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Overlord II Cheats for PS3
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Overlord II PS3 Cheats

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Overlord II

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Ladies' Man Trophy 100%
In order to get the Ladies' Man Trophy, you have to purchase two items for each lady -- one for
the private chambers and the other in the throne room.

You also have to have the Overlord Banner. For example:
For yourself Overlord Banner
For Lady A Bed + Throne
For Lady B Curtains + Statues
For Lady C Candles + Alcoves
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Gold Mine For Your Three Gold Diggers 100%
Description: After defeating the spider boss in Everlight Temple you will get back out using the elevator (which is not all that easy to hit the buttons).
Once you have the Netherworld Gate to this zone unlocked, return and open the secret room at the top of the stairs (using the Overlord switch). The treasure chests inside this secret room will give you an average of 1000 or more gold each visit. You will need to warp to another gate to reset the map. Try Nordburg Town gate 3, as there are four or five treasure chests right next to the Tower Gate.
Rapidly cycling these two maps should inflate your treasury with plenty of gold.
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Gnome Means Gnome 100%
Description: Need to commit gnome genocide in a hurry? Finish reclaiming the green hive quest from Everlight Facility. Return there and use the gnome gates to increase the levels of your minions, get life force and treasure (gems), and complete this tedious quest.
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Dominating Perfection 96%
Description: When dominating towns completely, use the weapons produced by the enthralled villagers to increase the attack power of your horde to the maximum. If you have the maximum horde size of 50 minions and manage to hit the maximum attack power, you will earn the Perfect Horde trophy or achievement.
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Walkthrough Video Playlists
Overlord II video Overlord II (PS3) Video Walkthrough
   by: Overlord73
   Videos: 56 Length:
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48 Trophies
Overlord II - Rescuer of Kelda Rescuer of Kelda
Rescue Kelda from Nordberg
Overlord II - Tyrant of Nordberg Tyrant of Nordberg
Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction
Overlord II - Industrious Magic Industrious Magic
Achieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell
Overlord II - Big Chopper Big Chopper
Achieve 50 melee kills
Overlord II - Red Rescuer Red Rescuer
Find the Red Minions
Overlord II - Green Grabber Green Grabber
Find the Green Minions
Overlord II - Blue Bringer Blue Bringer
Find the Blue Minions
Overlord II - The Dominator The Dominator
Achieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating
Overlord II - The Destructor The Destructor
Achieve a 100% Destruction Tyranny rating
Overlord II - Scrooge Scrooge
Collect 50,000 gold
Overlord II - Juno's Special Friend Juno's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Juno and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend
Overlord II - Dark Fay's Special Friend Dark Fay's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Dark Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend
Overlord II - Ghost Fay's Special Friend Ghost Fay's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Ghost Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend
Overlord II - Snatcher Snatcher
Win one Pirate Plunder map
Overlord II - Pillager Pillager
Win ten Pirate Plunder maps
Overlord II - Conqueror Conqueror
Win one Dominate map
Overlord II - The Big D The Big D
Win ten Dominate maps
Overlord II - Adversary Adversary
Kill an opposing Overlord 20 times in ranked versus matches
Overlord II - Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous
Forge one weapon
Overlord II - Blue Steel Look Blue Steel Look
Forged the Elemental helmet and armor
Overlord II - Minion Captain Minion Captain
Rescue all the Minion crew from the spider webs
Overlord II - Weapons Nut Weapons Nut
Forge three weapons
Overlord II - Kitted Out Kitted Out
Forge the Infernal helmet and armor
Overlord II - Mayhem Maker Mayhem Maker
Cause mayhem during the Prelude
Overlord II - Minion Harvester Minion Harvester
Gather 10 Lifeforce orbs
Overlord II - Minion Gatherer Minion Gatherer
Gather 250 Lifeforce orbs
Overlord II - Minion Hoarder Minion Hoarder
Gather 1000 Lifeforce orbs
Overlord II - Minion Lover Minion Lover
Gather 5000 Lifeforce orbs
Overlord II - Town Razer Town Razer
Destroy one Town
Overlord II - Walking Apocalypse Walking Apocalypse
Destroy both Nordberg and Everlight
Overlord II - Slaver Slaver
Enslave one Town
Overlord II - New World Order New World Order
Enslave both Nordberg and Everlight
Overlord II - Corruptor of the Queen Corruptor of the Queen
Dark Fay has become your Mistress
Overlord II - Ghost Bringer Ghost Bringer
Ghost Fay has become your Mistress
Overlord II - Tyrant of Everlight Tyrant of Everlight
Through Domination or Destruction you are now the Tyrant of Everlight
Overlord II - Kelda's Special Friend Kelda's Special Friend
Kelda is now your 'special' friend
Overlord II - Dark Emperor Dark Emperor
You have killed Solarius
Overlord II - Perfect Horde Perfect Horde
Your Minion Horde is fully upgraded
Overlord II - Master Builder Master Builder
You have built 50% of the Tower buildables
Overlord II - Tyrant of the Tower Tyrant of the Tower
You have built 100% of the Tower buildables
Overlord II - Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
You've obtained all the Tower Objects in the game
Overlord II - Crystal Collector Crystal Collector
You've collected 50% of all Dark Crystals
Overlord II - Ultimate Collector Ultimate Collector
You've collected 100% of all Dark Crystals
Overlord II - Gnome Grinder Gnome Grinder
You've killed 1000 Gnomes
Overlord II - Rock On Rock On
You've killed 15 or more enemies with a single Catapult boulder
Overlord II - Mount Master Mount Master
You have discovered and used all Minion Mounts in the game
Overlord II - Ladies' Man Ladies' Man
You and your Mistresses have found a way to get along splendidly
Overlord II - Seal Slayer Seal Slayer
You have killed 100 baby seals
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