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MLB 09: The Show Cheats for PSP
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MLB 09: The Show PSP Cheats

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MLB 09: The Show

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

If you want to hit good on rtts (road to the show) then you can go to options on the home page with options you can go there and select sliders and put contact and power all the way up,but don't expect to hit a homerun every time!
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Road to the show starting 40%
Make all the players terible in that position
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All players strong 36%
In the main menu there is a option FEATURE
go over there and go to edit!
And then choose your best team
and make them strong
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Pitches 34%
Pitches go 109 miles per hour on the road to the show created player
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Josh Hamilton has Ryan Howards Stance 31%
OK you go to home run derby and you go to cleveland at night and you put lineup as this Ryan Howard,Prince Fielder,Albert Pujols,Manny Ramirez,Ardrian Gonzalez,A-Rod, Carlos Pena,Miguel Cabrera,Justin Morneau,Josh Hamilton ok when you bat down to josh you will see Josh Has Ryans Swing and Stance.
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MLB 09: The Show 480061How can I sign free agents to other teams during road to the show play. EX manny isn't on the dodgers and many late signs are not on right rosters. I want to make rosters accurate. Thanks Answers: 4
MLB 09: The Show 428839Every time I make a player I go to the free agents in season mode and the other one but I still cant still fine my person I created Answers: 4
MLB 09: The Show 691788How do i make the starters in rtts terrible? Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 778846Game re-starts in 2016 season, why? Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 492401Should I buy the game or is it aw waste to buy it? Answers: 4
MLB 09: The Show 527466How do you get your own music on MLB 2009 The Show for psp please help me I asked my dad he usually knows how to do that stuff and I asked my uncle he knows that stuff to but no one has a clue how to do it Answers: 3
MLB 09: The Show 506052Why isn't Manny Ramirez in Dodgers lineup? I tried to move him from the free agents but I still can't find him in the Dodgers lineup. Answers: 4
MLB 09: The Show 523402I have been having problems with batting any tips on looking at the pitch and judging if it is a ball or a strike really quickly Answers: 2
MLB 09: The Show 524414How do you steal early with a player Answers: 2
MLB 09: The Show 525782In the game for PSP how can you put created players onto the Home Run Derby lineup. Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 527454How do you make your created person throw faster than 100-103mph Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 551064A strong pitching rotation Answers: 2
MLB 09: The Show 561760I want to buy players, I have enough profile points but I cant exit the "eggs" thing in rewards. How do I change it? Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 662893How come Ken Griffy Jr wasn't on the Mariners lineup? Answers: 2
MLB 09: The Show 653308How do you get more contract offers at the end of the season on rtts. the only offer I get is the team im singed with? Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 667850In rtts pitching, is there any way to get monster numbers? plus, what are the best pitches you can learn? Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 731596How to make the best player for season mode? Answers: 0
MLB 09: The Show 686432How to be a powerful hitter? Answers: 0
MLB 09: The Show 699639How do you get the live rosters now (on april 26th 2010) whenever I try to get on the internet to get live you said............ it trys to compile some agreement (me not having this game till a week ago meaning I dont have an account) it completely shuts off my game? Answers: 0
MLB 09: The Show 700981How do I make a mlb account so I can play online? Answers: 0
MLB 09: The Show 707261How can I put every player as a free agent or something like that, so I can put every player on a differnet team? Answers: 0
MLB 09: The Show 713560Howdo you put a guy on a team? Answers: 0
MLB 09: The Show 719310How do I make my guy on Road to the Show a Powerful hitter Answers: 1
MLB 09: The Show 721240How to get fantasy draft for psp Answers: 1
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