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Free Realms Cheats for PS3
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Free Realms PS3 Cheats

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Free Realms

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Trophies Guide 93%
Description: This game has 18 bronze, 20 silver, 1 gold, 1 platinum, and 6 secret for a total of 46 trophies.

Read the Guide --> Free Realms - Trophies [Guide]
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Job Lists Guide 91%
Description: In the world of Free Realms there are three main job classifications

Read the Guide --> Free Realms Job Lists [Guide]
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Soulcrash 67%
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Turn 100 in any job 33%
100 hundred jobs
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How to get leveled up faster 29%
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Free 12000 station cash 26%
Complete the game and get 12000 station cash
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Get 100 diffrent colors of top hats 21%
Top on top
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46 Trophies
Free Realms - Free Realms Champion Free Realms Champion
Earn all trophies
Free Realms - Celebrity Celebrity
Add 100 players to your friends list
Free Realms - Angler Angler
Reach Level 20 as a Fisherman
Free Realms - Arcane Master Arcane Master
Reach Level 20 as a Wizard
Free Realms - Big Spender Big Spender
Spend 50,000 coins
Free Realms - Demolisher Demolisher
Reach Level 20 as a Demo Derby Driver
Free Realms - Doctor Doctor
Reach Level 20 as a Medic
Free Realms - Elite Collector Elite Collector
Complete an elite collection
Free Realms - Flying Dragon Flying Dragon
Reach Level 20 as a Ninja
Free Realms - Grand Explorer Grand Explorer
Reach Level 20 as an Adventurer
Free Realms - Iron Chef Iron Chef
Reach Level 20 as a Chef
Free Realms - Marksman Marksman
Reach Level 20 as an Archer
Free Realms - Master Blacksmith Master Blacksmith
Reach Level 20 as a Blacksmith
Free Realms - Master Decorator Master Decorator
Place 1000 items in a house
Free Realms - Ore Master Ore Master
Reach Level 20 as a Miner
Free Realms - Postmaster Postmaster
Reach Level 20 as a Postman
Free Realms - Socialite Socialite
Add 50 players to your friends list
Free Realms - Speed Demon Speed Demon
Reach Level 20 as a Kart Driver
Free Realms - Street Fighter Street Fighter
Reach Level 20 as a Brawler
Free Realms - Striker Striker
Reach Level 20 as a Soccer Star
Free Realms - Team Player Team Player
Successfully invite 25 players to a group
Free Realms - Warlord Warlord
Reach Level 20 as a Warrior
Free Realms - Barterer Barterer
Complete 5 player to player trades
Free Realms - Captain Captain
Win a Pirate's Plunder match
Free Realms - Collector Collector
Complete a collection
Free Realms - Consumer Consumer
Use a consumable item
Free Realms - Cow Tipper Cow Tipper
Tip 10 cows
Free Realms - Duelist Duelist
Win 10 duels
Free Realms - Groupie Groupie
Successfully invite 5 players to a group
Free Realms - Guildmaster Guildmaster
Create a guild
Free Realms - Home Improver Home Improver
Place 100 items in a house
Free Realms - Housecaller Housecaller
Visit another player's house
Free Realms - Icebreaker Icebreaker
Add a player to your friends list
Free Realms - Loser Loser
Lose 10 minigames
Free Realms - Mechanic Mechanic
Visit the Kart & Demo Derby Garage
Free Realms - Mime Mime
Perform 10 emotes
Free Realms - N00b N00b
Ask for help from Free Realms Support
Free Realms - Pet Whisperer Pet Whisperer
Perform a pet trick
Free Realms - Pwner Pwner
Win a tier 5 combat encounter without getting knocked out
Free Realms - Quitter Quitter
Abandon 10 quests
Free Realms - Relic Hunter Relic Hunter
Win an Artifact Hunt game
Free Realms - Strategist Strategist
Win a Chess game
Free Realms - Stylist Stylist
Equip a style card
Free Realms - Tactician Tactician
Win a Checkers game
Free Realms - Tower Defender Tower Defender
Win a Tower Defense game
Free Realms - Window Shopper Window Shopper
Visit the Marketplace

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Free Realms 521400How to find the wizard Answers: 2
Free Realms 714486What is the cheat code for turning into a plain dog Answers: 2
Free Realms 780534How do I complete the game? Answers: 1
Free Realms 786636I have a 40gb ps3 and when im in the lobby for fifa11 it says you have been disconnected from your opponent Answers: 1
Free Realms 796914How do you get free SC? Answers: 1
Free Realms 796915Is there more codes for turning into different dogs? Answers: 2
Free Realms 822584How can you get a free mebership for three we want one so bad :]! Answers: 1
Free Realms 825084Can you turn in to a horse in free realms? Answers: 1
Free Realms 825086Can you tame a wild animal on free realms? Answers: 1
Free Realms 844889Can you put a house on a lot you bought? Answers: 1
Free Realms 846982How do you make a second character for free worlds I bought a lifetime membership and dont know how to make another character Answers: 1
Free Realms 850017How do I claim prizes if my ps3 doesnt have a claim mode? Answers: 0
Free Realms 900546How to download free realms on ps3 I cant seem to find it Sep 25. Answers: 1
Free Realms 912249I am playing free realms on PS3..i am visiting marketplace for pets and dragons but it says me I AM A MEMBER...WHAT SHOULD I DO? Answers: 0
Free Realms 917552I cant get the marketplace to work on freerelams on the ps3 why? I'm using another user... Answers: 0
Free Realms 935340I have purchased a mount and a pet and I want to start a new char does that purchase content go with me or not? Answers: 1
Free Realms 949899 how do you put the cheats in Answers: 1
Free Realms 965502I have an account on PC version can I use the same account on ps3? Answers: 0
Free Realms 967824Im a member in free realms PS3 and I bought a pet ( jasper, a ghost cat) i cant summon him, I cant feed him. his stats are dropping and I cant do anything about it. I cant even summon him witht he character I purchased him with... huh? is goin on? Answers: 0
Free Realms 982632Can I save a character without a membership Answers: 0
Free Realms 477736How do you save the game on free realms? Answers: 5
Free Realms 595764How to turn to wolf Answers: 1
Free Realms 701006Why dont you guys put pet training in free realms aging please? Answers: 0
Free Realms 809098How do I get free realms on ps3? Is it in the playstation store? Answers: 4
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