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Godfather II, The Cheats for PS3
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Godfather II, The PS3 Cheats

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Godfather II, The

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Weapon locations 100%
Level 1 - Tommy Gun: Already available.
Level 2 - MP38: Granados Compound, Florida. Search the second floor.
Level 3 - Modified AK-47: Battaglia Masonry, Cuba. When you enter a certain room, turn left to find a ladder leading underground. Follow the tunnel.
Level 1 - .357 Magnum: Already available.
Level 2 - .44 Magnum Force: When attacking Carmine Rosato's Compound in New York, go upstairs in the tiny foyer before approaching Carmine. The Magnum is clearly visible on a desk.
Level 3 - .501 Magnum Enforcer: Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop, Cuba. Look at the map to find the lighthouse, and go there.

Level 1 - Pistol: Already available.
Level 2 - Silenced Pistol: Ryan Roth mission, Florida. Found during the mission where he sends you to rescue one of his soldiers.
Level 3 - Delta M1911 silenced : Mangano's Compound, Florida. Search the second floor.

Level 1 - Sniper Rifle: Already available.
Level 2 - Spitzer Centerfire: Emilio's packing company, Florida. It is located on the rooftop an engineer is required to cut the fence.
Level 3 - Vintovka SR-98: Almeida Compound, Cuba. On the second floor on a desk.
Level 1 - Shotgun: Already available.
Level 2 - Sawed-off: Corleone's Compound, New York. As soon as you leave the compound through the main gate, go straight forward, and turn left. There is a hedge that can be burned with an arsonist. The shotgun is behind there.
Level 3 - Schofield Semi-auto: Global Storage Chop Shop, Florida. On the right side of the island, inside the small warehouse.
By: cookiemonster x(78)
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Easy money 100%
Commit a crime in front of your safehouse to get the attention of the police. Shoot as many as possible when they appear. If you are about to die, enter the safehouse. After regaining health, exit the safehouse. The police will no longer be there and you can collect the dropped money safely. Repeat this as many times as desired.
By: cookiemonster x(78)
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Attack combos 100%
Arm break : Press R1(3), L1.
Backhand: Press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1.
Haymaker: Press R1, L1, R1, L1, R1.
Kick to shin: Press R1(2), L1.
Knee to groin: Press L1(2), R1.
Neck punch: Press L1(3), R1.
By: cookiemonster x(78)
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Money cheat youll need,5,000 100%
Press start and then press x y x x y left analog stick click it
By: kendog24(947)
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Easy backup 80%
Remove all your crew members after arriving at a business you want to take over. They will remain there and fight automatically. Add the crew members you left behind for easy backup.
By: cookiemonster x(78)
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Full Ammunition 75%
Cheat code: Pause the game and enter Triangle, Left, Triangle, Right, Square, R3..
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Trophies 75%
Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Enforcer (Bronze): Complete 10 execution styles.
Contract Killer (Bronze): Eliminate 5 made men with the appropriate kill condition.
Three Crime Rings (Bronze): Control three crime rings.
Five Crime Rings (Bronze): Control five crime rings.
Lockpicker (Bronze): Crack five safes.
MobFace (Bronze): Create a mobster using MobFace.
Let Me Upgrade You (Bronze): Upgrade one of your made men's skills or weapons.
Torch The Joint (Bronze): Send your men to bomb a venue from the Don's View.
Pulling The Strings (Bronze): Send your men to attack a venue from the Don's View.
Gun Smuggler (Bronze): Find a level 2 firearm upgrade.
Modified Firepower (Bronze): Find a level 3 firearm upgrade.
Bank Job (Bronze): Heist your first bank.
100 Whacked (Bronze): Kill 100 mobsters.
250 Iced (Bronze): Kill 250 mobsters.
25 Massacred (Bronze): Kill 25 mobsters.
BlackHand Brutality (Bronze): Kill 25 mobsters only using BlackHand attacks.
500 Empty Suits (Bronze): Kill 500 Mobsters.
Full Of Lead (Bronze): Kill 150 mobsters only using firearms.
Fortified Venue (Bronze): Max out all guards at a venue.
Right Hand Man (Bronze): Promote one of your made men to Capo.
Second In Command (Bronze): Promote one of your men to Underboss.
Getting Made (Bronze): Recruit your first soldier.
Shakedown (Silver): Control all extortable businesses.
It's Not Personal (Silver): Eliminate a rival family by successfully bombing their compound.
Bag Man (Silver): Heist each bank once.
750 Sleeping With The Fishes (Silver): Kill 750 mobsters.
This Thing Of Ours (Silver): Recruit a full family tree.
First Crime Ring (Silver): Control one crime ring.
Accept This As A Gift (Silver): Earn one of each favor.
Welcome To The Gun Show (Silver): Collect all level 2 and level 3 firearm upgrades.
Executions In Style (Gold): Complete all execution styles.
Organized Crime (Gold): Control all crime rings.
Safecracker (Gold): Crack all safes.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Act like a mobster, think like a Don.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

