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My Pet Shop Cheats for NDS
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My Pet Shop NDS Cheats

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My Pet Shop

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Almost Sure-fire Way to Catch Wild Animals [Especially Bears] 79%
~to know the animal's favorite food (the one that they approach with a jump in their step)
~at least 2 of that food
~a Sweet Can or Happy Can (You might not need this if the animal is easy to catch, unlike a Panda or something similar)
~one of the Sneaking/Cat/Ninja Boots if the animal is extremely hard to catch

1. Find the animal.
2. Take one step backwards.
3. Put down one of the food you have.
4. The animal should love it and step forwards.
5. Step forwards (thus taking away the food).
6. The animal will step backwards, scared.
7. Put down a food again.
8. Repeat these steps until after the animal steps backward, there is only one space of distance between you and the animal.

9. Put down a food.
10. The animal will come forward and eat it.
11. Use a Can.
12. The animal will step backwards but be happy.
13. Put down another food.
14. The animal will come forward and eat it.
15. Step forward and it's yours! (If the animal is hard to catch, you may use Boots to help)

9. Use a Can.
10. The animal should be happy and step forward.
11. Give it a food [Optional]
12. Use Boots [Optional]
13. Step Forward.
14. You got it!

9. Give it a food.
10. The animal will step forward happily.
11. Step forward.
12. It should be yours!
Please Note: If this doesn't work, try the HARD-TO-CATCH ANIMALS section.
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Where is the bear 47%
The bear is in the rocky mountins
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A Cheat For My Pet Shop DS 9%
When you get to the park entrance click the water fountain then click the arrow pointing to your left side and then it says CONTEST ENTRY and you click on it and it says,ENTER CONTEST,GET EXPLANATION,DON'T ENTER and you click one (and if you choose contest entry it will ask you which pet do you want to enter) then if you pick enter contest  it says which contest do you wish to enter (i clicked speed) and then you do it how it says.
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My pet shop NDS hints 5%
Their will be contests in the park.(you can only enter your pet in the contests)
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My Pet Shop 546797Okay...My pet has gone missing. The advice from "mom" is to ask everyone in town if they saw anything. 3 of the people (including the Captain) say to go to the harbor and look for guys in black suits. I went to the harbor over the course of 4 days....and still nothing. I can't find my pet, and there is nothing in the harbor to see..except the boat...which has nothing on it. Anyone?! Answers: 9
My Pet Shop 436605How do you catch the pink poodle ad boar Answers: 7
My Pet Shop 484359How do you catch a chihuahua? Answers: 7
My Pet Shop 551857How do I catch and keep a tiger? Answers: 8
My Pet Shop 511499Where is the Netherland Drawf? Answers: 2
My Pet Shop 556861When the people need you to do jobs for them how do you stop Answers: 4
My Pet Shop 595714What is the next place you unlock? PS I already have wayside woods, mysterious forest, and windy meadow. PLEASE HELP ME! Answers: 3
My Pet Shop 556624How do you find your own pet when it goes missing? Answers: 6
My Pet Shop 600808Where do you get the golden pig? Answers: 4
My Pet Shop 627193I need help capturing the skottish fold cat.. please tell me the steps Answers: 3
My Pet Shop 800401Lily's Pet keeps running away! Answers: 2
My Pet Shop 890266How do I get an emperor penguin? Answers: 1
My Pet Shop 534481How do you throw Sent balls and that sort of thing when cathing an animal? PS: I know how to throw food Answers: 4
My Pet Shop 547648How do I get barney's mom to want a pet? Answers: 3
My Pet Shop 658292What's the next thing after you found Lily's pet and gave it back? I'm stuck and I already unlocked Ice isle! But I need help on wat to do next. Answers: 2
My Pet Shop 613673I'm on day 100 and I still have no contests beyond speed. How can I unlock more? Answers: 4
My Pet Shop 688122How do I get the jump rope icon? Answers: 3
My Pet Shop 716945How do you get the pug for Sam? Answers: 4
My Pet Shop 701843Where do you find all of the missing pets in my pet shop? Answers: 4
My Pet Shop 721416Where do you find lulus pet when it goes missing?!if you dont tell me im going to become very mad! Answers: 2
My Pet Shop 734528Whats wrong with Anne's pet? "Mom" has been saying "Anne said her pet hasn't been its self lately. I'm worried about it, You think its ok?" for the past few weeks. i'm really not shure what i'm suppost to do. Answers: 3
My Pet Shop 833550Pink poodles love bananas! weird I know but they do. so feed it that. it took me so long to capture the little .... Answers: 3
My Pet Shop 749675Find pink bunny Answers: 6
My Pet Shop 792746How do you win the speed contest? Answers: 1
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