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Pokemon Platinum Version Cheats for NDS
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Pokemon Platinum Version NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
Pokemon Platinum Version Cheats

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Pokemon Platinum Version

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Hidden Machine Locations 89%
Description: Below are the locations of the 8 Hidden Machines.

HM01 (Cut)As you come back from the pokemon statue in Eterne City (on the northeast side), a trainer named Cynthia will give it to you
HM02 (Fly)Found in an Item Ball in the Galactic Warehouse (Veilstone City)
HM03 (Surf)The Elder of Celestic Town gives it to you after you beat Cyrus (in the ruins)
HM04 (StrengthRiley gives this one to you at Iron Island's cave entrance
HM05 (Defog)Inside an Item Ball in the heart of Solaceon Ruins
HM06 (Rock Smash)A hiker gives it to you as you go through Oreburgh Gate
HM07 (Waterfall)After beating Volkner, Jasmine (of the Johto Region) gives it to you on Sunyshore Beach
HM08 (Rock Climb)Inside an Item Ball behind a cabin on the left side of Route 217
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Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu With Volt Tackle 88%
Description: Go to the trophy garden in the Pokemon mansion & catch two pikachus; make sure one of them has a light ball when you catch them. Then go to Solaceon town and give the pikachus to the day care lady. Talk to the man outside the day care center and he will give you an egg. When the egg cracks open a pichu with volt tackle comes out. *** If you want a female pichu give the light ball to the male and if you want a male give it to the female.
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Trainer Card Bling 87%
Description: You can win stars for your Trainer Card by completing the following tasks:

Beat the Elite Four
Collect all of the Battle Frontier Colored Plates
Capture 50 flags in the Underground
Win a Master Rank Super Contest
Capture all 493 pokemon (excluding event-only pokemon)

Each star will change the color of your Trainer Card as follows:

BlueEarn One Star
BronzeEarn Two Stars
GoldEarn Four Stars
SilverEarn Three Stars
BlackEarn Five Stars
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Unlimited Rival Battles 87%
After defeating the Elite Four, head to the Fight Area. Go to the Survival Area and speak to Buck. Complete the Stark Mt. mission and make your way back to the Survival Area. There is a house that was locked that once said "Exclusive Members Only;" your rival is there. Go there on weekends and your rival will challenge you to a battle. The more you challenge the Elite Four, the stronger he will become.
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Catch of the Day 86%
Description: After beating the Elite Four & Stark Mt., get yourself to the mansion South of Hearthrome. The owner of the mansion ( who is in the office) will refer to pokemon in his garden. After a scuffle with the butler, you can go into the garden and catch the pokemon he referred to. Use a Quick Ball for an easy catch. You can do this every day for a new pokemon!
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Griseous Orb 86%
How to unlock: After you beat you game, go back to sendoff spring. Cynthia will have left so you can enter the cave she was blocking. Enter Turnback cave just like in Diamond / Pearl. At the end you find an item and the entrance to the Distortion world. Go through it to find the Griseous orb. It's like the Adamant orb for Giratina. If you give it to Giratina, it can stay in its origin form outside the Distortion World. If you didn't catch Giratina in the Distortion World, you can catch it in Turnback cave.
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Dialga & Palkia 86%
How to catch: You must beat the Elite Four & acquire the National Pokedex. Head to Mt. Coronet and scale it to the top where Team Galactic was. One of the two legendary pokemon will be there. Catch it or beat it then leave and return and the other should be there.
Before taking them on, you will need specific orbs. To get these, make your way to Mt. Coronet through Hearthome City as if going to Sky Pillar. After progressing through about 3 caves, a new entrance will be available and inside are the orbs required to battle Palkia and Dialga.
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Catching Roaming Legendaries 85%
How to: Use a Repel (or Super or Max Repel) in the marked location of a roaming Legendary pokemon to clear out extraneous pokemon. This makes finding the Legendary pokemon much easier since it will be the only one that will attack.
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Snow Day [Easter Egg] 85%
How to: Enter Snow Point City on January 12 to see snow fall. This is the birthday of Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda.
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Acid Weather Glitch 85%
This glitch occurs when a pokemon is KOed by Pursuit while fleeing and Hail or Sandstorm is up. This causes multiple weather effects to occur and each of them damage a pokemon with their own ability. We tested this time with Clefable Walrein, Cherrim, And Golduck. Watch what happens
Pokemon Platinum Version cheat video Cheat Video
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Secret Area 84%
Location: Just outside the Wayward Cave, look under the bridge to find a secret entrance. The areas is full of pokemon and contains three pokeballs.
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Adding Manaphe to Your Pokedex 84%
How to: In the Pokemon Mansion, go to Mister Backlot's room and look at the book on the table. You will see a picture of Manaphy. After looking at it, it will be added as "Seen" in your Pokedex.
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Villa Furniture 84%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock additional furniture for the Villa.

ChandelierMove a total of 300,000 steps
Great PaintingHatch 30 Eggs
Guest SetBeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe
Music BoxPurchase Racks
PianoBeat the Elite Four 10 times
Pokemon Bust #1Obtain a Silver Print from the Battle Frontier
Pokemon bust #2Obtain five Silver Prints from the Battle Frontier
Tea SetPurchase the Music Box
Wall ClockPlant 50 Berries
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How to get rotom 84%
1.go to the old chateat night time and go to to the the rooms
2. got to the room with the tv and click a
3. battle rotom!
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Daily Battles 84%
There is a new person to battle every day in the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City. These challengers are located next to the counter; take them on for easy Exp. Every Pokemon Center you come across in your journey will feature a similar character to battle.
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How to get lucky egg 83%
Get a pokemon that knows compound eyes as its ability and a pokeon that knoes theif and then go to the grass patches behind the lost tower ( dont get confussed with hallowed tower) and battle chansey and use theif to see if it is got an lucky egg - cheat master 2
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Catching Regigas 83%
How to: Before attempting to catch Regigas, you must first obtain Regirock, Regice and Registeel (from previous Pokemon titles -Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Leafgreen, or Firered).
If you have those, head to Snowpoint City and walk directly north from the gym. At the temple there will be a woman blocking the entrance. Candice will tell the lady that it is ok for you to go in provided you have the three Regi- pokemon. Enter the temple and go to the bottom floor to find Regigas.
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Finding Shiny Pokemon 83%
How to: If you put both an international pokemon & one of your own in the daycare, your chances of finding a shiny are lowered from 1/8932 to 1/2000. This may sound high but you will definitely notice a difference.
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Quick-Farming Pokemon 83%
Description: Go to the mansion and save your game. Talk to Mr. Backlot and he'll tell you what type of pokemon is in the garden that day. Go capture it -OR- if it is not what you were looking for, turn the power off, restart the game and talk to him again. Repeat until you find what you are looking for. You will not have to wait a whole day until you capture one!
Pokemon in the garden:

Mime Jr.
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Catching legendaries 82%
The best way to catch legends are:
1. when throwing the poke ball wait till the Pokemon goes in and close the ds and count to three and open. (repeat until you catch the Pokemon).
2. click b and a (in that order) rapidly. it gives a 70% chance of catching
by cheat master 2
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How to get palkia and diagla 82%
To get palkia and diagla you must have the lustrous orb and admant orb because diagla and palkia live in different dimensions.
you have to have the national pokedex to do this
1. get the admant and lustrous orb ( which is on the way to spear pillar in another cave).
2. go to spear pillar and you see a a portal thing click a on it and palkia or diagla will come.
3. then once you battle or catch it go out to the cave and comeback in from the cave.
4. there will be another portal click a and battle palkia or diagla.
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Musical Badges [Easter Egg] 82%
How to: As you collect badges, they are placed on display inside the case when you go to your Trainer Card. If you tap your badges on the touch screen, they will make a specific musical tone.
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Birthday Message [Easter Egg] 82%
Location: To see a special birthday message, play the game on the birthday you entered (you can fiddle with your DS clock settings to switch the date if you are impatient) after beating the Elite Four. When you talk to Dawn or Lucas, they will make a reference to your birthday.
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Capturing Legendary Pokemon without Master Balls or AR 81%
How to: Remember to save before battle. Use a pokemon that knows Paralysis. Use a Quick Ball, then keep spamming Paralysis until the Legendary pokemon is affected. After this, use weak attacks until its life is reduced. Use Great Balls to capture the weakened pokemon.
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How to get $$$ fast real way 81%
1. go to battleground with an amulet coin and battle
2. go to the elite 4 and battle them with amulet coin.
hope this helps :)
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New Pokemon for the Sinnoh Pokedex 79%
Description: A total of 58 Pokemon have been added to the Sinnoh Pokedex:

