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Fishing Master World Tour Cheats for WII
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Fishing Master World Tour WII Cheats

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Fishing Master World Tour

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Water Imp! 80%
You can catch the Water Imp at the Appi River. You'll need to use the Cucumber, and you'll find him on the left hand side by the waterfall.
Just make sure you catch him after he is given to you as a Quest, otherwise you won't be able to go forward on the Quest list.
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Coelacanth 79%
To catch the coelacanth cast toward the middle of the indian ocean with a sea minnow on your hook in the winter
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Magent and red fish 75%
No the only red fish that take the magnet is in the detroit river. there is more than one kind so keep going back through the seasons. As far as some of the other red fish, some take plankton, dough balls this one catches the "man faced fish", the mit( sanfransysco ) suggestion, go trolling in asia in the summer for the best virety of fish. but you will still have to go back for the rest. There is a mega telescope eye in I think japan, use plankton on the one. we like to have all kinds of bait on hand for all occasions, you never know when you will need something, or just get bored catching the same fish. Combos can rack up the points really fast, plus if you are in need of money, go to detroit for the metal fish. just keeping realing them in all day long!
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Mega Telescope Eye 72%
To catch the mega telescope eye fish - use plankton
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Coelacanth! 64%
The Coelacanth is one of the hardest fish to catch.But if you are thinking about catching it before I tell you I have gotten it already SO I WONT GET IT WRONG!So here is the cheats:You catch it in Winter ONLY IN ASIA AT THE INDIAN OCEAN the one in cape town you cant catch at all.
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How to catch metal fish 54%
Use a magnet for bait in Detroit. You can buy one at the bait shop.
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King fish 53%
Use the meal worm to catch that baby!
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Red fish 21%
Most of the red fish take the magnet as bait
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Fishing Master World Tour 639351How do i catch the whale shark Answers: 2
Fishing Master World Tour 510224How do I get a stronger line? Or is there anything I can do so my line will stop breaking? Answers: 3
Fishing Master World Tour 525007My friend and I have been in Europe for a long time and we have over 50 % of the fish caught and so how do we get a new continent ? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 651893How do you catch a lobster in San Fransciso? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 659333How do you save? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 752874How do you catch the Loch Ness monster? I keep on using the ham hock bait, but it never comes toward it. Is it a giant yellow fish, or the one in the background? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 467615How do I get out of Asia? I am at 40% there are still a few fish to catch. do I have to catch them all? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 525006How do you get south america Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 671223How do you save? Answers: 2
Fishing Master World Tour 826066How do you know when you have finished this game? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 853987Where, when, and what season can you catch the Appi river monster in Japan? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 506956How do you earn the muscle master badge Answers: 0
Fishing Master World Tour 528196I'm stuck in Africa. I've gotten first place in every tournament thus far, and caught every red fish in every area. I've done all quests up to Tiger Puffer. Unless I've missed a red fish somewhere, I can't figure out what's wrong. Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 537089How do you get all of the badges in the game? Answers: 2
Fishing Master World Tour 737727How do you catch the ocean sunfish in the mediterranean Answers: 2
Fishing Master World Tour 751514Where can I get multiple casts in detroit and in appi river? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 775820How do I save my game in Fishing Master for the Wii Answers: 2
Fishing Master World Tour 781691We havn't gotten a quest since "catfish instincts" is this normal? if not how do we get to our next quest? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 781692When are you suppose to get the "sea lice" for bait for the tourney in NY? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 781693We have been to detroit 10000 times still no yellow or rusty fish..when do they come? I thought we cought all the fish there but it says 3 more I know of the metal fish but what else? Answers: 2
Fishing Master World Tour 801986I fought the telescopic eye for 3o minutes! What's the trick to landing this sucker? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 829272How do you catch the silver metal fish? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 825548How do you get to the pirate ship? Answers: 1
Fishing Master World Tour 840090I've fished the carribean sea all four seasons and used every salt water bait and cannot get the red fish to bite. That is the only fish I have not caught in that location. Getting! Answers: 0
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