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Super Stardust HD Cheats for PS3
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Super Stardust HD PS3 Cheats

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Super Stardust HD Cheats

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17 Trophies
Super Stardust HD - Brothers In Arms Brothers In Arms
Split screen Co-Op - Segomo – Get 3 minutes of continuous Co-Op weapon boost
Super Stardust HD - Multiplier Hero Multiplier Hero
Arcade - Get 10x multiplier
Super Stardust HD - Late Boomer Late Boomer
Bomber - Get 15 bombs
Super Stardust HD - Scenic Route Scenic Route
Arcade - Complete a planet without using boost
Super Stardust HD - Shield Blaster Shield Blaster
Arcade - Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield
Super Stardust HD - Shock And Awe Shock And Awe
Endless - Destroy 10 nukes
Super Stardust HD - Token Hoarder Token Hoarder
Arcade - Collect 15 tokens with a single boost
Super Stardust HD - Well Prepared Well Prepared
Arcade - Get 20 bombs
Super Stardust HD - Close Encounters Close Encounters
Survival - Survive 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs
Super Stardust HD - Extra Ships Optional Extra Ships Optional
Endless - Survive 7 minutes without dying
Super Stardust HD - Hero of Coventina Hero of Coventina
Arcade - Complete planet Coventina
Super Stardust HD - Hero of Lave Hero of Lave
Arcade - Complete planet Lave
Super Stardust HD - Hero of Nemain Hero of Nemain
Arcade - Complete planet Nemain
Super Stardust HD - Hero of Segomo Hero of Segomo
Arcade - Complete planet Segomo
Super Stardust HD - Hero of Taranis Hero of Taranis
Arcade - Complete planet Taranis
Super Stardust HD - Scrooge MacBoom Scrooge MacBoom
Arcade - Get 10 bombs
Super Stardust HD - The Tokenizer The Tokenizer
Arcade - Collect 5 tokens with a single boost

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Super Stardust HD

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