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National Pokedex 79%
You have to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex (spot each of the 210 regional Pokemon). After that, talk to Professor Rowan in his lab and he will give you the National Pokedex.
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Free porygon/evee! 78%
Go to bebe in hearthome before national dex, SHE GIVE YOU EVEE!. a bald dude in a house in veilstone gives you a porygon!
By: Pokeman99(247)
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Leafeon 78%
In Eterna forest you should see a green rock level Evee up by it and it evolves to Leafeon.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Easy GALLADE!!!!!! 78%
Get a kirlia and use a dawn stone on it. and make sure that the kirlia is male
please vote helpful!
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How to turn off your DS and DO NOT BREAK YOUR CHAIN! 77%
How to turn off your DS and DO NOT BREAK YOUR CHAIN!
Pokemon Platinum Version cheat video Cheat Video
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Pokedex (Sinnoh) 76%
No. Species Where to See
001 Turtwig Leader Gardenia, Eterna Gym
002 Grotle Trainer, Route 210
003 Torterra Trainer, Victory Road
004 Chimchar Trainer, Route 207
005 Monferno Trainer, Route 212
006 Infernape Elite Four Flint, Pokemon League
007 Piplup Trainer, Route 205
008 Prinplup Trainer, Route 212
009 Empoleon Trainer, Victory Road
010 Starly Trainer, Route 202
011 Staravia Trainer, Route 206
012 Staraptor Trainer, Victory Road
013 Bidoof Trainer, Route 202
014 Bibarel Trainer, Route 212
015 Kricketot Trainer, Route 203
016 Kricketune Trainer, Route 218
017 Shinx Trainer, Route 203
018 Luxio Trainer, Route 207
019 Luxray Trainer, Route 222
020 Abra Trainer, Route 203
021 Kadabra Trainer, Galactic HQ
022 Alakazam Elite Four Lucian, Pokemon League
023 Magikarp Trainer, Route 204
024 Gyarados Leader Wake, Pastoria Gym
025 Budew Trainer, Route 203
026 Roselia Trainer, Route 205
027 Roserade Leader Gardenia, Eterna Gym
028 Zubat Trainer, Route 203
029 Golbat Trainer, Route 210
030 Crobat Boss Cyrus, Galactic HQ
031 Geodude Trainer, Oreburgh Mine
032 Graveler Trainer, Iron Island
033 Golem Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
034 Onix Trainer, Route 205
035 Steelix Trainer, Iron Island
036 Cranidos Leader Roark, Oreburgh Gym
037 Rampardos Trainer, Victory Road
038 Shieldon Trainer, Route 215
039 Bastiodon Leader Byron, Canalave Gym
040 Machop Trainer, Route 203
041 Machoke Trainer, Veilstone Gym
042 Machamp Trainer, Victory Road
043 Psyduck Trainer, Route 203
044 Golduck Trainer, Pastoria Gym
045 Burmy Trainer, Route 202
046 Wormadam Trainer, Route 214
047 Mothim Trainer, Lost Tower
048 Wurmple Trainer, Route 204
049 Silcoon Trainer, Eterna Forest
050 Beautifly Trainer, Eterna Forest
051 Cascoon Trainer, Eterna Forest
052 Dustox Trainer, Eterna Forest
053 Combee Trainer, Route 208
054 Vespiquen Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
055 Pachirisu Trainer, Route 204
056 Buizel Trainer, Wayward Cave
057 Floatzel Leader Wake, Pastoria Gym
058 Cherubi Trainer, Route 204
059 Cherrim Leader Gardenia, Eterna Gym
060 Shellos Trainer, Wayward Cave
061 Gastrodon Trainer, Route 220
062 Heracross Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
063 Aipom Trainer, Route 205
064 Ambipom Trainer, Route 216
065 Drifloon Trainer, Route 214
066 Drifblim Trainer, Route 215
067 Buneary Trainer, Wayward Cave
068 Lopunny Trainer, Route 221
069 Gastly Trainer, Hearthome Gym
070 Haunter Leader Fantina, Hearthome Gym
071 Gengar Trainer, Victory Road
072 Misdreavus Trainer, Lost Tower
073 Mismagius Leader Fantia, Hearthome Gym
074 Murkrow Trainer, Lost Tower
075 Honchkrow Boss Cyrus, Galactic HQ
076 Glameow Galactic Grunt, Jubilife City
077 Purugly Commander Mars, Lake Verity
078 Goldeen Trainer, Route 205
079 Seaking Trainer, Route 220
080 Barboach Trainer, Lost Tower
081 Whiscash Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
082 Chingling Trainer, Route 214
083 Chimecho Trainer, Victory Road
084 Stunky Galactic Grunt, Jubilife City
085 Skuntank Commander Jupiter, T.G. Eterna Bldg
086 Meditite Trainer, Eterna Forest
087 Medicham Trainer, Route 220
088 Bronzor Trainer, Wayward Cave
089 Bronzong Elite Four Lucian, Pokemon League
090 Ponyta Trainer, Route 205
091 Rapidash Trainer, Route 210
092 Bonsly Trainer, Route 209
093 Sudowoodo Trainer, Route 216
094 Mime Jr. Trainer, Route 209
095 Mr. Mime Trainer, Route 216
096 Happiny Trainer, Route 210
097 Chansey Cheryl, Eterna Forest
098 Blissey Trainer, Victory Road
099 Cleffa Trainer, Route 209
100 Clefairy Trainer, Route 210
101 Clefable Trainer, Victory Road
102 Chatot Trainer, Lost Tower
103 Pichu Trainer, Route 209
104 Pikachu Trainer, Route 206
105 Raichu Trainer, Route 10
106 Hoothoot Trainer, Wayward Cave
107 Noctowl Trainer, Route 210
108 Spiritomb Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
109 Gible Trainer, Wayward Cave
110 Gabite Trainer, Victory Road
111 Garchomp Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
112 Munchlax Trainer, Route 210
113 Snorlax Rival, Pokemon League
114 Unown Wild Encounter, Solaceon Ruins
115 Riolu Trainer, Route 217
116 Lucario Leader Maylene, Veilstone Gym
117 Wooper Trainer, Route 212
118 Quagsire Leader Wake, Pastoria Gym
119 Wingull Trainer, Pastoria Gym
120 Pelipper Trainer, Pastoria Gym
121 Girafarig Trainer, Route 210
122 Hippopotas Trainer, Iron Island
123 Hippowdon Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
124 Azurill Trainer, Pastoria Gym
125 Marill Trainer, Route 213.
126 Azumarill Trainer, Pastoria Gym
127 Skorupi Trainer, Route 210
128 Drapion Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
129 Croagunk Trainer, T.G. Eterna Bldg
130 Toxicroak Trainer, Iron Island
131 Carnivine Trainer, Route 214
132 Remoraid Trainer, Route 213
133 Octillery Trainer, Route 220
134 Finneon Trainer, Route 220
135 Lumineon Trainer, Route 223
136 Tentacool Trainer, Route 220
137 Tentacruel Trainer, Route 220
138 Feebas Trainer, Route 222
139 Milotic Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
140 Mantyke Trainer, Route 218
141 Mantine Trainer, Route 223
142 Snover Trainer, Route 217
143 Abomasnow Leader Candice, Snowpoint Gym
144 Sneasel Boss Cyrus, Celestic Town
145 Weavile Boss Cyrus, Distortion World
146 Uxie Wild Encounter, Lake Acuity
147 Mesprit Wild Encounter, Lake Verity
148 Azelf Wild Encounter, Lake Valor
149 Dialga Wild Encounter, Spear Pillar
150 Palkia Wild Encounter, Spear Pillar
151 Manaphy Mr. Backlot's Room (Book), Pokemon Mansion
152 Rotom Wild Encounter (TV), Old Chateau (Night)
153 Gligar Trainer, Route 207
154 Gliscor Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
155 Nosepass Trainer, Route 207
156 Probopass Trainer, Route 210
157 Ralts Trainer, Route 215
158 Kirlia Trainer, Route 214
159 Gardevoir Trainer, Victory Road
160 Gallade Elite Four Lucian, Pokemon League
161 Lickitung Trainer, Route 215
162 Lickilicky Trainer, Victory Road
163 Eevee Trainer, Route 209
164 Vaporeon Trainer, Route 214
165 Jolteon Trainer, Route 214
166 Flareon Trainer, Route 214
167 Espeon Trainer, Route 212
168 Umbreon Trainer, Route 212
169 Leafeon Trainer, Route 212
170 Glaceon Trainer, Route 217
171 Swablu Trainer, Victory Road
172 Altaria Trainer, Victory Road
173 Togepi Trainer, Route 210
174 Togetic Trainer, Route 221
175 Togekiss Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
176 Houndour Galactic Grunt, Celestic Town
177 Houndoom Elite Four Flint, Pokemon League
178 Magnemite Trainer, Route 218
179 Magneton Leader Byron, Canalave Gym
180 Magnezone Trainer, Victory Road
181 Tangela Trainer, Route 214
182 Tangrowth Trainer, Victory Road
183 Yanma Trainer, Route 214
184 Yanmega Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
185 Tropius Trainer, Route 214
186 Rhyhorn Trainer, Iron Island
187 Rhydon Trainer, Victory Road
188 Rhyperior Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
189 Duskull Leader Fantina, Hearthome Gym
190 Dusclops Trainer, Route 216
191 Dusknoir Trainer, Victory Road
192 Porygon Trainer, Route 214
193 Porygon2 Trainer, Route 216
194 Porygon-Z Trainer, Victory Road
195 Scyther Trainer, Route 210
196 Scizor Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
197 Elekid Trainer, Route 210
198 Electabuzz Trainer, Route 217
199 Electivire Leader Volkner, Sunyshore Gym
200 Magby Trainer, Route 210
201 Magmar Trainer, Fuego Ironworks
202 Magmortar Elite Four Flint, Pokemon League
203 Swinub Trainer, Route 217
204 Piloswine Trainer, Route 217
205 Mamoswine Trainer, Victory Road
206 Snorunt Trainer, Route 217
207 Glalie Trainer, Snowpoint Gym
208 Froslass Leader Candice, Snowpoint Gym
209 Absol Trainer, Victory Road
210 Giratina Wild Encounter, Distortion World
By: The rubish(422)
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To get the roaming pokemon easily go to eterna city and go to route 205 and then back to eterna city. Keep doing that till one of the roaming pokemon appear on route 205 got to it and battle it.
hope this helped :)
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Ghost Pokemon Glitch 76%
I have pokemon plat US and an action replay. I used the wild pokemon modifier and typed in "0" as pokedex number and got " -------" ( I nicknamed it Ghost) Lv 0. With No HP. It Registered in the pokedex as "--------" and had nothing for the description.

