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Rune Factory Frontier Cheats for WII
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Rune Factory Frontier WII Cheats

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Rune Factory Frontier

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to get monsters: 100%
How to get a monster:
Get a barn from Kross. Then enter ANY dungeon available. stand infront of the monster with the brush and press A to pet it. Pet it several times and then you'll get to name it. Name it, and then automatically they'll go tho your barn. They WILL hit you, so be shure you are at a higer lever or have enough defense. MAKE SHURE that you have enough fodder, you can grow this in your farm from spring to fall OR in dungeons, where the season never changes. You can have fodder for every year in dungeons.

You want a wooly. You must be stronger than them. How do you know? they do less damage than before. Equip your brush and press the a button near the wooly. Hearts will come out of their head but they'll still hit you. Do it three or four times and then you'll get to name it. As soon as you name it they'll automatically go to your barn. Ret them for a several days in your barn (They will not harm you in the barn) And then you'll get wool from them, every week. Same as the Buffamoo and the cocadoodle (SP?) Also other monsters give other stuff, but I wont tell you ) And also other monsters can help you in the farm every day. And others you can ride them.
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How to get a fishing rod: 100%
First wait until Spring 8th. Talk to Kanno, the one that moves there. Talk to him several times a day and he'll eventually talks about his grandchilds and he wants you to meet them. then go outside the clock tower and a cutscene will happen. You'll meet cinnamon and candy. IF the next day isn't raining, Cinnamon will be fishing in the river of your farm. Talk to her and she'll give you a fishing rod. Remember that she'll come to fish near your farm at 12 to 5 pm and it can't be raining or holiday. Also works if you see her fishing in other part of town.
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Things you should know... (The Basics (: ) 67%
Its Hard giving them gifts? Talk to them, it will raise their friendship.

Its hard to make money? Plant Turnips.

Don't know how to open the green Ruins? Talk to Mist, She'll eventually says that you need to cut the grass in front of her house but, ofcourse, you need a Sickle first.

Already defeated the boss of the green ruins and don't know how to open the lava ruins? Gather 10 tree runeys with the harvester given by Candy, talk to her, select ryney miracle or wathever, select make rune stone, select tree stone and then you have the tree stone. Go to, where the observatory is, before that there is some ruins, there's a tree there or a sapling. If its a Sapling you must visit everyday until the tree grows, when the tree grows, stand infront of the tree and press the A or C button and put the runey in. The next day the ruins are open.

An easy way to give gifts to the girls or raise their friendship faster?
*Tip: Also talking to them will raise their friendship & love points.*
Mist: Turnips

Rosseta: Strawberries, Be at the shipping box at 5 to trigger events. The shipping must have atleast 1 thing. Don't Ship weeds or scrap iron.

Melody: orange, yellow and red Grass. Take a bath at the bath house 1 per day.

Iris Blache & Iris Noir: Tomato Juice or flowers

Cinnamon: Fish or Sashimi. She'll tell you the Constelliations, you must see them in the observatory by pressing 1 and notify her the next day. Deppending the consteliation, you will trigger an event and it will raise their Fs and L points, It will also will raise Cinnamons Fs and L points.

Uzuki: Fish or sashimi

Eunice: Flowers

Thabatha: Porridge

Bianca: Talk to her everyday.

Anette: Fruit & milk. Talk to her always early at 6:00 am when she's delivering mails at Erics House. Getting early your mail can also raise her fp and l points.

Lara: Chocolate cake. Dont faint or get killed by monsters because it will decline her friendship.

Book Girl :D (Forgot her name) Rice Balls, Sanwich. Read a book from the bookshelfs. The books must be new.

Barns? Barns are used ti have monsters. You need to plant fodder to make food for the monsters. Some will help you on the farm, some will give milk, eggs, seeds or other things and some you can use them for riding. They all can help you fight on the ruins, but be careful! if your farm buddy dies you can't get him back! You can have your first barn built by asking Cross. Its cheap enough to get you started :) You can have 10 monsters in each barns.

How do I stop Thabatha and Bianca for leaving Trampoli? You need a barn. Go to Whale Island. Go to cave thephs or watever until you reach the place That'll lead you to Wale's Fin, but, you don't have to because you will trigger an event that you'll see an purple elephant. Then, Go to your barn and then the 30 of summer you will trigger an event that it'll make Bianca and Tabatha stay.

More coming soon! Att. ILOVEVIDEOGAMES xD
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How to get the tools: 67%
-Watering can and hoe are given by Mist at the beguinning of the came. You can use the hoe to plow the fields on a 3x3 spot. Use the watering can to help your crops grow. You must water them every day.

-The hammer is given by Melody. But first, you'll see a little plant by the clock tower, water it and it'll grow. Climb it. You'll have a cutscene of the whale and you. then continue foward. You enter the cave, there's monsters in there, they wont harm you much but avoid them. continue foward and enter another cave, there you'll have a cutscene with Melody. She'll give you a hammer + the hot springs in the village are unlocked.
(You must upgrade the hammer in orther to brake big boulders)

-The sickle will be given by Erik. Just talk to him one or two times and he'll give you a sickle. Use it to cut grass, fodder or crops.

-Axe is given by Stella. Just keep talking to her everyday and she'll give you an axe. You can only brake tree branches with the cheap axe, in order to brake tree stumps, you must upgrade it.

-Harvester is given by Candy, who is one of Kanno's grandchilds. Kanno will move to the Clock tower in Spring 8th of the first year. Talk to him everyday (When he's inside the clock tower) And he'll tell you to go meet his grandchilds. Exit the clock Tower, and you'll have a cutscene where you'll meet Cinnamon And Candy. Enter the clock tower again and go to the second floor. Talk to candy and choose the second option, she'll explain you about runeys nd give you a haverster. With that, you can use it to catch runeys (Flying things around your farm) Or to get milk, eggs wool, ect from monsters.

-The Brush is given by Tabatha, who moves in into a mansion with Bianca. Just talk to her one or two times and she'll give you the brush. Use it to become friends with the monsters.
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How to get easy money 57%
Go to lake poli use the kayak to get to the small island on the left. Take out your watering can and water the center of the dirt. The next day there will be a sparkleing sprout water it. It will grow huge if its not a holiday it will say it doesnt reach whale island.
On a holiday go up the stalk and open the 5 chests. Click 2 and choose return climb down the plant. Repeat this you can get around 10,000 depending on what you get.
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