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Spore Galactic Adventures Cheats for PC
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Spore Galactic Adventures PC Cheats

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Spore Galactic Adventures Cheats

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Mega Trainer (STEAM 08.13.2011) by: Caliber Aug 13,2011
Mega Trainer 1.5.0001 by: Caliber Aug 4,2009
Mega Trainer 1.5 by: Caliber Jul 28,2009
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Spore Galactic Adventures

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat List 96%
Description: Insert the cheats [listed below in table] on the left for the desired result. The cheat console is opened by holding Ctrl+Shift+C (simultaneously). Keep in mind that some cheats will only work during some phases (or in some menus) of the game.

capturePlanetGIF Captures a 360 degree .gif file of your current planet
setConsequenceTrait (X) Enter one of these for X: cell_carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore, creature_aggressive, creature_social, creature_mixed, tribe_aggressive, tribe_social, tribe_mixed, civ_
evoadvantage Begin a new game with one an evolved creature
help (X) Replace X with a command to get an explanation
styleFilter -oilPaint Novelty oil paint effect
addDNA Adds DNA (Use in creation menu)
moreMoney Add money (in Civilization and Space levels)
unlockSuperWeapons Unlock Superweapons
spaceCreate Unlock creation tools in Space
help View the list of cheats
Movie See movies
freedom Eliminate complexity limits
levels -unlock Unlock all stages of life at the beginning of a new game
Quit Quit the game
universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency # Where # is a digit that represents the rate that pirates will go after spice
universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency # Where # is a digit that represents a rate that pirates will raid allies
universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency # Where # is a digit that represents a rate that pirates will raid your systems
killallhints Kills hints
refillMotives Refills health
SetTime (hour, minute) Mess with the time
freeCam Toggles a free camera
blocksmode Novelty blocky creatures
styleFilter -filmNoir Remove all color
stylefilter -microscope Novelty microscopic view
stylefilter -none change view back to normal
stylefilter -norainbows Alter colors
stylefilter -nextgen Alter colors
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Change Planet and Star Names 92%
Description: In the Space Stage, go to a solar system that is not yours (or another save game's) and press CTRL+SHIFT+C. You may rename everything in your own system BUT your homeworld. Enter these codes to change names:

rename star XWhere "X" is the desired name
rename planet XWhere "X" is the desired name
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Visual Effects Editor 85%
Description: Press CTRL+ALT+C and enter the codes below for the desired effect in Spore. Set your settings set to "high" and save, then download Galactic Adventures and you will have the effects applied.

adventureLook-filmnoirBlack and white with a film grain
adventureLook-sepiaSepia tone
adventureLook-norainbowsDull colors
adventureLook-sixteenbit16-bit pixelation
adventureLook-eightbit8-bit pixelation
adventureLook-noneDefault filter
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Space and Civillization cheat 73%
Press Ctrl+Shift+C MoreMoney=Adds Money
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How to get sporebucks 68%
When you are in the tribal through space stage you can hold down Ctrl Shift and C, then a big blue screen will pop up. in that blue screen you notice that you can write stuff in it, inside that space, write this code "moremoney" then you will get a lot of money
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Money add 60%
Enter adddna to earn more money in the elvolving station
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Killing epics 54%
Find rocks that are too squeasy for the epic to get through then attack with spit untill it dies WARNING: if you quit attacking the epic it will climb over the rocks and kill you
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Adventures 49%
How to unlock: Press CTRL+ALT+C and enter this code to unlock all Maxis-created Adventures: unlockAdventures
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Make a epic 49%
Hold shift and scroll up
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Swim in lava 35%
Set planet temperature just befor super hot then go to planetary themes select the first one and walk into the lava
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How to make a epic 35%
Hold shift and scroll up
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Spore Galactic Adventures 740250Hi, im just got galactic adventures, but how do you get advances emotions? Thanks -Holyman242 Answers: 2
Spore Galactic Adventures 744269How do you beat the game Answers: 3
Spore Galactic Adventures 764977How do you disguise a creature for a gameplay object. Answers: 3
Spore Galactic Adventures 886326I have a game on spore but if I get spore galacitic adventerers can I continue the same game on galactic adventcers? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 663664Does any one know what is in the center of the universe? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 665863How to install spore galactic adventures?I install it,but he say:Please instert spore galactic adventures DVD.Please do somebody know how to play it? Answers: 6
Spore Galactic Adventures 665908Can I be a baby for long time,whitout a learning,just swim like a baby? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 671524When I went to the grox for a mission they didnt shoot me till I was on a certain home of grox... why would they wait? Answers: 2
Spore Galactic Adventures 673838Do I have to stay online to play galactic adventures? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 676246How do you play adventures with captains created from the create option in the main menu? please help! Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 681291Whats the quickest way to go straight back to your home planet fro the other side of the galaxy without using your speacil abilitie? Answers: 2
Spore Galactic Adventures 696328I found the grox but they kept attacking me, they, made me, at war with them, THEY ARE GUILTY!, why did they make me at war with them?, and they didnt shoot me while I was close, plz answer these 2 questions? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 696330How do I mass copy a creation? example: the youtube video said how, how do I copy without hitting ALT so many times to do it? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 712809How do I get infinity money ? Answers: 2
Spore Galactic Adventures 758403Do I need Spore Creepy and Cute to fully enjoy the game? (I heard you need it for some of the missions) Answers: 2
Spore Galactic Adventures 828778When I try to press ctrl+alt+c , the box does not show up anymore. It used to until I got off and back on. Is there anything I can do to fix that? I've only used it in once of playing. Answers: 2
Spore Galactic Adventures 928461I can't login while in the game. Sometimes it sais that I don't have proper privileges, sometimes that it can't link my spore product. Please help! Answers: 0
Spore Galactic Adventures 839461How to do a more big units I galactic adventures Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 901942Then i am in adventure creator how do i chance the points so it not i all the time is 10 points how do i chance it to 100 points Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 909673GA expansion isn't giving me new missions. All repeated. How do I get new ones? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 911681Does anyone know how to eliminate complexity limits, when building an adventure? I've tiped in "fredom on" and it doesn't work. -.- Please help. Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 926913How do you change level points in Galactic Adventures? Answers: 1
Spore Galactic Adventures 929643Wen I try to make an epic it will not work.please help me! Answers: 1
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