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Coraline Cheats for WII
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Coraline WII Cheats

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Cheat List 95%
Enter the following codes in the Cheats menu (under 'Options' in the Main Menu) for the desired effect:

cheeseButton Eye Coraline
wellFree Hall Passes
BeldamLevel Skip
beetsUnlimited Health
gardenUnlimited Fireflys
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Questions & Answers
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Coraline 429387When I see whybie in the what's wrong with whybie? section and you have to get down to the well using the light from the fireflies what do you do once you get there? ive gotten there and there's nothing I can do with the well and I can't see whybie anywhere Answers: 1
Coraline 531358The kitchen door is locked. Where do I find the key? Answers: 3
Coraline 648633How do I walk across the pipe in the barn without falling before the clock time runs out? Answers: 1
Coraline 740051Where is the well Answers: 1
Coraline 413295How do you get into the secret room? Answers: 1
Coraline 577570Where is the well? Answers: 2
Coraline 588899Where do you find the umbrella object in caroline Answers: 1
Coraline 606410How do you get all the fireflies without getting hurt? Answers: 3
Coraline 671373Where is the secret room? Answers: 1
Coraline 671375How do I use the path behind Bobinsky's? Answers: 1
Coraline 671376What do I do with the walking turtle in Coraline's room in the "other world"? Answers: 1
Coraline 709405How do you juggle? Answers: 0
Coraline 762136How do you get the railroad crossing to go up in the Gravy train? Answers: 1
Coraline 909648How do you pass the barn level?!?!?! please! Answers: 0
Coraline 648703When finding the Lock combination for Mr. Bobinski, how do you stack the boxes in the barn to get to the second level. Answers: 1
Coraline 498744How do you sneak out of the house? Even after entering cheat code of well we can't get out! Answers: 1
Coraline 416059How to beat the minigame for making pancakes Answers: 1
Coraline 421626Where are the blue objects Answers: 1
Coraline 816556How to get down from mr. bobinsky balcony Answers: 2
Coraline 760170I can't get past the other father in the garden, I am constantly pushing all the right buttons but it assumes I am not apparently since it keeps making me start over. Any way to get past this part? Answers: 1
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