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Wolfenstein Cheats for PC
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Wolfenstein PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer 1.11/1.2 by: Caliber Jan 12,2010
Mega Trainer 1.0/1.1 by: Caliber Nov 24,2009

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All Skills for Free 100%
How to: Money is finite in Wolfenstein, so donít waste it on upgrading any Veil powers (Veil, Shield, Empower or Mire). When youíve collected the final Tome of Power in the game, all of the skills for each power available for purchase will be granted to you automatically, saving you a total of $17,000. Thatís enough money to fully upgrade several weapons!
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Boss Tips 100%
Description: Here are some tips for beating the final boss:

For the first part, use Empower to get through his shield. Use explosives -- the Panzer Rocket Launcher and the Veil Blue Rocket Launcher.
For the 2nd part you can use either the Slow Motion or Empower once again to beat him.
For the 3rd part, dont run up the ramp. Snipe him with a Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher. Go slowly. Once you get to the part where you need to climb up stairs, get a weapon ready to kill large amounts of those things on 4 legs (they call 'em Sniffers). There are 4 waves of them. Afterward, simply shoot him until he falls.
For the fourth part, simply shoot him since at this point he will have no power ups. Use the explosives to end him quickly.
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Achievements 100%
Buster (Destroy 1000 objects) - just before doing the airfield mission you move forward with a man from the resistance. At one point there is an area with unlimited panzer rockets that respawn you can use these to destroy nearby objects and just change zones and go back to respawn all objects.

Rampage (Kill 200 enemies with Empower) - same place, just use empower and shoot enemies with the panzer, change zones and go back to respawn them.

Honorary Geist (Spend two hours in the Veil in single player) - leave your Veil sight on and stand in a Veil portal thing, then just leave it for 2 hours.

Time Out (Use the Mire power for more than an hour in a single player) - Stand in a Veil portal and turn on Mire, when your Veil power runs out, let it fill up and repeat (you can tell when your Veil power has run out using Mire because your controller will stop vibrating, this allows you to do something else while you keep turning the Mire power on).
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Heavy Nazi Kills 100%
How to: To easily kill Heavy Nazis (the ones with particle cannons) use your Mire power. Their shoulders will have red targets. Aim for these - once both are destroyed a new target will pop up from the back ( in red). Shoot this to easily kill them.
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Cheat List 98%
Warning: Alter game files at your own risk and always make a backup copy first!

First, make a copy of wolf.cfg in the game folder (C:UsersnameAppDataLocalid SoftwareWolfSPbase in Windows Vista). Rename it autoexec.cfg, then open it and add this line anywhere:
seta g_cheatsAreOn "1"

When you add one of the following cheats, you have to associate it with a key. For example:
Bind L "god"
This means that if you press the L button you enable God Mode.

Here is a list of available commands you can bind to keys using the line above:

godToggle God Mode
giveAllIntelUnlock all Intel
givePowersUnlock all powers
giveGoldFree gold
giveObjectivesUnlock Objectives
giveAchievementUnlock Achievements
giveALLPowerUpgradesUnlock all power upgrades
notargetToggle targeting
give ammo_shroudAdd ammo for Shroud
give ammo_teslaAdd ammo for Tesla
give ammo_panzerAdd ammo for Panzer
give ammo_mauserAdd ammo for Mauser
give ammo_mp43Add ammo for MP43
give ammo_mdl24Add ammo for MDL24
give ammo_particle_cannonAdd ammo for Particle Cannon
give ammo_mp40Add ammo for MP40
give ammo_defaultAdd ammo for your current weapon
give ammocomponentAdd ammo for component
momoneyAdd money

If you have completed the game once, you are able to get into cheat menu by pressing "esc" -> Options -> Game options -> Cheat menu, where you can give yourself weapons and money or enable pumpkin heads. if you haven't completed the game yet, enter the following
lines to the new autoexec.cfg to access these cheats:

seta g_showCheatMenuMsg "1"
seta g_gameFinished "1"

Save the changes and everything you've set is enabled by pressing the buttons you've chosen.
Additions from Timoi
1. To have extended (infinite?) running time:
seta g_infiniteStamina "0"
seta g_infiniteStamina "1"

2. Activate the Best Buy exclusive promo of unlocking the Flammenwerfer at the first level:
seta g_unlockedFlameDLC "0"
seta g_unlockedFlameDLC "1"

Open the console and enter the following cheats to spawn enemies:

spawn enemies_elite_guardBlonde Elite Guard with a dagger
spawn enemies_elite_guard_02Brunette Elite Guard with a whip
spawn enemies_ak_flame_trooperFlamethrower Trooper
spawn allies_kreisau_soldier_01Friendly Kreisau soldier with MP40 smg (enter 01 to 05)
spawn enemies_despoiled_greenGreen Despoiled
spawn enemies_ak_heavy_trooperHeavy Trooper
spawn enemies_despoiled_redRed Despoiled
spawn enemies_ak_rocket_trooperRocket Trooper
spawn enemies_scribeScribe
spawn enemies_snifferSniffer
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_officerWehrmacht officer with an MP40 smg
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_sniperWehrmacht sniper with a sniper rifle
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantryWehrmacht soldier with a Kar98 rifle (enemy must be present in level)
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40Wehrmacht soldier with MP40 smg
spawn enemies_alteredAltered
spawn enemies_ak_assassinAssassin
spawn enemies_SS_officerSS officer armed with an MP43 assault rifle
spawn enemies_SS_sentrySS soldier armed with an MP43 assault rifle
spawn allies_kreisau_erikErik Engle
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Fully Upgraded Weapons 98%
How to unlock: If you collect each and every piece of Intel in the game, you will automatically be rewarded when you pick up the final piece. Each weapon you didnít have enough money to upgrade fully will become fully upgraded upon picking up the final piece of Intel.
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Additional Cheats 96%
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock the following cheats. Using these will disable Achievements and Trophies. Access the Cheat Menu by pressing "esc" -> Options ->
Game options -> Cheat Menu.

Pumpkin Heads (Turn enemy heads into orange squashes)
Unlock All Weapons
Unlock All Veil Powers
Infinite MoneyHow to:
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