Wild Pokemon Modifier AR Code:
94000130 FDFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
D9000000 00111D10
C0000000 0000000C
DC000000 00000004
D6000000 000233E8
D1000000 00000000
C0000000 0000000A
D6000000 000233E8
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
D9000000 00111D10
C0000000 0000000C
D6000000 000233E8
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
DA000000 00111D10
D4000000 00002400
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 020738D4
D2000000 00000000
Pokemon Platinum Version cheat video Cheat Video
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Clean badges 76%
1. go to your trainer case
2. in a circular motion with your stylus rub your badges
[ the shiniest they get is 4 shiny thingumajigs]

- Enjoy! :)
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Deoxys Forms 75%
If deoxys is in your party in Veilstone City go to the meteorites and press a and the deoxys in your party will change forms depending on which meteorite you click on.
By: jonathonp(108)
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How To Get The Three Legendary Orbs! 75%
To get the Griseous Orb [the orb that if Giratina is holding it can stay in its Origin Form ] beat the Pokemon Leage.Then go to Turnback Cave [ it is in Sendoff Spring ].Then try to find a room were you see stuff sort of green.After that go up a little ramp and behind a portal to get to the Distortion World there will be a Rare Bone [an item that can be sold at Pokemarts for high prices ].Go through the portal and explore the Distortion World.If you see any items pick them up because one of them is the Griseous Orb.To get the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb go to Mount Cornet.Proceed through the mountain untill you get to the snowy place.Go through all the caves and in one of them there is a waterfall.Go up the waterfall and there will be a dark cave.Go into the cave.There will be two items.One is Dialga's orb and the other one is Palkia's orb.
By: spyroman(404)
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Want to cook a better Poffin? 75%
We all know that we use berry to make poffins,but the problem is choosing the right berry.The anwser is thisthe Enigma,Micle,Custap,Jaboca,and the Rowap berries.Not only do they have the most intense flavor compaired to other berries but the poffins made out of these berries have the least sheen as well.Enigma=Cool,Micle=Beauty,Custap=Cute,Jaboca=Smart,and Rowap=Tough.
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Glitch [Warp of Death - (U)(J)] 75%
This glitch as of this video can only be accessed by the walk through walls action replay code untill another way is found:.
This is something I found back when pokemon platinum (J) came out::but I kept my mouth shut untill (U) came out::.
This crappy quality video shows me looking at the area behind the counter in battle tower looking at water, grass, snow, a shadow, and the "Warp of Death":. It surprises me that those Nintenfags didn't take this out:..
Pokemon Platinum Version cheat video Cheat Video
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How to get giratina origin form this works 74%
Ok so after you catch giratina you come out at the spring path well once you go away and come back cintya is in front of a cave if you beat the elite four go back there she will be gone go in it is called turn back cave exslpore it and eventuly you will come to an area there will be a item and a portal go in the portal and you will be in the distortion world go exsplore it look around and there will be an item pick it up it will be called griseous orb give it to giratina it will change to origin form. ps. this is tested and works

hope this helps
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Catching Rotom (#152 in Sinnoh) 74%
Go to Old Ghateau in Eterna Forest. Use the HM01 Cut to get to the Old Ghateau. Enter and go up to the upper weighing and go into the room that is straight ahead at the screen. Go into the room that is first on the left and talk to the TV and there will be a box with yes or no. Press yes to meet Rotom. Rotom is level 20.

Hope this helps :)

(It is not the day only from 9 o'clock in the evening to four in the morning. But you can set your DS to 9 pm so you can meet Rotom)
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Easy pokemon catch 74%
Use false swipe to get opponent's health down to 1. EASY CATCH Also works with ledgendary.
By: nachodad99(15)
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How To Catch Dialga And Palkia 73%
In Order to catch Dialga, you have to go to Spear Pillar (after you beat the distortion world and get the Adamant Orb). Come Back later to Spear Pillar (not long but keep the Adamant Orb). When You Come Back to Spear Pillar. You will see a blue crystal glowing. Approach it and it will ask "Do You Want To Challenge Dialga" say yes and you'll battle it (Make Sure you got Dusk Balls but lower its HP with weak moves).

