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Sonic & The Black Knight Cheats for WII
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Sonic & The Black Knight WII Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
Sonic & The Black Knight Cheats

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Sonic & The Black Knight

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

King arthur final time eesy beating 100%
Before he ataks he gives a sign. 2 get up 2 him, use soul surge. when he charges at u, he will run faster be4 he does it. to avoid getting hit, shield yourself. 2 avoid it 2nd time do the same only he does it twice and unleashes red balls. when he does his portalatak you will see blak in the distance. to avoid it 1st time, run all the way to the right. 2 dodj it the 2nd time, run all the way 2 the rite and shield at the right timing. 2 dogj the red balls swing sword. you also gain soul surge. to dodj his purple sword, swing sword. 2 defeet him run up to him with soul surge twice. 2 atak be4 he does nothin wait til sword turns yellow and noise stops, then swing sword. the faster the wiimote shakes the faster the rite timing comes. but be careful and DONT use soul surge wen he is doing his puple sword because if you touch the lasers you r stunned but dont lose rings. but 2 avoid it tilt the joistick on the nunchuck down. its easier 2nd time cause the lasers r smaler than the 1st.
By: knucklesfan731(325)
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Medals 100%
Description: The following medals change the music in certain levels.

Medal of Lancelot(Changes music to "ALL HAIL SHADOW" by Crush 40) Received after defeating Lancelot and getting the gamepiece after the level
Medal of Gawain(Changes music to Knuckles' theme from Sonic Adventure) Received after defeating Gawain and getting the gamepiece after the level
Medal of Percival(Changes music to the music when you fight blaze in Sonic Rush) Received after defeating Percival and getting the gamepiece after the level
Medal of Sonic(Changes music to "What I'm Made of" from Sonic Heroes) Received after beating the "Legacy Stage" on "Knights Passage" and getting the gamepiece after the level
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Characters for Battle Mode 98%
Perform the actions below to unlock the desired characters:

Amy RoseDefeat the Final Boss<
BlazeDefeat Lady Percival<
King ArthurCollect all 5 of "King Arthur's Legends" story books<
KnucklesDefeat Sir Gawain<
ShadowDefeat Sir Lancelot<
TailsFinish the 1st Castle Camelot Mission
JetGet a 5 star ranking on Great Megralth
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Character Profiles 98%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock character profiles in the Gallery.

Sir Galahad & SilverBeat Knight's Passage / Legacy with 5 Stars
Sir Gawain & KnucklesBeat Titanic Plains / Defeat the Boss with 5 Stars
Sir Lamorak & JetBeat Dragon's Lair / Legacy with 5 Stars
Sir Lancelot & ShadowBeat Deep Woods / Defeat the Boss with 5 Stars
Sir Percival & BlazeBeat Molten Mine / Defeat the boss with 5 Stars
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Seven Rings in Hand (Crush 40 Version) 92%
Description: Unlock song "Seven Rings in Hand" in the gallery

How to unlock: Collect all 7 World Rings in the Legacy stages.
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Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival 92%
Clear Knight's Passage to unlock Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival in Adventure Mode.
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Silver 88%
In the Deep Woods, complete the "Lancelot Returns" mission to unlock Silver in Battle Mode.
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Super Sonic and Excalibur 86%
Description: Unlock Super Sonic, 1st win the game and unlock "Knight's Passage." Beat that and return the Scared Swords. Now Dark Hollow will appear on the stage select and Super Sonic and Excalibur will be unlocked.
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To help beat lancelot returns 81%
At the beginning go backwards and when he shoots chaos spear at you jump and use the spin slash right above him and it will do damage but be aware that you have to keep your soul surge up or you wont beat the leval
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Beat sir percival easy 71%
When she is doing her soul surge, avoid her flame direction. and when it disappears, run up and attack her BEFORE she attacks and DON'T JUMP AT ALL. guard when she is doing her multiattacks and attack when she is done.
By: knucklesfan731(325)
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Completing ulimate challange in less than 10 seconds 67%
If you just want to earn the flag that you have completed ALL missions. then if you are playing ultimate challenge then just get hit and you will complete the challenge!

p.s if you do that you will gain 0 mastery stars.
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The dark queen easy beating 63%
There are two ways to do this 1st way to easy dodge is keep tapping a then z quick and those purple balls will look like shatterd glass then sword battle wait then hole in b and swing as the boss did and you have power in your meater

2nd way to dodge balls are stay in the middle of the bosses two swords and attack allthe time untill the balls pass and then do as above
By: cali129(46)
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Bunch-a-things 2 unlok 63%
Character bios:

lancelot (aka shadow) beat sir lacelot da 1st time w/ a 5 star ranking
gawain (aka knuckles) beat sir gawain w/ a 5 star ranking
blacksmith (aka tails) visit him 20 times

arthur books 2 get king arthur (in identitification section):

1:deep woods, give the people 80 rings
2:titanic plain, give the people ? rings
3:crystal cave, reach the goal
4:molten mind, reach the goal without falling off the grind rails
5:knights passage, don't get hurt

battle characters:

shadow: beat sir lancelot
knuckles: beat sir gawain
blaze: beat sir percival
silver: beat lancelot returns
jet: get 5 stars in great megalith
king arthur: get all 5 arthur books (see above)
amy: beat the dark queen
tails: beat the 1st camelot castle mission

more movies and songs:

progress through the game

7 rings in hand:

collect all the world ruins

want more stuff?:

get 5 star ranks in certain missions and stuff like that

from yur most useful cheat sender,
By: knucklesfan731(325)
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Dont touch da ground mission eezy clearing 57%
U MUST b knuckles. 1st you follow da 1st part uv it then clear da hoop. nxt after da 2nd blue spring quickly tap A. then after you do dat hold A til you get 2 da bloks. then kill da treasure monster, go throo da hoops and hold A til you get 2 da finish line. then you win

note: you wil only get a 3 star ranking
By: knucklesfan731(325)
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Shadow the hedgehog bio. 42%
Defeat sir lancelot with a five star rank
By: SuperSonicFan(73)
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Sonic and the black knight 36%
Ulala play as knuckles 4 times on battle
beat unlock trap battle
nights play as amy 4 times on battle
vector play as sonic 3 times on battle
rouge play as blaze 5 times on battle
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Diante 36%
Reala play as silver 4 times on battle
aiai play as jet 4 times on battle
sandy play as shadow 5 times on battle
patrick play as lady percival on battle
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Merlina 23%
If you want to get merlina,beat dark hollow boss in less them 1 min.
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