Saturday, 13 February 2016
Destiny of Zorro , The Cheats for WII
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Destiny of Zorro , The WII Cheats

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Destiny of Zorro , The Cheats

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Destiny of Zorro , The

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Free stuck Zorro 100%
If Zorro gets frozen or stuck in the scenery, use the dodge move (shake the Nunchuk left/right) to knock him loose. This usually works and saves you from having to restart the level every few minutes!
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Dispatch enemies quickly 50%
If you're being attacked by ground troops and riflemen, position the ground troops between yourself and the riflemen so that the ground troops will be killed by the gunfire. This works especially well on the tougher ground troops that normally require a Z-move to kill.

If you're facing multiple riflemen, align yourself so that the riflemen are in a row directly in front of you, then stun the forward rifleman with your whip so that he won't be able to attack you. The forward rifleman will soon succumb to friendly fire, and then you can repeat the process until you're down to the last rifleman.
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