In order to Get Palkia, you have to go to Spear Pillar again with the Lusicious Orb. If the crystal is pink and it is at Spear Pillar, It's PALKIA! Then it says "Do You Want To Face Palkia". If you say yes, you will battle Palkia. (Lower it's HP with weak moves and catch with a dusk ball)

P.S. - They are both Lv. 70 and also keep pressing X when it's HP is on red really fast. Make Sure you have alot of Dusk Balls. You can do it with other Poke Balls to if you want to but I think Dusk Ball is Useful. Good Luck and Vote for me.
By: Blueninjafan(368)
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Afective way to get wild pokemon hold items 73%
First, catch a yanma that has the ability compoundeyes. second,level it up to the level you want, when it wants to learn ancientpower DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT LET IT LEARN IT. why, because it will evolve and will lose it's ability to draw pokemon with hold items. third, teach it thief. and then you are set. well bye now. )
By: Balcow62(46)
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Get porygon 72%
Go to vielstone city and go to the house behind the pokemon center talk to the man and you get a porygon
By: 319oscar(42)
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Catch ledgendary bird Pok?mon. 72%
U need the national dex and then go to jubilife city and get the marking map app in the pok?etch co. building. then go to eterna city and go to the house that USED to be empty.then talk to prof. oak.he will say that the 3 ledgendary bird pok?mon have been spotted around sinnoh. then use the marking map and find them.(CAUTION U CANT FLY OR THEY WILL FLEE TO A DIFF LOCATION.U HAV TO WALK!)here are there stats. ZAPDOS LV 60 SPD 198 ATK 299 DEF 123 ARTICUNO LV 60 SPD 367 ATK 300 DEF 278(HE IS THE BEST OF THE 3 ) MOLTRES LV 70 SPD 134 ATK 340 DEF 98 (PS:moltres is the highest level but has an EXTREMELY low defense and speed so you dont need high lvs)
By: GiratinaGriffin(25)
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Mow the Lawn [Easter Egg] 72%
Location: You can use Pokemon with the Cut ability to cut the tall grass you encounter in your quest. Just use the ability when you are near a patch of tall grass.
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The Griseous Orb, Adamant Orb, Lusturous Orb, And Stone Plate's Details (Pokemon Platinum Version) 71%
The Orbs Are Helpful To The Pokemon Dialga, Palkia, And Giratina For MORE Power Than Ever! And In between The Lustrous Orb, AND Adamant Orb Is A Rock. Talk To It To Obtain The Stone Plate!
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Ultimate Rattata 71%
Get a boy and a girl raticate in the daycare that both know endeavor so that the rattata will know it then teach it quick attack and give it a focus band that way even a lv 1 rattata can defeat any pokemon
By: Charizardman(219)
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Happy birth day greeting 71%
Okay on your DS set the time to your birthday. Now talk to Dawn and she will wish you a happy birthday!
By: lucario zero(487)
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Get all evaluations of eevee 70%
Part 1 1.Get Eevee from Bebe [Her house is next to the Pokemon center in Hearthome city] 2.Take it to the day care with a ditto 3Get 6 Eggs [7 if you want to have an eevee still] Part 2 [After eggs hatch] 1. [vaporeon] Use a water stone on a eevee 2.[Jolteon] Use a thunder stone on a eevee 3.[Flareon] Use a fire stone on a eevee 4.[Espeon] Level up a eevee with a high friendship level during the hours of 4:00am-8:00pm 5.[Umbreon] Do the same as Espeon only do it during the hours of 8:00pm-4:00am 6.[Leafeon] Level up a eevee near a moss covered rock in Eterna forest 7.[Glaceon] Level up a eevee near a ice covered rock in Route 217 -NickMaster
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Getting roaming pokemon easy 70%
First have a pokemon that knows surf. at jubilife city then go to the exit that leads to route 203 then keep going back and forth when 1 of the pokemon get on route 218 go there surf and 95% of the time 1 of them will be there
By: Simm(113)
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Enter The Battleground!!!!!!!!! 70%
After completing the Sinnoh Pokedex and getting the National Pokedex journey up to the Survival Area.Once in the Survival Area go up to Stark Mountain and do the Misson that Buck does with you.When you complete the Misson Buck will let you into a little house in the Survival Area called the Battleground.You can challenge the Gym Leaders,Riley[from Iron Island],Cheryl[from Eterna Forest] and Mira[From Wayward Cave].All of there Pokemon are Level 60 or higher so its good experience and they also have new Pokemon.
By: spyroman(404)
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Floon Friday!!! 70%
On Fridays go to Valley Winworks because a Drifloon will be standing in front of the Windworks Building.
By: spyroman(404)
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Tip about day care centere 70%
If you leave Pokemon in the day care centre for a long time it does  not love you as much.
By: genaral(69)
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Easy odd keystones!!! 70%
There is 3 ways to get an odd keystone. 1. there is a black belt by the east entrance to heart home and he will give you an odd keystone!  2. go to twin-leaf town and look for the pond use the dowsing machine app to find which tree the odd keystone is in!  3(this way takes a long time to find sorry) go to the underground on Tuesdays at 5:30 to 5:33 a.m in the battle frontier and dig up 1!
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In the Battle Hall in the Battle Frontier, you have to win 49 times in a row to battle the Frontier Brain Hall Matron. there is an easy way to do this. Take a lv. 61 Flygon that knows the following moves: Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Dragon Claw, and Steel Wing. Make sure it is holding the Expert Belt item which you can get from the guy to the left of Pal Park. he will ask you to bring him a pokemon of a certain level, and give you an excellent item if you do. take this flygon and battle pokemon in this order:
battles 1-10: Steel-type
battles 11-20: Rock-type
battles 21-30: Fire-type
battles 31-40: Poison-type
battles 41-49: Electric-type

