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SOCOM: Confrontation Cheats for PS3
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SOCOM: Confrontation PS3 Cheats

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SOCOM: Confrontation Cheats

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SOCOM: Confrontation

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Country-Specific Weapons 85%
Description: Choose the country listed as your clan country to
unlock its respective weapon:

FranceFAMAS G2 Assault Rifle
GermanyGMP Submachine Gun
SpainAmeli Machine Gun
U.KIW-80 A2 Assault Rifle
U.SSCFR-LW Assault Rifle
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Super jump god 9%
Hold r2 and r1 with x and square at the same time
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SOCOM: Confrontation 509747Immersive audio? dose this mean if your close to some one they will hear you talking on the mic if your not even pushing the button to headset? Answers: 2
SOCOM: Confrontation 650058Do you have to fulfill all requirements? Answers: 1
SOCOM: Confrontation 927189How do you shoot down the machine gun helicoter Answers: 0
SOCOM: Confrontation 949957How to super jump in socom confrontion for ps3 Answers: 0
SOCOM: Confrontation 787803How do you keep your killer death ratio high Answers: 0
SOCOM: Confrontation 463758How does your clan rank up on Socom Confrontation Answers: 1
SOCOM: Confrontation 492842Very hard and people is not happy . I like it on story mode Answers: 1
SOCOM: Confrontation 457209How to rank up Answers: 4
SOCOM: Confrontation 482459Glich Answers: 2
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