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SimAnimals Cheats for WII
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SimAnimals WII Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Lands :D 100%
To unlock all the lands you go and press the 2 button press enter codes (the dimond) and type in rodslittlforest and then press the map and you see all the lands :D
By: turtle123(22)
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Unlockable's 94%
Press 2 go on enter codes and type in:

arctic fox- unlocks arctic fox
snowy owl- unlocks snowy owl
tasmanian devil- unlocks tasmanian devil
verasmenagerie- unlocks all animals
rodslittlforest-unlocks all areas
georgesbotanics- unlocks all plants

it might take a couple of minutes for your unlocked animals to appear :D!

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Ferret 93%
Begin the game in an unlocked forest area. [Pause Game] with 2, then choose "Enter Codes." Enter the code FERRET to unlock: wait for it: a Ferret.
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Panda 93%
Begin the game in an unlocked forest area. [Pause Game] with 2, then choose "Enter Codes." Enter the code Panda to unlock: a Panda.
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Red Panda 91%
Begin the game in an unlocked forest area. [Pause Game] with 2, then choose "Enter Codes." Enter the code Red Panda to unlock: you guessed it: a Red Panda.
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Dog-like Descendents and The Help of Beavers, Too! I Also Have Tips! 88%
Here's a way to have fun with wolves, and help beavers!

When you unlock Danger Woods and get the wolf(or you can use verasmenagerie codeit unlocks all animals), you can play fetch with them if they trust you at least two hearts. Just get a stick and put it over them. When they play bow, throw the stick. They fetch and bring back the stick! Talk about dog-like! You can also help beavers when you are done with the stick and no longer want to play fetch with wolves. See below on tips on how to get beavers to come to Danger Woods.
Here's some tips!

1) To get a beaver at danger woods, either plant the beavers favorite food(s), or put a beaver in your backpack and bring it to Danger Woods. Look above to see a way on how to help beavers.

2) To stop fights, put water over the fight cloud, and drag the animal you're saving in your backpack, or drag it away from the predator.

3) To get rid of annoying parents who attack you when you touch their baby, you probably had to make friends with both parents to introduce them to each other and introduce them to urge mating. If so, have the baby, and then drag the parents into your backpack. You can now make friends with the baby, and this will also help in Danger Woods when you have to make a baby wolf friends with a baby rabbit. The parents won't annoy you, as well as not eat your baby rabbit.

I hope you like having this fun!
From, Sierra(Unregistered on, but an adept videogame cheater.)
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How to get a new baby with no parents 88%
When you unlock danger woods, and complete way of the wolf, you will get a new plant, which is pinkish purple and it has quills. Feed it to any animals, except dogs, cats, birds, or mice. It will not affect them. But other animals will turn into babies.
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Getting water in Dry Gulch 87%
How to get water in Dry Gulch: Dam the river in River Ridge. A river will go through Dry Gulch.
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How to stop a fight 77%
Hope you have water... you put water, polluted or clean, or lightning, on the fight dust thing, and they will, yes maybe have the crossed out heart thing, but you save your favorite animals from being eaten. If there is no water, quickly leave, go to where there's a lake, wave over the dam like you are doing to a log, or to get out a seed, and then a stick will come out, wait a second. Back to a river. Quickly grab any beavers there, they will start to knock down a wood source to rebuild the dam. Then go back to where you were before you removed the dam. The predator and prey never fought yet, and also do that if your animal does not come back after fighting, but do not remove any dams, well you can, but no point. The animal must have not been eaten though. You need up to a lot of water, to as little as a millisecond holding, but I would recommend going as fast as possible.
Sorry about the long cheat, but I hope it helps.
By: Gingerfrost(199)
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Animals 75%
The cheat to unlock EVERY animal is: Verasmenagerie
By: Gingerfrost(199)
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How To Unlock every plant. 73%
The cheat code for unlocking all the plants is: georgesbotanics
By: MastaCheat(82)
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Stop the pollution {HINT} 71%
PLay the game until you unlock Danger Woods. After the review of the new location, you might see a train. Its causing ALL the pollution ALL around the other locations. Get a beaver to build a dam, make sure the beavers needs are full filled, Then knock down a tree or find a log then move your cursor over it. Sticks will come out. Put them near where the beaver is working it will pick it up and keep working on the dam Or the beaver will get sticks itself. If the beaver goofs off pick it up and put it near the dam in progress. It will keep working on it until its finished. The bad pollution stays on the other side of the dam, not affecting any other waters around the locations you can see for yourself! Well it may be long but I hope it was really helpful! YOUR WELCOME!
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Very big log and skunk fun! 69%
You can fit a whole family of bears in one log! Drag some bears over to a hollow log and they will go in! Sometimes they will get stuck for a few seconds and it is fun to watch!

