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Hotel for Dogs Cheats for NDS
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Hotel for Dogs NDS Cheats

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Hotel for Dogs

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Hotel for Dogs 411314I try to feed the dogs, play with them etc. and when I click on the person and then the icon I want, the action is not done. I have a dog that is hungry and a dog that wants to play. How do I feed and play with the dogs? In other words, what buttons do I press to complete the action? Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 527480I was wondering, how do I get passed chapter one? I cant find the pulley and pipe I also cant find some of the metal bowls. am I supposed to find the metal bowl in the room they ask for them or in another room? PLEASE HELP I could never find them. by the way sorry I made this question so long. remeber please help explain! Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 448703In level 6 I have finished everything, but I have not come across an angry dog to rescue. Does anyone know how to find the dog? Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 774519In chapter 1, I was wondering how you get the pullies and metal bowls. I can never find them. I have two dogs that are hungry and one dog that wants to play basketball. if you have any answers, please answer. Thank you! Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 955891How do you make gadgets Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 977150Where are the gadgets in the ds version Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 988672How do you fix gadgets ? Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 999124I can't seem to fix the feeding gadget. I tried everything but nothing works. Please HELP. Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 421145Where is the workshop located to build the gadgets once I have collected all the parts? Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 420954How do you take the dogs to the bathroom in hotel for dogs game. All it said was to find a gadget and take them there. Been there & done that. Nothing works for me. Can someone please help me? Thank you. Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 446688What do you do after you get all the parts for the first gadget Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 540662How do you get the dogs to the bathroom Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 628372How do dogs go to bathroom? Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 665664Where do you find the dog mobile ? Answers: 0
Hotel for Dogs 670932How do we fix gadgets. Answers: 1
Hotel for Dogs 955225How do you fix a gadget Answers: 0
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