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Tomb Raider Underworld Cheats for PS2
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Tomb Raider Underworld PS2 Cheats

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Tomb Raider Underworld

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Lara's Swimsuit 96%
How to unlock: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Lara's swimsuit on the "Medditearen Sea" level.
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Treasure Hunt Mode 96%
How to unlock: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Treasure Hunt Mode.
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Cheat List 94%
Description: These codes are from Tomb Raider: Legend, but work in Underworld as well.

InvincibilityHold L2 and press A, R2, Triangle, R2, Square, L1
One hit killsHold L2 and press Triangle, A, Triangle, Square, L1, Circle
Reveal enemy healthHold L2 and press Square, Circle, A, L1, R2, Triangle
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Mediterranean Sea 38%
Hold L2 and press A, R2, Triangle, R2, Square, L1
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All weapon 16%
Hold L2 and press square,circle,L1,and a
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Tomb Raider Underworld 454565How do you switch on the light? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 513088Where is thors belt Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 566207After I got the thor belt, I only just use the bike to go up the snake path way.And open the door But I was incontroll, I going to the wrong way, laras bike was gets stucked betwen the pillar and the wall, I try to move it out but I cant! I cant move my bike! Now how cant I proseed the game without her bike? Any suggession? Thanx Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 683789How can I past Room with Thor's statue and central structure Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 397029I have just bought TRU for PS2, but for some reason the game will not save, so I have to start over every time I play it. I have tried everything - different controllers, different memory cards, restarting the ps2, but nothing works. any suggestions? do you think this is a fault with the game itself? Answers: 10
Tomb Raider Underworld 420895Does anyone know how to save underworld tombraider on playstation 2 to memory card or is there a fault with this game Answers: 3
Tomb Raider Underworld 427398On the blue walkway where is the grapple hook to get down? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 498631Where is the last axle? in the cave to the left? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 507036Where are the two axles in the underwater level? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 510947I know this will sound silly but when I press (-) key to pull a switch on the game (wii) she just tugs at the switch but doesnt pull it, what am I doing wrong please? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 516513How do you get above the kraken to lower the sun-shaped platform over its head? Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 527534I am totally stuck on TRU. I am in a room with a golden gate 2 large serpants at either side. with 2 preassure pads on the floor. how do I get through the door. I have looked for walkthroughs but they havent helped me, it says I can grapple the serpents heads but it doesnt work. any ideas? thanx x Answers: 2
Tomb Raider Underworld 537559What key is a on the controler Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 556676Where is thor's belt Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 566151At the coastal thailand level,how can I move the bridge anti clock wise? She always dead when she jump! Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 575838How to find the axle in tombraider mideterranean sea Answers: 1
Tomb Raider Underworld 645175PS2 question: I am at the door with 2 holes in it (on level 2 I think - Mediterranean) with the serpent heads on the pressure pads, so when I pull the lever to make the door open, it does not open. Why? Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 678433How do you get past the rock and stone part after defeating the squid Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 680885Why dose the ps2 version of tomb raider underworld dose not save I have a 8mb mem card do I need to get a 16mb card for the ps2 to save this game Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 709459Does the cheats for Tomb Raider Legend work for Tomb Raider underworld please reply A.S.A.P. Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 725189Need to get past enter to play the game Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 810579How to jump next stage Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 818720How to open the door in southern mexico part2 Answers: 0
Tomb Raider Underworld 877575Why can't I shoot under water (ps2) pls help ? Answers: 0
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