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MySims Party Cheats for NDS
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MySims Party NDS Cheats

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MySims Party

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Getting money 100%
There is also a place in the police's yard where you can get money. Go to the golden money tree and when the green diamond appears press A and you will shake it! This only works once after you play in a festival, but you don't have to win it.
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Free Gifts 78%
By becoming friends with sims you receive free gifts from them like their outfits,hairdos etc. (You become friends with them by doing favors or getting over 60 points in their mini game.) When you reach a certain number of sim friends that you have collected you also unlock an item.
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Finding Money 67%
Once you have unlocked the desert their is always free money available when you open the chest or pump the water hose, however you only get a few dollars.
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Get to places fater 60%
Goto de dessert and get on the train wenne you get to the place your at find a boat straint ahead
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Clown Nose 45%
To get the clown nose, win all the festivals and be friends to 10 or more Sims.
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Gone Fishing 19%
Press a at the right time and Keep pressing it Fast.
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