK
Twilight Layered Skirt;
level 1 "Free Job" clothing for females
Veggie Surprise;
turn into fungal man-eating plant
turns you temporarily smaller
Wild Winger Shin GuardsG3TACPCH
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Move While Doing An Emote 85%
How to: To move while doing an emote, click somewhere far away from your current location. *** Your character must travel in a straight line.

Quickly go to the emotions list and select an emotion. If done correctly, you will emote while moving, and if enough time remains, you may be able to select a 2nd emotion. *** This works best with emotes that last a long time.

Also, click somewhere far away from your current location. Quickly go to the emotions list, select an emotion, then hold [Up]. You will be able to turn left or right while holding that key and moving forward. *** This works best with emotes that last a long time.
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Cheat List 83%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes for the desired effect:

FACEBOOKFANS01Veggie Surprise
FACEBOOKFANS06Checker Charged Helmet
KN78CH2Striped Shoes
JFRE87JDoggy Bowling T-Shirt
CMNJGGESpider Snack
N4PF9R3Crystal Hammer
ROSESFORMOMMother's Day Bouquet (Expired May 17th)
6TNBTGHCharcoal Bermuda Shorts
MPT38B3Layered Skirt
PXNH6HBSpook Sphere
FROGGYFroggy Fries
SANDWICHSmall Sandwich
XCZG923Baseball cap
T86766RChatdy Baseball Cap
CP24C5NRace Away Jacket
FBREDSPARKLERRed Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th )
3G9MKT2Green Stripe T Shirt
SUMMERSPARKLERPurple Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th)
GMBZZ24BFree TCG Booster. (Item arrives in trading card collection window)
SKELETALSkeletal Speed Helmet
F7KPG5AChatdy Shirt
STRAWBERRIESStrawberry Surge Helmet
DXNMJH9Kitty Jeweled Collar
DRINKMILKBull-Horn Ninja Cowl
6FG8ZT7Crash Crunch Helmet
EMD73DKJagged Scythe
MMMDONUTHeavenly Donut
G3TACPCHWild Winger Shin Guards
K9KCECXM3EKTreeble Mask
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Trophies Guide 82%
Description: This game has 18 bronze, 20 silver, 1 gold, 1 platinum, and 6 secret for a total of 46 trophies.

Read the Guide --> Free Realms - Trophies [Guide]
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Royal Vault 80%
Description: To get the special tickets for the royal Vault, do the quests. Go to the sanctuary and jump in the surrounding water. Swim under the bridge then turn. Go past the monster and then click on the bubble in the left cage.
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Dog Bark 59%
Type in barkbark as a cheat to be a tall short ear dog with brown fur and black spots. My name on free realms is Erick Colorshield or Ghost Hunter with a number at the end. if you see me add me as a friend. If you like this cheat tell me. I got this cheat from a old friend of mine.
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Freerealms 58%
This is a cheat code facebookfans01
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Charcoal Bermuda Shorts; level 1 "Free Job" clothing 56%
By: xshadow5(102)
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Checker Charged Helmet; level 1 Kart Driver item 55%
By: xshadow5(102)
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Robgoblin tee shirt ! 54%
To unlock this item go to sc and hit the present / claim icon then type in "ROBGOBLINBOOTY" no spaces and make sure it is all caps
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Free real codes 53%
Facebookfans01 through 06 xczja23 n4pfar3 sandwich froggy t86766r pxnh6hb
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Want to see yourself shirtless or bikini like 50%
You go to shop. Then click clothes, then hit preview (make sure you can see yourself) then keep going to the next clothes quickly then if you x out quickly you'll see your self like that sometimes. This also works with something you want to wear or look (this last for one day and you can do it again.)
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Tangle wood fort glitch 45%
Go into tangle wood fort - note : must be lvl 20 combat - then go through the opening in the gate then just walk over to the tent that is near the wall / fence click up on the tent using the stump that is next to it jump off the tent and on to the wall/fence the keep jumping along it and then jump on the vine walk up it and go around the fence then when you get to the pink mush room jump over it and you get all your bonus points ! ENJOY
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For the no clothes trick if you are a boy make sure you do not have a hat on! You will go bald if you do. Whereas if you have no hat on you can keep your valuble hair! :)
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Cheat Mode (Alternate) 41%
Description: Enter the following chat commands to unlock the specified cheat function. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Effect Code
Chatdy backpack/stylish
Rocker hat/pinkhat
Rocker pants/omglolblack
Rocker shoes/lolilshoes
Rocker Vest/lolirocker
Big head mode/absnbd
Small head mode/omglilimh
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Free hair styles ? 36%
Go to your coin shop or market place click on hair styles - you dont have to be a member - then click on the desired hair peice then click preveiw then click out of it then it will appear on your character this affect only lasts one day or until you log off ENJOY !
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Get a potion that turns you into a animal then click out of it while switching jobs - you might have to try a few times - then you will apear in your under garments - under wear and/or bra
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Wolfmayne 29%
Turns you into a wolf
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Lol 29%
If you reach level 20 in a job you get 100 station cash
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Login gifts 28%
To more things like clothes and something for your house just login and you might get a gift then you exit out the page (and don't forget to logout) go back to free realms and login again and you might get another gift and if it works than keep on doing it. If it fales than don't logout .
By: pokemonmaster(43)
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A Shortcut 27%
You can swim in the waters of Free Realms - use this to cut corners on long, curved paths.
By: GrassyPlain(151)
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Free 100 Station Cash (SC) 25%
Level up 20 in any job!And You'll get 100 SC!
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Get 100 diffrent colors of top hats 19%
Top on top
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1 year membership code 15%
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Turn 100 in any job 7%
100 hundred jobs
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