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Guitar Hero: Metallica Cheats for XBOX 360
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Guitar Hero: Metallica XBOX 360 Cheats

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Guitar Hero: Metallica

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Cheat List 100%
Description: Enter the following codes at the Cheats Menu with your guitar controller for the desired effect.

Air InstrumentsRed, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Green, Green, Yellow
Always Drum FillRed, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Green, Green, Yellow
Always SlideGreen, Green, Red, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue
Auto KickYellow, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red
Black HighwayYellow, Red, Green, Red, Green, Red, Red, Blue
Flame ColorGreen, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Blue
Gem ColorBlue, Red, Red, Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow
Hyperspeed (all instruments)Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Green, Green
Invisible RockerGreen, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Green
Performance ModeYellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Green
Star ColorRed, Red, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Blue
Vocal FireballRed, Green, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green
Additional Line 6 effects (Music Studio)Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
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Characters 100%
Description: Perform the actions[listed below in table] to unlock the following characters:

Kirk HammettGet 100 stars in Guitar Career
James HetfieldGet 100 stars in Vocalist Career
Lars UlrichGet 100 stars in Drum Career
Robert TrujilloGet 100 stars in Bass Career
King DiamondBeat King Diamond's "Evil"
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Easy "Metallica" Achievement 100%
Description: Beat the game on Expert& get the 75 point "Metallica" Achievement

How to: You do not need to start a new game. Play through the career on any instrument and play all the songs you need to get enough stars to unlock the last song.
Back out to the difficulty selection screen, select Expert, and play the last song to "complete" the Career on Expert.
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Additional Costumes/Outfits 100%
Description: Classic (80s) costumes/outfits & Zombie costumes/outfits can be unlocked by winning stars for specific instruments.

Classic James150 Stars Vocals
Classic Lars150 Stars Drums
Classic Kirk150 Stars Guitar
Classic Robert150 Stars Bass
Zombie James200 Stars Vocals
Zombie Lars200 Stars Drums
Zombie Kirk200 Stars Guitar
Zombie Robert200 Stars Bass
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Lemmy 98%
Description: Unlock Lemmy of Motorhea

How to unlock: beat Ace of Spades in career mode.
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Metallica Costumes/Outfits 98%
In the cheat menu, enter this code to unlock the Metallica Costumes: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green
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Additional Songs 88%
How to unlock: Beat "The Thing That Should Not Be" in Career Mode to unlock 3 songs: "Broken, Beat & Scarred", "Cyanide", and "My Apocalypse."
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Ulocks the character phaboe 75%
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Everyone Zomie or Classic 75%
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XBOX 360 67%
Lemmy 100%
Como Desbloquear : bater Ace of Spades no Carreira.
Música adicionais
Como: Basta A Coisa Que Não Deveria Ser No Modo Carreira Desbloquear Três
Músicas: My Apocalypse, Broken, Beat & Scarred, Cyanide, e

Metallica Trajes
Verde, Vermelho, Amarelo, Azul, Azul, Amarelo, Vermelho, Verde

Verde, Vermelho, amarelo, Azul, Vermelho, amarelo, Azul, VERDE

Verde, Vermelho, Verde, Vermelho, Vermelho, Vermelho, Verde, Amarelo, Vermelho, Verde, Vermelho, amarelo.
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How to unlock Broken,Cyanide,and more. 50%
Beat the game on any difficulty and you will unlock some songs.
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How to unlock Broken,Beat and Scarred,Cyanide,and My Apocalypse 33%
Beat the game on any difficulty on "The thing that should not be" song.
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50 Achievements
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The More I See The More I See
Complete the Tutorials
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Metallica Metallica
Complete any instrument career on Expert (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums or Band)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - James Hetfield James Hetfield
Complete the career as the vocalist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Lars Ulrich Lars Ulrich
Complete the career as the drummer
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Kirk Hammett Kirk Hammett
Complete the career as the guitarist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Robert Trujillo Robert Trujillo
Complete the career as the bassist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Holier Than Thou Holier Than Thou
Complete all instrument careers
Guitar Hero: Metallica - One One
Complete a song with any instrument on Hard or Expert in local Quickplay or Career
Guitar Hero: Metallica - ...And Justice for All ...And Justice for All
Earn 100 stars in Band Career or any single instrument Career
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Ecstacy of Gold The Ecstacy of Gold
Earn $15,000
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning
You triggered star power simultaneously (4 player band)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - 2 X 4 2 X 4
Earn a band Hot Streak (4 player band)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Metal Militia Metal Militia
100% a song (4 player band)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Struggle Within The Struggle Within
Complete a song in a band in Quickplay or Career (4 players)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Four Horsemen The Four Horsemen
Complete a song with all band members on expert in Quickplay or Career (4 player band)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Nothing Else Matters
Complete the career in a band (2-4 player band)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Better Than You Better Than You
Win an online Pro Face-Off match
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
Win an online Band v Band match (8 players)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Seek & Destroy Seek & Destroy
Play 20 online matches
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Unforgiven The Unforgiven
Win an online Face-Off match
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Reload Reload
Download a song from GHTunes
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Hero of the Day Hero of the Day
Complete a song on Expert + in Quickplay or Career (drums only)
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Wherever I May Roam Wherever I May Roam
Complete a song in every venue
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Memory Remains The Memory Remains
View a Metallifacts video
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Black Black
Win an online battle match with the Fade to Black power up
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Damage Inc. Damage Inc.
You performed as the drummer
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Motorbreath Motorbreath
You performed as the vocalist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Invisible Kid Invisible Kid
You performed as the bassist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Some Kind of Monster Some Kind of Monster
You performed as the guitarist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Master of Puppets Master of Puppets
You scored the highest individual score on a song in a band
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Unforgiven II The Unforgiven II
You won an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Cure Cure
You recovered from a poor performance in Quickplay or Career
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Disposable Heroes Disposable Heroes
You created a new custom rocker
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Blackened Blackened
You created a custom tattoo
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder
You created a new custom band logo
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Fixxxer Fixxxer
You created a new custom instrument
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The House Jack Built The House Jack Built
You completed a song in every In-the-Round venue
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Trapped Under Ice Trapped Under Ice
You completed a song at the Ice Cave venue
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Stone Dead Forever Stone Dead Forever
You completed a song at The Stone venue
Guitar Hero: Metallica - King Diamond King Diamond
You rocked out as King Diamond
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Lemmy Lemmy
You rocked out as Lemmy
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Creeping Death Creeping Death
You scored 575,000 on the song Creeping Death as the guitarist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Dyer's Eve Dyer's Eve
You scored 450,000 on the song Dyer's Eve as the drummer
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire Fight Fire with Fire
You scored 340,000 on the song Fight Fire with Fire as the bassist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy Stone Cold Crazy
You scored 65,000 on Stone Cold Crazy as the vocalist
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Enter Sandman Enter Sandman
You scored 330,000 on the song Enter Sandman on guitar
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Battery Battery
You scored 1,000,000 on the song Battery as a band
Guitar Hero: Metallica - The Unforgiven III The Unforgiven III
You won an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Green Hell Green Hell
Drummed every green note and finished the song Blood and Thunder with the rock meter in green
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Astronomy Astronomy
You hit every star power phrase in the song Orion
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