After you beat these, you will fight the hall matron. she will have Arcanine, ability Intimidate, of the same level as your selected pokemon. if you have the lv. 61 flygon equipped with the expert belt, you should beat it with one Earthquake.
By: NFSUtruemaster(208)
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Legendary pokemon tips 69%
To catch legendarys of course save before you battle. Stock up. Get a lot of energy roots and revival herbs from the herb shop in eterna city. Then get some full restores 5 at least. Most importantly Pokeballs. Get 25 Ultra balls, 3-5 Quick balls, 20 dusk balls(if you are in the dark or in a cave),and 20 timer balls. NOTE:Make sure you get more pokeballs and healing items if you have to battle other people. Now time to battle. First get its HP to the red zone by using weak attacks. Next paralyze it or make it fall asleep. DO NOT, burn, poison, confuse, or get it to have a condition in which it takes damage every turn because that will take it out. I you can do all this within 3 turns use a quick ball. If that doesn't work use ultra balls and dusk balls until you can catch it or run out of them.(I've noticed dusk balls work very good)If you run out start using your timer balls. If you used all your pokeballs and got its HP down that must took at least 50 turns so your timer balls must work. Plus you have 20 so every time you use one the next is more powerful. If that doesn't work restart your DS and repeat the process.  
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Mass Outbreak! 69%
Mass Outbreak is an area in the Sinnoh Region where a Pokemon from a different Region [Example:Venonat appears in the Kanto Region] appears somewhere around Sinnoh.To find out where Mass Outbreak is you must first obtain the National Poke'dex.After doing that go to Dawn's [or Lucas'] house and talk to their Little Sister.She will tell you where Mass Outbreak is.
By: spyroman(404)
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How To Get Free Great Balls! 69%
First go to Celstic Town [the place where Elder lives ] and look for the Pokemon Center.Once yoy've found the Poke' Center go inside it.In the Pokemon Center look for a man sitting on a Cushion.Taqlk to him and if your pokemon has a good bond with you then he will give you a Great Ball.He will only give you one Great Ball a day.
By: spyroman(404)
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Get rotom the real way 69%
To get rotom go to the old chetu in enturna forest go up the stairs they should be a door next to you go forword and they should be a door in the middle go through it they should be a door in front of you go left and they should be another door go though it and they should be a tv go up in front of it and press a it should say some words about a program and then it says yes or no press yes and you should battle a rotom at lv 15 it only works if you do it between 9pm to 4am. hope I helped!
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One more pokemon lickilicky 69%
Find a lickitung at route 215 lv it up til it learns roll out and it will evole to lickilicky
By: Charizardman(219)
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Battle Frontiers Palmer and Dahila 69%
It may sound easy but it isnt you must get 20 wins in a row to get to face all frontier brains their the 21st but once you face palmer he has a milotic, rhyperier and a dragonite(in any order), dahila has a dusknoir, ludicolo and medicham
By: Charizardman(219)
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Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl Cheats (NO ACTION REPLAY!!!) 68%
Cheat Number 1: When you're in a battle, and your Pokemon is Confused, or you are desperate to defeat your opponent, when you are attacking, draw a diagonal line across the Pokeball on the Touch Screen 5 times, starting on the left side. This will either raise your chance of hitting your opponent when you are Confused, or add to the damage you do when you are not Confused. If you are playing Platinum, this will not work in the Battle Frontier, since the Pokeball on the Touch Screen is replaced with the Battle Frontier logo.
Cheat Number 2: Remember all those times you tried to catch a Pokemon but they kept bursting out of the Pokeball? Well, now you can put an end to that. When you throw a Pokeball or Great Ball or Ultra Ball or all those others, draw circles around the Pokeball on the Touch Screen. Draw the circles quickly, but be careful not to touch the Pokeball or accidentally slide your stylus off the Touch Screen. This works 80% of the time.
By: ThunderCrystal(158)
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The Gracidea Flower 68%
When you have completed the sinnoh pokedex and have captured a shaymin, Fly, walk, bike or run to Flaroma town and there shall be a blond woman standing near a building and a sign. When you talk to that woman, she will give you the Gracidea Flower. Give it to the shaymin during day time. The Gracidea Flower is in the key items pocket when received.
By: knuckvin10(184)
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Daily Ribbons 68%
To get daily ribbons for your pokemon go to Julias house everyday to get a different ribbon.
By: lilmelilyou(320)
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How to find rotom 68%
In enterna city there should be a mansion when you go back into the forest and go into the mansion and in 1 of the tv's will be rotom
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Ruin maniac cave 68%
After you talkd to the ruin maniac just belowe veilstone go to solacean ruins (mind my spelling) catch all the uknown and go see him he made a cave with wild pokemon I dont know if its true though
By: hacker987654321(23)
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Another Pokemon with Weather Ball! 67%
So, you thought Castform was the only pokemon that knew Weather Ball. Well your wrong! Even though Castform is the only "Weather" Pokemon. ROSERADE can also learn Weather Ball! How do you teach it, you ask? Well it has to be a Roserade, and you have to have a Heart Scale, and go to Pastoria City, than go to the Move Tutors house than teach it Weather Ball

P.S. I think it works dor Diamond and Pearl, too.
By: Zozozo(201)
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Porygon,porygon2 and porygon-Z 67%
Talk to a man in a house north of the pokemon center hell ask you to take porygon he found near the Veilstone city galatic building leave a spot open in your party.To get Porygon2 give Porygon the up-grade and trade it get a friend who will trade it back.For Porygon-Z give Porygon2 the diboucious disc and trade it get a friend who will trade it back.
By: Reyfan619(191)
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Old Chateu Gost 67%
If you go int the old chateu and go straight ahed to the dining room and go in and out of that romm fast and a lot of times you will see a gost float to the left who will dissapear.

Do the same in the hall above the dining room on the second to last on the right. (girl gost.)
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Shiny Pokemon 67%
If you breed one of your Pokemon and an International Pokemon(Pokemon from a different country), you have a much higher chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.
By: Pokeman2000(761)
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Get heatran!!!!!!!! 67%
Go to stark mountain after the guy takes the stone and yuoll see heatran you need to wait like an hour after buck gets the stone dont go right after.
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Gible after 2nd gym 67%
This only works after you have beat the 2nd gym (Eterna)

ok since you have cut an the bicycle road open lets make use of it
1.go down the bicycle road make sure to have lots of medicines and strong pokemon
2.when you have come out of the small building go to your right there should be some small trees there use cut north until you reach the entrance to the cave
4.go under bridge about 2-4 steps then go north if you dont get into the cave then repeat this process step up step up step up until you get in around for 5-30mins and you'll encounter a gible now all you have to is catch
By: Iavgotregigias6(305)
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Get all three starters from your gameboy game! 67%
First you have to beat the elite four. then you have to go to pal park which is on route 221. you will see professer oak and he will tell you about the construction of pal park. then save
your game. turn it off and go to the starting menu it says migrate from whatever game you have. then you can chose six pokemon to migrate (includeing your starter). however, there are two catch's. you can only migrate six pokemon only every twenty four hours, and you can't migrate pokemon that know HMs. then the next day you start a new game on your gba game and chose a different starter then migrate it. then do the same thing the next day. you can get as many starters as you want. hope you enjoyed my info!

by: boba fett 51
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A Hint About Giratina's Origin Forme 67%
In the Distortion World, if you do happen to catch Giratina there (just as I did) you should notice that he is not in his Origin Forme any longer. The only way to get him into his Origin Forme is to get a special equip item for him to hold. What is it called you ask? The Griseous Orb, which can be found in Turnback Cave after you beat the Elite Four. Go to the part where you can find Giratina in the Diamond and Pearl games, and it will be inside of the Distortion World. Don't worry, there is a portal there that you can take to get to the Poke'Ball encasing the Orb. Attach this special Orb to Giratina and it will magically transform into Origin Forme. Cool, huh?

Hope I helped!

By: PikaYasha(222)
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Warning! The shocking poke modifier truth 67%
This deletes your game! I did it once to get an Arceus all my hard work (I got through the whole game and caught every sinnoh pokemon releasing some) down the drain! Do NOT try it!
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How To Catch Uxie (Rewritten) 67%
In order to catch Uxie, you have to free them from the Galactic Veilstone Building after beating Cyrus and Saturn. Then go to Spear Pillar and battle Mars & Jupiter with your friend. When you do, Cyrus will use the power of Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit. Giratina will come out and grab Cyrus. Cynthia comes (but the Spear Pillar is destroyed) and asks you if you want to go in the Distortion World with her. If you say yes, you will go to Distortion world. Get past The Distortion world when you get to the Boulder Puzzle. Move The boulders to the Pokemon in the correct hole. After you got past the boulderpart (which is the last part), Beat Cyrus, caught, fled or defeated Giratina (Origin Forme). Then go to Lake Acuity near Snowpoint City. Go to the cave in the middle of the lake and there is Uxie.