Vendetta (Bronze): Eliminate three rival families.
Ambush (Bronze): Eliminate four rival families.
Double Crossed (Bronze): Eliminate two rival families.
Paying Tribute (Bronze): Unlock all safehouses.
The Counselor (Bronze): Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere.
CIA? DOA (Bronze): Kill Henry Mitchell.
Last Famlily Standing (Bronze): Eliminate all five rival families.
It's Only Business (Bronze): Eliminate Hyman Roth.
By: cookiemonster x(78)
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$5000 72%
While in Don view, enter: Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, L3.
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Full health 56%
While in Don view, press Left, Square, Right, Triangle, Right, L3
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Unlock Pre-order Character: Tommy Cipolla 18%
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Godfather II, The 446018Whats the easiest way to take over buisnisses Answers: 2
Godfather II, The 446625How do you manually save? Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 453317Up the hoods Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 467323I was just wanted to know when playing online, the men completly respawn and then when I go to shot at them or whatever the disappear to some other location... is that some trick you get when you get a higher dude? Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 517457I need 2 fire one of my made men i need an engineer but when i click on them it only says add to crew or upgrade Answers: 2
Godfather II, The 517503I need to fire one of my made men 2 pick up someone with the skill of engineering or I can't take over a family's businesses completely but when I click on the guy I want 2 fire I can't fire him it only gives me the option upgrade him or add him 2 my crew anybody got a solution? Answers: 4
Godfather II, The 518309How do I start a fire at Mangano's? Answers: 2
Godfather II, The 523957Forum mentioned on West Side of Florida, find Tony Muerlia, accept and complete favor. Then go to his house. Up on roof use Arsonist to burn boxes. Find SPECIAL MACHINE GUN. How do you find Tony? Has anyone else done this? Answers: 0
Godfather II, The 576718In this game godfather II is there a code to unlock the game I was just wondering is all. Answers: 0
Godfather II, The 651713How do I interrogate the informant at la Maison Rogue while it's controlled by the Mangano's without him or me getting killed? Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 731719How do you get inside rival family compound.............last mission Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 729547Where can you find a shotgun level three.? Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 765398How do I start the fire at Manganos warehouse in Godfather 2? Answers: 0
Godfather II, The 822170How do I get all favors trophy is it just all the yellow squares on the map? Answers: 1
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Godfather II, The 926376Where is a master on godfather 2 help please does anyone know Answers: 0
Godfather II, The 941936When you puting god father 2 cheat codes what dose it means by don view Answers: 1
Godfather II, The 949651On xbox 360 when your man in the crew dies and it says ready how do I make him active? Answers: 0
Godfather II, The 445735How do you "point at a crew action icon, then press b/square (360/ps3) to order your crew to perform their speciality im really stuck have been for 2 hours and its rubbish Answers: 2
Godfather II, The 480298On the Main menu of the game, my unlock menu isnt highlighted. How do you open it? Answers: 2
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