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Resistance: Retribution Cheats for PSP
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Resistance: Retribution PSP Cheats

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Resistance: Retribution Cheats

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Resistance: Retribution

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Skill Point Unlockables 85%
How to unlock: Collect the Skill Points in the following areas to unlock art, movies and more:

Concept Art: 31ct.
Audio Files: Medley from Rotterdam and Grayson's Theme
Movies: A Plea For Help, Character Art (Making Of), Terrain Art (Making Of), A Plea For Help (Animatic) and Evolution (Behind the Scenes)
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Instant Reload 84%
How to: If you pick up ammo for the gun you are using (or for an unequipped gun) it will be automatically reloaded. You should try to plan your attacks near ammo caches to take advantage of this. Strafe while firing to pick up the ammo.
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Secret Area in Bonn's Waterfall 83%
Location: After you defeat two Titans on the first bridge, go to the end of the ramp of the portal you came from and face the elevator.
Turn 90 left and you should see a big metal pillar on a angle. Run to the pillar and turn right and run off the edge of the platform.
You will land on a 2nd platform below with some grenade launcher ammo.
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Funny glitch 81%
At the first level in the game when you go with this guy alone in a room a monster kracks his neck killl all zombies in that room and when your done killing all of em,go back to were the guy died turn right and you will see this dresser then go on it then you will be in this room with this wierd music plus an intell is there also.
shoot the music player you will laugh
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Weapons 78%
Description: Perform the actions listed below to unlock additional weapons:

Longbow 1S-1KCollect all Retribution Intel Pieces
Plasma GrenadesCollect all Secrets of the Maquis Intel Pieces
XR-004 AllureCollect all Cloven Lore Intel Pieces
HE .44 MagnumCollect all 67 Intel Pieces
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"Intel" 72%
"Intel" such as intelligence is a way to do something like:
-how to switch weapons
-how to shoot
Is very important. you must use the intel at the battle so you can fight the enemies. and if you collect enough intels, you could get weapon(with some way). And if you want an intel, you must do the missions.
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Funny glitch 54%
Its not really a glitch its on the 1st level of the game and where this guy opens a door those stupid things cracks his neck make sure you kill all of those things and when your done go back in that room you should here a RUSSIAN song playin and you can shoot it but find a dresser and you should stand on it and you should be walking through this little hole and there you should see those olden day music players shoot it you will laugh NOTE there is intel there to
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Find Weapon 50%
.303 Storm Rifle: Rotterdam-Burning Skies
Mah-50 Frag Grenade: Rotterdam-Burning Skies
BM001 Razor: Rotterdam-Burning Skies
FarEye FR-1: Rotterdam-Burning Skies
L206 LAARK: Rotterdam-Gun Tower
Schrotflinte Combat Shotgun: Bonn-Street Entrance
Auger-WS: Bonn-Waterfall Chamber
IWAO-R Chaingun: Luxembourg-Casemates
BM003 Razor: Paris Catacombs-Im Don't Known
Advanced Auger-FS: Chrysalis Lair-River Approach
By: Adam Olga(53)
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Bullet dogein 43%
Kk if you r facein a hybrid at long range and have no ammo for your sniper fire until they fire back and simply side step the burst of rounds and it will sail right past u, unless you do have ammo use it to your advantage and press l then aim for their heads its an instant killl
By: jaconsolo(548)
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Easy skill piont for crash site 39%
When the chapter starts use the fareye FR-1 to destroy the closer one then wait until the other one drifts out then shoot it wit the fareye FR-1
By: jaconsolo(548)
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How to kill a boiler 37%
It is easy you just have to shoot the face with the fareye fr-1 gun.
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2nd auger strategy 36%
When you check the advanced auger-FS data in the inventory,you will read that the auger's shield can ONLY be penetrated by Auger's shot.Later,i found that this statement Sometimes doesn't really's actually can be penetrated using the IWAO-R chaingun shot.So,if you run out of auger ammo and you want to stay behind its shield you can spend some of your IWAO-R chaingun's.But,i haven't try this trick on the Auger-WS' Shield.And,this glitch sometimes doesn't working
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A easy way for risistence is that if you connect it to your ps3 you will get infected and this will let youy regenerate your health and breath under water but you have to have reistence 2 to be able to have this feature and you will have to put connect to psp and you will able to have this feature
By: Fallbrook21(198)
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All levels 28%
All levels: go 2 location select hold l and r then press circle x square then relese l and r. play any level you want. happy playing and good luck.
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Inf health 27%
Pause the game and hold l and r up, down, circle, x, square.
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Everything 27%
Pause the game and press o o triangle x square o
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