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New Play Control! Pikmin Cheats for WII
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New Play Control! Pikmin WII Cheats

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New Play Control! Pikmin Cheats

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New Play Control! Pikmin

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Get More Pikmin 98%
Pay close attention to the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to their "Onions." The destination Pikmin carry objects to depends on the make-up of the carrying crew. If more red Pikmin carry a pellet than blue Pikmin, they will bring it to the red hive. This fact along with the color of the pellets presents an important strategic element. A red pellet carried to the red Onion yields more new Pikmin than the same pellet brought to the yellow hive, for example. Matching the colors to the correct hives is especially important in Challenge Mode, where you are trying to get as many Pikmin as possible. Remember that you can always stop your Pikmin before they get to a hive and make last minute changes to change their destination.
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Nabbing Nectar 98%
When you see grass that is taller then Pikmin walk into it. Nectar will pop out.There are different amounts of nectar that will come out. Let your pikmin drink it. The pikmin will then grow a flower on their heads.
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Challenge Mode 98%
Once you have saved your progress once, a new option will be available from the main menu: Challenge Mode. This mode lets you go back and compete in the areas that you have already opend up in the main game. The idea is not to find spaceship pieces, but rather to build as big a Pikmin army as you can before the sun sets. The biggest army scores are saved and entered into a ranking.
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Wii Time Travel 96%
Description: For the NPC! Version of Pikmin there is a 'time-travel' function. Say, if on Day 14 lots of pikmin die via those Burrowing Snagrets; when you save the file, head back to the file select screen. You can press + or - while selecting your file to change the day. (IE - You can repeat the day which the pikmin died in.)
+ - Move forward a day
- - Move backward a day
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See the Fireworks 96%
You're the master of the Pikmin, so abuse your authority! Round up 4 Pikmin to carry you back to base camp. A brief fireworks display will be held in your honor. Standing idle long enough will produce the same royal treatment.
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Rare Enemies 73%
Ther are two very rare enemies.
-Goolix:A blob of blue water with a sectioned white sphere and a blue shiney shpere inside it.Blue pikmin recomended.Can be Found in the Forest of Hope(replaces the Mamuta)and the Forest Navel(Replaces a Firey BlowHog).Found Randomly.Threat level low.

-Smokey Progg:A solid cloud of toxic green-brown gas that has two eyes and two arms.Any pikmin will do.Is found in the Distant Spring in a pinkish purpleish egg.It doesn't replace any enemies.It can uproot pikmin and kill them.If a pikmin touches its tail the pikmin will die instantly.It's threat level:Dangerous.If you manage to defeat it you get a shiney bronze orb that can make 100 pikmin.Also you have to get to the distant spring on or before day 15 or it won't be there.
By: Ecoliar(307)
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Drag Olimar into the Onion! 60%
(note: this will not help you on pikmin, it's just cool!)
Press the 2 button on the wii remote and Olimar will fall over. If you have at least 3 pikmin they will carry Olimar into the Onion. He will get sucked into the Onion but he won't go in. He'll just bump it and Fireworks will come out!
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Go back days 59%
When you are on the menu of your save files, pick a file you played more than 3 days on and press the - or + to go back a day or go forward a day (you can't go further than the day you are on).
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How to kill rare monster blue jelly 40%
One rare enemy is a blue jelly thing it has a walnut and a sphere inside it it is made of water so use blue pikmin. it is in the impact site forest of hope and forest navel a secret way to kill it is to way the sphere down with pikmin "it cant hurt blue pikmin" and the walnut head should chase you it can't move because of the pikmin so stretch it out and call your pikmin back it should sanp forward and die it will take you all day to kill it if you don't fact: there are about 3 rare mosters.
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