P.S.- He is a Lv. 50 so be careful and it is hard to catch
By: Blueninjafan(368)
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How to catch crawdnaut 67%
Go get a super you get a flying pokemon and use fly. fly to celestic town outside of the poke centre will be a little lake bring up the key items and you will see a super rod at the bottom of your list. register it and you will catch a crawdaunt in the little lake

[only works in pokemon platinum]
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Blizzard,thunder and fire blast tms(free) 67%
Okay this is how you do it.get all 8 gym badges then fly to lake to the grassy patch and look around until you find an item ball.this should be thunder.then fly to lake valor,repeat the steps for lake verity,and the this time the item is fire blast.then at lake acuity repeat the steps again and the tm is blizzard
By: ahjc(9)
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1200+ Exp Easily 67%
1. Go to Solaceon Town.
2. Cycle up to the double trainers, the farmer and his daughter.
3. Place an Exp Share onto any pokemon and put them into slot 1 or 2.
4. Get a water type as you other pokemon to battle with.
5. Place an amulet coin on the water type just for extra money.
6. Use your vs. seeker and battle the trainers.
7. After defeating them your pokemon with the Exp Share should obtain 1200+ exp.
8. Go on your bike and Cycle to route 215 do a hundred steps and return.
9. Use your vs. seeker and battle again.
10. Repeat as many times as you want, they always want a battle.
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Millons of chances!!!!!! 66%
If you dont catch girntina at the spear pillar warp universe DONT WORY............................after you beat cirus at the warp universe at the spear pillar go to the secret spring in the hidden path on the way towards the reasort walk through the grass then go to the secret cave at the secret spring.once you get in keep going through the same door way.then you will reach a point where you see girntina walk up to him and talk to him.if you dont catch him just keep re-doing this cheat your number one pokemon cheat man REDSNAKERR
By: redsnakerr(373)
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Stop a Pokemon from evolving 66%
Sometimes a pokemon will evolve when you don't want it to for example, if you have an Eevee and it tries to evolve into an Espeon, but you want to use a fire stone on it and make it evolve into a Flareon.
All you need to do is when it tries to evolve you wait for it to begin flashing between the current evolvment and the next one and press B. The pokemon should return to normal and the screen will say "Huh? The pokemon stopped evolving!"
Hope it helps!
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How To Get The Razor Fang! 66%
First off go to Route 214 and travel to the second patch of long,dark green grass.Walk or run to the patch with short grass and pick up an invisable item.The item will be the Razor Fang.The Razor Fang can evolve a Gligar into a Gliscor by making it hold Razor Fang and leveling it up between 8:00pm - 4:00am.
By: spyroman(404)
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Special Event Pikachu 65%
For this you'll need the following action replay cheats

Pokemon can learn any TM or HM
9206A1B6 0000D001
1206A1B6 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Light Ball in Pokeballs slot 1 (Press L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
00000F4C 000100EC
D2000000 00000000

You'll also need a Pikachu and a Ditto.

Start off by using the two Action Replay cheats above. Then give your Pikachu the Light Ball. Put the Pikachu and the Ditto in a daycare center. Wait a bit, a while later you'll find that your Pikachu had an egg. Get the egg from the Daycare man and hatch it. You should end up with a Pichu that knows Volt Tackle (there's only a 23% chance that it won't.) Once you get the Pichu with Volt Tackle you'll need to teach it surf. That's where the TM/HM hack comes in. Teach surf to your Pichu, you should replace the move charm with it. Evolve your Pichu into a Pikachu and there you have it, a near copy of the Special Event Pikachu received from Pokemon Battle Revolution.
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How to get celebi!!!! 65%
1. go to the solaceon ruins and fight 100 unowns and get unowns c e l e b I in that orde in your party and go to the bottom of the solaceon ruins and to new words would appear on the sript on the wall then you walk back to the wall and it goes "huh?" and then all your unowns go inifront of you and celebi comes out and it flees or joins your team
hope this helped :)
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Dialga and Palkia instructions 64%
First you gotta get the lustrious orb and adamant orb then you gotta either do the stark mountain quest or go to Cynthia in the ruins of celiestic town. Then go back up with the adament and lustrious orb then a blue aura will appear thats Dialga go into mt cornet and back in then a pink aura will apear thats Palkia.
By: Simm(113)
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Getting a White flute 64%
Remember the girl who got locked out of her hotel by the entrance to Sunyshore City? Well, go to the ACTUAL hotel. Don't go in. Use pok'etech app Dowsing Machine. That's the one with the big plus. Keep hitting it. It will appear on the screen. Go to click on it. After you retrieve it, go to the girl who got locked out. Talk to her. Your person will give it to her. When she goes inside, follow her. Talk to her inside to get the White flute.
By: jockpokemon(131)
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Zapdos Moltres and Articuno 64%
Once you been to pal park (after national pokedex) go visit Professer Oak in Eterna city at that point Zapdos Moltres and Articuno start roaming throughout the sinnoh region try to find them and add them to your pokedex There level 60
By: Reyfan619(191)
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How to get a Lv. 25 Porygon 64%
Ok, go to Veilstone City. Then get on the platform were the Veilstone Department Building is. Go into the house on the far right. Talk to the man inside and he will give you a porygon. Make sure you have an open space in your party for porygon.

P.s. I put on definite catch cheat below, IT DOESN'T WORK!
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Rotom 64%
To get rotom go to the old chateu at night and look at the tv Then rotom appears!
By: lucario zero(487)
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How To Get Giritina (Origin Forme) 64%
When You Beat Boss Cyrus and Commander Saturn at The Veilstone City Building. Go To Spear Pillar by using the HMs in your bag. You Need Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength, Surf. When you reach Spear Pillar, beat 2 galactic grunts. Then defeat Commander Mars and Jupiter with your friend. When you reach Cyrus. He will use the power of Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit. A portal will open and Giratina comes out and grabs Cyrus by coming right into the screen (that was amazing). Anyway. Cynthia comes and ask you to help her in the Distortion World. If you say yes, you leap into distortion world. Get pass the distortion world but you have to face cyrus again but he has 5 pokemon (he was easy). Then you are at the end. Then Giratina (Origin Forme) appears. You battle it and try to catch it (Good Luck Platinum Players)

P.S.- It is a Level 47 so it's easy, oh yeah, when you get back to your world. Go to turnback cave after you beat the pokemon league and go to another part of the distortion world and find the Griesous orb and Giratina will be Origin forme in your world if you let it it hold the orb. I caught it with a Great Ball.
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Ancient Powers 64%
Teach both Tangela and Yanma and Swinub Ancient power to evolve
By: Charizardman(219)
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Help with status problems 64%
Say for instance your pokemon is confused. Right before the little ducks pop up over the pokemon's head, press A,A. This works for foe's pokemon too, but differently. If you press A,A before the animation comes up, the foe will probably get hurt or not move.
( this won't always work)

Types of status this works with:

Infuatated (in love)
By: jockpokemon(131)
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Catch dialga/palkia early 64%
After catching giratina, get the 2 orbs and visit cynthias grandmother. go to spear pillar and the portals should be there.
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Inherit Moves! 64%
If you get a pokemon, thats not a legendary, and teach it a HM , say teach swampert surf, put it in daycare at solaceon town with a level 33 ditto and then run up and down until the man outside has an egg for you, take it and carry it with you till it hatches, in this case it will be a LV1 Mudkip, the LV 1 will know the HM you taught the original, so you have a LV1 mudkip that knows a power 90 move!*** Pokeblender
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Amazing a RED GYARADOS (i think or a rare pokemon) 63%
Ok when you beat the elite 4 and the champion go to th resort area talk to the guy in the pool then go fishing with your super rod be extreamly paitant and finally you might get a red gyarados

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3 starters 63%
When you are able to migrate and you want 3 starter from a other game boy game you get the nessasary pokemon save then migrate then start new game on game boy and do it again.
By: charizard100(7)
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How To Catch Rotom (Easily) 63%
It's says that you would have to wait to 8:00pm to catch him. Here is a no-fail cheat. First, once you turn on your DS, you will see the beginning menu that says Pokemon Platinum, Pictochat, GBA Game and DS Download Play. Once you get to that menu. Go to the little ds icon on the bottom of your screen. Go to the blue picture of a clock or calendar. Go to the clock and change the time to 20:00. When you do press B till it says "The system will shut down" press a and then turn it back on. Press the icon that says Pokemon Platinum and then go to your file, go to eterna city, go to the Old Chateau, go upstairs, go to room with TV, talk to it, buldge into the TV, say yes, battle rotom, use dusk ball and Tada! Rotom

By: Blueninjafan
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Free coins 63%
At the game corner youll see a lot of people. Talk to eveyone and youll get up to 90 coins!
By: lucario zero(487)
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Draco meteor 63%
To get "draco meteor" you must go 2 solaceon town get a pokemon with rock climb and defog and get a max repel

directions: go upon a bicycle over that sandy hill keep going up passed the house (this is when you use your repel) get off your bike run up and when you see an opening between some trees on the left go through there use defog go northwest up the stairs thingys and go right use rock climb, again go right use rock climb and you'll have to face a trainer once you beat them go up to the house enter and talk to the granny

P.S. you need your pokemon to be trustworthy of you
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How to catch Uxie 63%
Uxie is Lv. 50 when you meet him but anyway, When you go to Veilstone City, go to the Team Galactic Building. Go Inside (you would need the galactic key). Fight your way through all the Grunts and you are up to the boss. Face him (after you beat him, he will give you a master ball). Go to a yellow teleport panel and you are at a technology room. Keep walking to the right, then go through a door. Then you see Commander Saturn. You have to battle him. Then he lets you press a button and Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie are free from their prisons. Then go to Lake Acuity and there is Uxie.


