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Spyro the Dragon Cheats for PSX
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Spyro the Dragon PSX Cheats

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Spyro the Dragon

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Beast Makers Tree Tops ..Hidden Jewels 100%
At the beginning of the level, you will see a blue thief. Follow him through the window to the left. Then keep following him through the supercharges and he will take you to the jewels. For some other jewels, instead of chasing the blue thief, jump off the cliff to the right and land on the platform where there is a red thief. Chase him, he will also lead you through some supercharges but keep chasing him and he will go to some jewels.
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Crash Bandicoot 3 100%
Warped ... Demo:
Put your Spyro disc into your playstation as normal and wait while it loads. When a screen appears that says 'Press Start', press L1 and the Triangle button simultaneously. The Crash Bandicoot 3 demo will now appear.
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Level skip 98%
Left, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Triangle , Square, Square, L1,L1,R1, R1, Square.Level
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Ultra Fast 98%
Hold down the run button and then press jump. Keep the run button held down and Spyro will run faster.
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Cheat Death 98%
This trick works for any level except the home levels. If you fall off a cliff ledge etc, you can just hit pause and exit the level. You end up at the portal to that particular level in the home level ,and have saved your life.
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Select 96%
During a game, press SELECT to get the Inventory on the screen. Then press Square, Square, Circle, Square, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down. You can now go to the balloonist and go to any level in the game.
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Double Super Charge ... Wizards Peak 96%
Go to the 1st hill that has got supercharge arrows on it and line spyro up with the arrows. Run down the 1st supercharge but when you get to the bottom, turn left and continue running and you will come to a 2nd supercharge hill. Run down that as well and spyro' s feet will turn orange, and then press the jump button. Spyro can get to almost any point of the level by gliding through the air after a double supercharge.
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99 Lives 91%
During a game, press Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Up, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle.
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Hint 89%
Go to stone hill and when you get to the end of that jump over the wall and you will find a key.
100% Complete : Sent in by Jack Sprat
For 100% complete press Triangle , Triangle , Square, Circle, Circle, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle at the inventory.
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Be able to fly 82%
In Artisian world, Jumping on all 5 stepping stones by the 2 waterfalls will release the world "Sunny Flight". While in the air hold down buttons L1 + L2 + X. Then press Triangle , Circle, and Square. Then press pause, Go to inventory and repeat the same code. Spyro will now be able to fly!
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To unlock all levels put in 75%
While playing the game, pause and go to the inventory section. Press square, square, circle, square, left, right, left, right, circle, up, right, down. When you go to the ballonist, you will have access to all levels
By: juggalorob(5)
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Hints 40%
Hidden Level "Sunny Flight"
Go to the HOME and go to the first water fall jump on all the rocks in no order (No stone twice bottom left top left top right bottom right bottom middle) and a secret level appears where the waterfall was.

Find New Level
When tou are in peacekeepers after you shoot that rock with the target on it after you shoot it then jump on it look to your right and you will see it its called NIGHT FLIGHT.

Avoiding Death After Falling
When falling, Pause the game and exit the level to avoid death. Note this doesn't work in the home levels.

Gnasty Gnork is dead!
TO kill Gnasty Gnorc, go to the first area and kill the green man. He will give you a key. Go to the big door and unlock it with the key. Kill the green man in there and get his key. Go to the small door that blocks the stairs where Gnasty is. Unlock it. The big bruty Gnorc will start running away. Try to keep trail of him. When he stops (Well you know, Spyro could set the Gnorc alight! And we know how. TORCH HIM!). Keep doing that until you both get to the lava pit. Gnasty will keep running over these platforms over it. Try gliding from one to another yourself. But if you are too slow (Or to fast!) the platforms will go into the walls and you will fall in. And you will have to start all over getting the green men again. When you have got over the lava burn Gnasty with your flame breath and kill him. You will then exit the level automatically.
By: craigcm(185)
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