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NASCAR Kart Racing Cheats for WII
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NASCAR Kart Racing WII Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
NASCAR Kart Racing Cheats

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NASCAR Kart Racing

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Joey Logano 87%
Enter this code at the cheat-password screen in "Settings" to unlock Joey Logano: 426378.
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Unlcock Joey Logano 85%
Enter: 426378 at the profile info menu
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Starting Boost 76%
During the countdown at the start of a race, tap 2 rapidly to build your boost.
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Levi 74%
To unlock joeylango put 426378
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Drivers 68%
Description: The following characters can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

Billy and Bobby BackfireComplete the Dirt Series
Joey LoganoGet 51 trophies
Kelly Kates and Linda LeadbetterComplete the Street Series
Maurice L'eclair and Monica TorresComplete the Euro Series
Richard PettyGet 43 trophies
Shakes McDaniel and Thriller TadwellComplete the Xtreme Series
Terri Winsome and Luke TriggerComplete the Muscle Series
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Easy Draft 63%
When racing at any track, hook up with your teammate. Get some boost, and pull up behind them. Hit the button and slam into them, it will make you and your teammate go faster. It also looks very realistic at Daytona and Talladega.
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Cactis pass 54%
Before turn 1 on cactis pass tiny turn to cut into 1st
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About Shortcuts 50%
OK, so here are some locations of shortcuts: In Talladega, Before Second turn, there are two Roadblocks, There is a place where you can go through there. Cactus pass: On first long stretch, before turn, there is a crevice that will skip a turn.Before finish line, Turn left. There will be a Lane with boosts.
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Dirt series 45%
All you haf to do is at least hit the boost every time when you hit the red thingz and prezz boozt 90 percent at a time use jeff gordon.
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How to get a free pass easier? 14%
Just type 2468521
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Nascar kart racing 12%
The king
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Unlock Ricky Bobby 9%
Enter cheat code 656597 in the profile info menu
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NASCAR Kart Racing 507458What are tips to get through the distance challenges? Answers: 6
NASCAR Kart Racing 647671Unlock monica Answers: 1
NASCAR Kart Racing 454388In the Dirt Series for Nascar Kart Racing, does anyone have any ideas or cheats to beat the distance challenge? Answers: 5
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NASCAR Kart Racing 468978In the Muscle series, how do you beat the team best lap? Answers: 3
NASCAR Kart Racing 417680Does anyone know how to get through the Dirt Series via beating the rivals on the distance challenge of 6110 on one of the tracks? Is this just a "random" or built in challenge? Start over? Any hints with distance challenge? Defeated family. Answers: 10
NASCAR Kart Racing 720436How do I unlock new racetracks? Answers: 2
NASCAR Kart Racing 467898Where is the cheat code screen in settings? Answers: 2
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NASCAR Kart Racing 663498How can I set NASCAR Kart to have characters speak in English? Right now all speech is in Japanese with English in subtitles. Answers: 2
NASCAR Kart Racing 466587How do you play with 2 or more players? i followed the instructions. after I select a race, I select the # of players, it then asks to press A on the other controllers, but it wont activate when we press A. am I missing something? it work on mario kart, but the nascar multi player wont work? please advise Answers: 9
NASCAR Kart Racing 730191In the Celebrity Series, can you get the 42 gates by going the wrong way? Answers: 1
NASCAR Kart Racing 863872How I win the distance challenge on the champ series race in the dirt seriers Answers: 2
NASCAR Kart Racing 720665How do you set-up a profile? So that it remembers you each time you play and you aren't starting over again with the same races. Answers: 1
NASCAR Kart Racing 739008In the Industrial Series, how to you beat 7060 distance challenge? I tried it 9 quintoquadagintillion times but I keep on failing Answers: 1
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NASCAR Kart Racing 416686How do you play with two or more players? Answers: 2
NASCAR Kart Racing 627439How do I beat a best lap on legend difficulty? Answers: 1
NASCAR Kart Racing 704223Is there a cheat code to beat the distance on the dirt series Answers: 1
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