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More action replay cheats! 63%
More action replay cheats hope it helps

94000130 FCFD0200 walk/run/bycicle through walls
12060C20 00000200
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCFD0100
12060C20 00001C20
D2000000 00000000

62101D40 00000000 Hover
B2101D40 00000000
10023986 00000F0F
D2000000 00000000

9224BBA2 00002101 run from battle
1224BBA2 0000210
D2000000 00000000
By: CheatWorld(36)
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How to get dialga palkia and giratina 63%
There are two ways to do it trade for all three or get the adament and lustrous orbs and go to spear pillar and talk to the blue or pink rips to get giratina catch it in the distortion world or in turnback cave and an extra to get giratina to stay in origin form you have to beat the elite four and then go to turnback cave find all three pillars without going through more than 29 rooms or youll end up at the beginning at the end there will be a portal to the distortion world go through and find the orb(it will be on the platform you find giratina at)
By: Deoxys101(17)
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Ultra\Masterball 63%
A trick to catching Pokemon: through a ultra ball at a Pokemon with low life when it stops bouncing, hold A until it wiggles when it stops wiggling for the first time, hold A again until wiggles repeat until caught. This trick really helps. It makes an ultra ball almost a masterball. I caught Dialga on my second ultra ball with this trick I've done it so many times, its a habit now
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Hoen starters 2 63%
Trade them from hg/ss after they beat red.
By: pokemaster10101(1313)
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How to get all of these pokemon 62%
Dialga- Obtain the Adamant Orb and go to the Spear Pillar
Palkia- Obtain the Lustrous Orb and go to the Spear Pillar
Giratina - At The Distortion World (also in Turnback Cave if you fled or defeated it)
Regirock - Get a Level 100 Regigigas from a event and go into a cave in Route 228
Regice - Get the lv 100 Regigigas from a event and go to the upper part of Mt. Coronet
Registeel- Get the lv 100 Regigigas from a event and go to the cave at the end of Iron Island
Darkrai- Use Action Replay to Newmoon Island or go to a event
Cresselia - Catch it after meeting it in Fullmoon Island (it roams the Sinnoh region)
Zapdos - After talking to Prof. Oak at Pal Park, catch it while it roams Sinnoh
Articuno - Roams the Sinnoh Region afer going to pal park
Moltres - Roams the Sinnoh after goink to pal park
(Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres only appears if:
1. You have the national pokedex
2. You talk to Prof. Oak at pal park and at his house in eterna city (his house is across to the left of the gym)
Uxie -Go to Lake Acuity (only if you've been to the Distortion world)
Azelf -Go to Lake Valor (only if you've been to the distortion world)
Mesprit -Catch after you've been to the distortion world, met it at lake verity and roams the sinnoh
Ditto- Talk to Mr. Backlot and check his garden (after obtaining the national pokedex)
Heatran - Get to stark mountain after obtaining the national pokedex and getting access to the Battleground in the Survival area
Rotom- Go to the haunted house in eterna forest between 8:00pm and 4:00am and go to the room with the tv
Shaymin -use action replay to go to fower paradise (off of Route 224)
Regigigas- go to the bottom of snowpoint temple afer getting the national pokedex (have regirock, regice and registeel in your party)
Manaphy-Obtain by doing a Special mision and getting a manaphy egg in Pokemon Ranger Phione- Get manaphy into your platinum from pokemon ranger and get a ditto (also put them in the day care and find a phione egg then hatch it
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Get Gallade 62%
Use a Dawn stone on a male Kirlia. -NickMaster
By: NickMaster(621)
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Priemier Balls 62%
Go to anystore that sells pokeballs and buy ten of them. You get the priemier ball as a bonus
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Move rest solution 62%
Tired of your pokemon still sleeping after the move rest? Well, I have the solution right here! get a chesto berry and give it to your pokemon that knows rest. So when it uses rent in wi-fi, it will wake up!
By: platinumman25(264)
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Duskonior 62%
Okay youll need two dss for this. Give Dusklops a reaper cloth and trade it. Then it evolves into Duskonior.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Stars color underground depends 62%
The stars that indic8 that there is treasure are darker in color when there r more rocks and r lighter in color when there are less rocks. so you should be careful.
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How to get giratina,dialga 62%
First you need adamant orb for dialga and for giratina you need to have platinum version but you need to defeat the pokemon league if you whant dialga and for giratina you need to deafeat the 7 gym leaders then go to the very top of mount cornet then beat the two team galactic commanders then you go in the the portal to the ditorion wohld then beat cyrus then at they end you can capture/deafeat giratina and then if you whant to capture dialga there will be a blue light which is dialga if it is a pink light it is palkia if you just whant dialga get dimend version te other peal version for palkia I hop you find it use full
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A reaper clothe, rare bone or stardust 62%
In turnback cave, there is 18 different rooms in total. To get a reaper clothe you have to make it to giritina's room in three rooms and for a rare bone it takes 4 to 16 and for stardust, 16 or more rooms.
By: Cheat Engine(59)
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Event items action replay 62%
These are cheats for all event items hope it helps :) this is only for US sory for other people i'll find more
Secret Key (L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 0000000C
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Azure Flute (L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 0000000A
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Oak's Letter (L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 00000009
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Member Pass (L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 00000008
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Manaphy egg (L+R)
94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 00000007
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Press L+R and then walk in any poke mart.

there should be a guy in the fancy green suit. talk to him and he will give you the following codes that you wanted from above.

to do the rotom forme event ( secret key) just make sure you have rotom in your party and go to the eternal galatic building. the secret door is beside the yellow and black blinking thing which is right beside the TV on the first floor.

to do the arcues event ( azure flute ) go to the spear pillar were you went in the distortion world and then play the flute

to do the shaymin event ( oaks letter ) just go to route 224 and go to that weird stone professer oak should be there.

to do the darkrai event ( member pass ) go to canalve city and go to harber inn ( the house that has the stuck door)

to do the manaphy event ( manaphy egg)
just simply talk to the green guy and he will give it to you. make sure you have room in your party.
By: CheatWorld(36)
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Giratina {Origin Forme} 61%
Once you get to the reverse world [Cyrus's plot on Mt. Coronet] and get through it without a problem, you'll face Giratina Origin Forme [Sorry for spelling] . *Beating him will cause him to be gone forever but if you catch him, he'll be in his regular forme. But why, you ask? It's like this because after you beat the Elite Four, you can go back and catch him in his Origin Forme.

*I'm not sure if beating him on the first go-around will affect you catching him in his Origin Forme later, but if I were you, I wouldn't take the risk.
By: CheatMasta(437)
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Seals 61%
To get seals catch different unknowns then talk to the boy in Soleceon town by the cave he gives you seals depending on wich unknown you show him.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Quick eggs 60%
To hatch eggs in only half the time all you need is camrupt in your party then an egg next to it. Next walk for about 2,000 steps I suggest use of a bike. Finally in 2,000 steps later it hatches.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Deoxys' forms 60%
To change Deoxys' form, go to Veilstone City and press A on the rocks to the left of the PokemonCenter.
By: Pokeman2000(761)
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How To Get Giritina (Altered Form) 60%
In order to get Giritina. You Have to open spring path. Go Through it and you will be in the next area. Then, Go through some grass and then use rock climb. Now you are at Sendoff Spring. Go to the left or the right around the water and use rock climb again. Then go into Turnback Cave. Then go a couple of doors up then go to 1 or 2 side doors. Then go a couple of doors down. Then Tada! Giratina (I used a timer ball and it's hard to catch).