When you go to Danger Woods, chances are there will be lots of bears that visit. This is bad if you love wolves, because the bears will most likely kill off the wolves if they fight (unless the bear is friendly). Make friends with every bear you see at the Woods, because you will have to move them into the Desert (don't mind the warthogs if you completed their medal. They aren't important anywhere else except another animal's stomach). MAKE SURE THE BEARS MOVE IN! To do this, you will have to plant berries and food for the bears on the grass patch. You may also plant rosebushes or chestnut or walnut trees, as bears like those too. Then either wait for a skunk to come to the desert or put one in your backpack and move it to the Desert. Put it near a bear. Make sure it isn't too close to the bear, or they'll fight and, most likely, the bear will win. Put it just in the bear's sight, and watch it being chased. If the skunk and bear aren't friends, the skunk will shake its fist at the bear or spray it. Make sure the skunk doesn't get into a fight or a hole, as this will ruin the fun. The more bears giving chase, the better! All the bears will go after the skunk. Depending on how many bears you put in the Desert, the skunk will be unharmed because all the bears go for it at once and block each other!
By: rainygirl3100(20)
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Getting ORANGE animals 67%
Here is a fun tip.there is a plant in Old Orchard called the josh-O-lantern(you unlock it later in the level)if you put an animal near it and let him/her eat it they will turn me iv'e tried it and my raven turned orange. good luck.
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Arctic fox 67%
If you are tired of an old orange fox get an artic fox the code is Arctic Fox you must have the captilazation
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Panda 67%
To unlock a panda you preas the 2 botton and go to enter codes (the dimond) and tipe in panda it mite tack a wile in till it comes
By: turtle123(22)
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Tasmainian devil 67%
Enter the pause menu (press 2) and go to codes (the green dimond) and type tasmainian devil then you will gladly get it unlocked
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Happy face name hack 63%
Hey guys, I just found a cheat of how to make a happy face name ok heres wat you do, 1. find any animal (i only tested on a crow so I dont no for sure if it works on other animals) 2. name it happy 3. youll see the happy face its pretty cool contact me if theres any problems

from:beast ninja123
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Ferret 63%
To unlock the ferret you press the button 2 then go to codes (the diamond) and type in ferret
By: turtle123(22)
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Black spoted hare 60%
To get a black spoted hare you press 2 on the romot go to enter codes (the dimond) and type in black hare

thanks for reading

:) :D :P :)
By: turtle123(22)
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Get Wolves Out of your 'Land". 58%
Let's say thats there are no plants that a wolf would like. If you need to get them out of you're land just take some water and pour it on them! They love it and you can put them in your backpack to go to another land.
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Black Hare 57%
Begin the game in an unlocked forest area. [Pause game] with 2, then choose "Enter Codes." Enter the code BLACK HARE to unlock: a Black Hare.
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Every part of the forest immetiately! 56%
Robslittlforest- Unlocks all lands
By: Gingerfrost(199)
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Heres the cheat for the Red Panda 55%
Red Panda
By: rachael1997(28)
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How to get all of the medals 47%
You need to stay in each land. Earn all the medals, and move to the next one. Earn all the medals. Go until you have no more medals to earn throughout all of the forest.
Order of the lands:
Snoby Monor(bad spelling)
Grassy Glen
Foggy Creek
Castle Hill
Dry Gulch
River Ridge
Big Rock
Misty Bog
Old Orchard
Junkyard (I dont know if it is the right name...)
and Danger Woods
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Stop the pulchoin 43%
To stop the poluchoin get a bever to built a dam in front of the truck
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How to pause game 35%
If you want to pause game just press 2 on Wii remote!
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How To Geet Seeds From Plants 33%
When You See Butterflies Above The Plant Shake The Remote On The Plant And Their Will Be A Seed put the seed somewhere then shake you remote on it then there will be a baby tree then it grows up
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Stuck 17%
Put a bear near 4 apples near the end and he or she will get stuck not eating it
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