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Afro Samurai Cheats for XBOX 360
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Afro Samurai XBOX 360 Cheats

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Afro Samurai

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Display Stats 100%
How to: During gameplay, click the both analog sticks at the same time to display game stats.
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Hard Mode & Treasure Gallery 100%
How to unlock: Clear the game on story mode to unlock the 2nd difficulty and the treasure viewer.
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Super strenght 23%
In the beginign of the game press pause and then go to cheats then type in swordmaster
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48 Achievements
Afro Samurai - A Secret History A Secret History
Afro Samurai - The Death of Innocence The Death of Innocence
Afro Samurai - The Price for Vengeance The Price for Vengeance
Afro Samurai - Love Lost Love Lost
Complete "OKIKU'S STORY".
Afro Samurai - The Path to Godhood The Path to Godhood
Afro Samurai - And so it begins And so it begins
Complete "PRELUDE".
Afro Samurai - Copy-Cat Killer Copy-Cat Killer
Afro Samurai - The Past Laid to Rest The Past Laid to Rest
Complete "KUMA'S STORY".
Afro Samurai - All That Stood Are Gone All That Stood Are Gone
Afro Samurai - Revenge Served? Revenge Served?
Afro Samurai - Completionist Completionist
Complete the game on both difficulties.
Afro Samurai - Closer to God Closer to God
Slice an enemy using a Vertical Attack with a bonus.
Afro Samurai - This Little Piggy This Little Piggy
Slice off fingers and toes at the same time.
Afro Samurai - Give Me a Hand Give Me a Hand
Slice off an enemy's hand.
Afro Samurai - Two Birds One Sword Two Birds One Sword
Slice 2 enemies at once.
Afro Samurai - Three-way Three-way
Slice 3 enemies at once.
Afro Samurai - Four to the Floor Four to the Floor
Slice 4 enemies at once.
Afro Samurai - The Child Without a Name The Child Without a Name
Collect 5 mementos in "THE DAIMYO'S STORY".
Afro Samurai - Afro Samurai Afro Samurai
Collect 5 mementos in "SCHOOL INVASION".
Afro Samurai - The Demon of Vengeance The Demon of Vengeance
Collect 5 mementos in "OKIKU'S STORY".
Afro Samurai - The Number Two The Number Two
Collect 5 mementos in "THE LOWDOWN EAST PASS".
Afro Samurai - The Death Bringer The Death Bringer
Collect 5 mementos in "THE DOPPELGANGER".
Afro Samurai - Widow Maker Widow Maker
Collect 5 mementos in "KUMA'S STORY".
Afro Samurai - The Samurai Ghost The Samurai Ghost
Collect 5 mementos in "THE EMPTY SEVEN'S STORY".
Afro Samurai - The Number One The Number One
Unlock all skills.
Afro Samurai - Hundred Head Hunter Hundred Head Hunter
Slice off 100 heads with a bonus.
Afro Samurai - Head to Toe Head to Toe
Slice 50 enemies using a Vertical Attack with a bonus.
Afro Samurai - Meijin Meijin
Achieve 100 kills.
Afro Samurai - Kengo Kengo
Achieve 1000 kills.
Afro Samurai - Kensei Kensei
Achieve 2000 kills.
Afro Samurai - Made Hand Ronin Made Hand Ronin
Complete a Ronin Straight Flush.
Afro Samurai - No Limit Ninjas No Limit Ninjas
Complete a Ninja Straight Flush.
Afro Samurai - Kunoichi Suicide Queens Kunoichi Suicide Queens
Complete a Kunoichi Straight Flush.
Afro Samurai - Gutshot Android Straight Gutshot Android Straight
Complete an Android Straight Flush.
Afro Samurai - Off Suit Samurai Off Suit Samurai
Complete a Samurai Straight Flush.
Afro Samurai - Hip Hop Hip Hop
Slice off an enemy's foot.
Afro Samurai - Slow Your Roll Slow Your Roll
Slice an enemy during their attack.
Afro Samurai - You Are Glue You Are Glue
Kill an enemy with a sliced bullet.
Afro Samurai - I Am Rubber I Am Rubber
Kill an enemy with a reflected bullet.
Afro Samurai - Mash Medley Mash Medley
Achieve a 20 hit combo.
Afro Samurai - Rhythm Section Rhythm Section
Achieve a total of 3000 combos.
Afro Samurai - Let It Flow Let It Flow
Spill 2000 gallons of blood.
Afro Samurai - Bushi Bushi
Unlock 40 skills.
Afro Samurai - Ashigaru Ashigaru
Unlock 10 skills.
Afro Samurai - Hatamoto Hatamoto
Unlock 25 skills.
Afro Samurai - F*!# Gravity F*!# Gravity
Slice an enemy in the air.
Afro Samurai - Hats Off to You Hats Off to You
Slice off a head with a bonus.
Afro Samurai - Torso From Tail Torso From Tail
Slice 50 bellies.

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Afro Samurai 449292What do you do to get past the boss with the rocket launcher Answers: 2
Afro Samurai 503911How do you beat the grenade launcher guy? Answers: 1
Afro Samurai 843852How do I throw droids into light Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 414076Can I get invincability? Answers: 1
Afro Samurai 415582How do you defeat justice? Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 418064When you are defeating those seven dudes in that big cube, how do you defeat the bald dude with a gun for a hand? Answers: 1
Afro Samurai 418075I'm thinking of buying the game so, I want your honest opinion, is it worth my money? Answers: 3
Afro Samurai 418933I'm only missing 2 achievements, with the Head to Toe achievement, what does it mean when it says kill 50 enemies using a vertical slash attack "with a bonus" I never understood that "with a bonus" part? Answers: 1
Afro Samurai 452618How do you kill the boss with the gun for a hand Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 452911How to kill an ennemy with a sliced bullets? Answers: 1
Afro Samurai 756886How do you cut the rope? Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 758996How do I get out of the temple with the clock after killing the warriors Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 804711How to defeat boss with rocket launcher Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 824306How do you grab in afro samurai Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 835938How do kill the fireflies? Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 928089I stuck on this damn ledge after beating d 7ins I can c a small branch that I can wall run 2 but can't grab can't come even close 2 the poll dat I c d I do if I try 2 run up d wall on other side won't let me clime on top? Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 943031How do you toss Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 946898How do you grab. In Afro samurai Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 961548How do you do the parry pounce Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 400973This little tunel thing opened and I jumped down and there is this juge genartor thing in the middle with electricity and the robots just keep coming down I dont know what I am suppose to do thanx Answers: 8
Afro Samurai 419736Having trouble getting passed the giant powersource any idea how to get passed? Answers: 1
Afro Samurai 512349How to fight ninjas good Answers: 0
Afro Samurai 404073How to kill the bazuka boss? Answers: 3
Afro Samurai 402364How do you beat justice on the number one headband difficulty? Answers: 1
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