P.S.- Giratina is a Lv. 70 Pokemon, so be careful
By: Blueninjafan(368)
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Getting a Black Flute. 60%
First of all I should tell you what it do. A Black flute acts as a repel. It doesn't always keep 'em away all the time. Okay, now to get the Black flute, you need to beat 7 gyms. Then go to Hearthome City. Go left. You will arrive at Rt. 208. Go to Mt.Coronet. Keep going.Follow the path until you get to a river surf across. Keep Going. At the end of the cave, Looker will appear. He will give you the Black flute.
By: jockpokemon(131)
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Trouble with teaching hms? 60%
If you want to have the best pokemon and still use all the hms then get a bibaral aka:the hm slave I have 1 for my hms and a tropius for some others
By: giritinaowner28(125)
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An easy way to get through the water gym 60%
Go to the great marsh, and catch whoopers and quagsires and fill your party up with them. then battle the gym. your pokemon will use the special ability water absorb on all the water moves they use and rehealth!
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Heatran 60%
Go to stark mountain you may have to battle a lot of trainers when you get to the end Buck takes the treasure. Visit him later and he gives it back. Go to stark mountain again and Heatran will be waiting.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Action Replay Code-Easy Captures 60%
Easy Captures
94800004 00000000
9224a948 00004280
1224a948 00002801
d2000000 00000000
By: lilmelilyou(320)
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Giritina 60%
Is located in reverse world first visit
By: Simm(113)
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Where to find heatren [works at certain times in night] 60%
Just beat the pokemon legue and go to the volcano and find heatren
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Train all pokemon (SPECIAL) 60%
Get all your poke friends (at least 5 ) right.Now ask them to trade their exp share all of them.Put all of the exp share on all 6 pokemon.Then fight at least 10 pokemon.(Works really good with levels 1~30 or 40
By: Gamecheater123(7)
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Easy pokemon breeding 60%
Ok how you breed a pokemon with out the other sex is you need you pokemon you would like to breed(not a legent or genderless pokemon) and a ditto (i have a ditto from soul silver that I sent to platnum version) then you sit them in the day care for one day to a week and then comeback and they will say your pokemon was holding an egg and they will ask if you want it and say yes then you will need to walk around about 2500 to 3000 steps and then your eg will hatch into your pokemon (not ditto)
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Free repeat balls!/pokemon platnum 59%
If you talk to a guy in soleceon town [[his house is beside the pokemon senter]] he will tell you to catch pokemon for him and in return he will give you 3 repeat balls and something else in return. icant remember what it is, but I do know he will tell you to catch a diferent pokemon every day after 12:00. although, if you talk to him [[witch you must]] he will say "bring it here by the end of the day, or the deals off!"
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Getting jarachi!!!!! 59%
You must have national dex and have beaten the pokemon league at least 10 times! go to iron island and go in the cave and it should appear.
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How to get arceus 59%
Get the azure flute go to where you catch Spear Pillar and play it on the first step and go up stairs that appear
By: diddykongracer9(25)
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2 copies of your starter Pokemon 59%
If your starter Pokemon is in its final form and you own a Ditto, put them in day care. When they make an egg, take it and it will hatch into the first form of your starter.
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High pokemon Level 59%
ALl you have to do is put your pokemon that you wan t to raise in day care center and then keep your d.S on and charged for 8 hours and more and that's it hihg pokemon level

P.S please vote good on this
By: Alex6230(487)
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How To Catch The Flammin' Legendary Pokemon Heatran! 59%
First off talk to Buck [the red-yellow haired kid] and go to Stark Mountain.Beat Team Galactic and travel to the back of the Mountain.Then Buck will join you.Proceed to what I call Heatran's Crib[the place with the Magma Stone that keeps Heatran asleep] and Team Galactic will be there.Looker [the undercover agent] will be there to.After Looker swipes the Magma Stone from Charon [a Team Galactic Commander] you will go outside.Buck will then return the Magma Stone and travel back to the Survival Area.You can now go into Stark Mountain and travel to Heatran's Crib and battle Heatran.Heatran is a Fire-Steel type so Fighting Type moves do loads of damage but his Strength Level is 50 so Grass type moves would do best like Razor Leaf,Magical Leaf or Giga Drain.He also has the Flash Fire Abilty which causes Fire Type Moves to do no damage.
By: spyroman(404)
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Easy money 59%
When you battle the pokemon leage take an amulet coin. This will get you double the money.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Rotom 59%
Rotom is a legendary pokemon it is elec. and ghost it lives in Etana forest I will give you a hint it lives in a hauted house and only apears at night and you will need cut to go inside the hauted house i'ts level will come to Lv.16 to Lv.20 if you see a tv click on it and you will fight it .
good luck From Jordan
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How to Get Evee Withought Action Replay! 59%
When You Go To Hearthome City Go To The Pokemon Center And There Will Be A House Near The Pokemon Center Enter It And Talk To The Girl Say Yes To Her Question And She Will Give You An Evee

PS. This Will Not Work If You Have 6 Pokemon In Youre Party If You Have 6 Pokemon She Will Not Give You An Evee
By: phantom101(1153)
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Never get missingno or bad egg they glitch up your game 59%
Never get missingno or bad egg they glitch up your game
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GTS Pokemon 58%
Usually when somebody puts up a Pokemon on offer, they want something hard to get. For example, they'll put an Infernape for a Mew level 100. If you want that Pokemon, just put a reasonable Pokemon on offer, it's an easier way to get it.
By: Pokeman2000(761)
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LAWL WHAT A POKEBALL!!!!!! (glitch?) 58%
I was tryin to get uxie, it was paralized and it was at like........... er..... 12 hp? and I had nothin but 2 pokeballs so I threw 1 it jiggled twice. the second time I threw on, I said gotcha to the mic when the ball bounced the first time, then every time it jiggled I said gotcha, then I caught it! you used like 29 dusk balls and 32 ultra balls. ima do tht fr azelf next. KIDS, TRY THIS AT HOME! JUST DONT DO IT TO YOUR BROTHER IN HIS SLEEP LAWL
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Never lose in scratch off 58%
Okay in the battle fronteire they have those scratch tickets go ther save the game and if you dont win turn it off and do it over again.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Get Rhyperior 58%
Trade a Rhydon with a protecter. -NickMaster
By: NickMaster(621)
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Get Togekiss 58%
Use a shiny stone on a Togetic. -NickMaster
By: NickMaster(621)
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Get Magnetzone 58%
Level up a Magneton at Mt.Cornet. -NickMaster
By: NickMaster(621)
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Get Lickilicky 58%
Teach Lickitung rollout at lv.33. -NickMaster
By: NickMaster(621)
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Defeating gardenia 58%
If you got a chimchar from pro. rowan then skip this sentence i`m about to tell you.Catch a ponyta north of oreburgh city or east of eterna city. Then train your  chimchar 'monferno or  ponyta to about lv.28 or until they now flame wheel buy lots of potions and super potions then battle gardenia!
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Defog 58%
Previously, in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Defog was found in the Great Marsh, now it is found in the Solacean ruins.
By: Pokeman2000(761)
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Action Replay Code-Fast Money 58%
Max Cash (Press L+R)
94000130 fcff0000
62101d40 00000000
b2101d40 00000000
00000090 000f423f
d2000000 00000000
By: lilmelilyou(320)
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Coin case 58%
In Heathome city by the game corner will be a house above it. Talk to the clown and He asks what hand you want. Guess the right hand and he gives you a coin case.
By: lucario zero(487)
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