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Prototype Cheats for PS3
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Prototype PS3 Cheats

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Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

How to kill elizibith greene 100%
First swich to armor next use your whipfist if you have it if not us the hammer fist use the long range attak for the whip fist by pressing y repeat until she's down take ourt your sword for heavy damage if she uses the blow out attak get far away or climb a bilding .
By: Alex macer(23)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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"Trail of Corpses" Achievement 96%
How to: Using the Thermobaric tank cheat described above, simply circle the hives of infected and fire at the people. Each shot can usually take out 50+ people. Infected Vision is recommended.
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Easy Thermobaric Tank 96%
First you must unlock the Kill Event called "Rolling Thunder," which appears between the East Village and the Lower East Side (one block from the East coast). Right next to the Event is a Thermobaric Tank. Jumping into it will activate the Event, but you can back out of it before the Event begins. Do this correctly and you will have a free tank. *** If you exit the tank it or use it to destroy a Hive or Base it will vanish. You can grab it again at the Event point.
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Final Boss Strategy 96%
Description: After the cut scene ends, quickly switch to Armor and Blade (Infected Vision also helps). Stay away from your opponent until he starts to jump after you. When he lands, hit him with the Air Blade Slash. Get in a couple of good hits and he should be stunned. Grab him and repeatedly hit the PUNCH button. If he knocks you down to critical, use a Devastator move to stun him.
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Smooth Landing Speed Boost 95%
How to: After jumping, avoid using both of your dashes while airborne and save one to use just before landing. If timed correctly, you should hit the ground at near full speed, which is very useful when attempting to evade the military or during a timed activity. *** This doesn't
work for the highest of drops.
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Web of Intrigue Targets 95%
Description: Most of the WoI targets will appear randomly, usually while doing a mission or a side mission. But the last few will pop up randomly. It takes forever, so grab a helicopter (using the mission-canceling exploit above) and use it to fly around the city to make things easier.
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Orb Collecting XP Rewards 95%
Description: You will receive XP for each Orb you pick up. That value is based on how many Orbs you've collected. These values are given below in addition to the one-time bonuses you get for reaching certain Orb collection milestones.

Landmark Orbs
12,600 each
105,000 each (+10,000 bonus)
259,750 each (+25,000 bonus)
10015,000 each (+50,000 bonus)
12517, 250 each (+60,000 bonus)
15020,000 each (+70,000 bonus)

Hint Orbs

15,000 Each
107,500 each (+10,000 Bonus)
1512,500 each (+25,000 Bonus)
3515,000 each (+50,000 Bonus)
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"The Cleaner" Trophy 95%
Description: "The Cleaner" Trophy requires you to destroy 10 military bases or infected hives. Choose Hives.
Hives are being pummeled by the military by the time you get there, so some of the work is already done. All you have do is finish them off. Hijack a tank and destroy it. NOTE: The hives destroyed during missions count as well.
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"Butcher" Achievment 95%
How to: Once you've attained the Critical Mass and Tendril Devastator upgrades, simply choose a disguise (in order to keep a low profile), walk into the middle of Times Square, wait until you are surrounded by people and unleash the Tendril Devastator this will land you "The Butcher."
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Body Surf 94%
How to unlock: To unlock a new ability called "Body Surf," navigate to the Cheats menu (under "Extras" in the Main Menu) and enter this code: RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, UP, UP, DOWN
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Collectible Vision 93%
Description: It's sometimes difficult to spot Landmark and Hint Collectibles. Switch on your Infected Vision (or Thermal Vision) to help discern them.
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New Game + 93%
Once you beat Story Mode, you will be able to play through it again with all of your powers and upgrades.
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"Half-Truths" Trophy 93%
Description: An easy spot to complete "Half-Truths" is the mission in which you lead the Leader Hunter to Ragland. Complete your objectives unnoticed (shouldn't be a problem) until you are prompted to lure the Hunter. Look at the map and notice that it is mainly covered in red (infected zones) and two blue (military) zones, one on the far east and far west. There is an unclaimed area straight up the middle. Stick to this path and you will not alert the military as they have their hands full already.
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Water Disguise 92%
How to: If you are near water, and the military is everywhere, then hop into the water and change your disguise immediately as your entire body enters in the water. You will can then escape unnoticed.
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Secret Story Event 92%
How to unlock: Complete all Scientist Consume events to reveal Karen Parker's location after her disappearance.
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Flourish Move 92%
How to: Once you purchase a power in Prototype and have it set as a shortcut move, you can then hold down the shortcut button to do a flourish move with the power. It's a unique, if useless, animation.
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"The Butcher" & "Speed Bumps" Trophy 92%
Description: To easily get "The Butcher" Trophy, which requires you to kill 50 people in five seconds (including pedestrians, military, infected etc.), wait until you have the ability to hijack a tank. Drive into a red zone that typically has a lot of fleeing normal and infected civilians and stick to driving on the side walk. Keep up with this same tactic to unlock Speed Bumps, which requires you to run over 500 people in a single tank.
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Unlock Body Surfing 91%
Entry Location:
Select "Extras" from the Main Menu and go to "Cheats"

Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down - Unlock Body Surf Ability
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"Misconception" Achievement and EP 91%
Description: The "Misconception" Achievement requires you to destroy 25 infected water towers before they hatch. Do this after you get your powers back -- when Ragland helps
you -- as there seem to be more of them in abundance.
Lock on to one and run up the specified building, jump to the roof and use the flying kick attack, causing more than half of the life bar to be depleted. Upon landing, follow up quickly with a combo. To make it a little faster, use the "claws" powers.
Later in the game this becomes even easier. Just hijack a helicopter, fly over infected areas and keep tapping the target button until you target a water tower (or helicopter or Hive)
and fire away.
The "Friendly Fire" and "Projectiles" Kill Events as both have helicopters sitting next to the Event markers, so grab those and exit the event for a free 'copter.
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EXP Exploit 90%
How to: If you are just short of an upgrade (e.g. you have 90k EXP and you need 100k), you can earn the amount you need, purchase an upgrade with EXP, and kill yourself and return to a checkpoint and you will have both the upgrade and the 90k you had at that checkpoint.
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How to climb on wall slowly 100%
To climb any wall just press on E when you are close to the wall. You can run on the wall by pressing W 2 times [also run fast]
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How to kill super solders quickly 100%
I started by bringing out the whip fist this is only good if you are arond 4 or 5 super soldgump lock on to one of them until you use your heavy whip fist attack repeat until all are hit then use the body tenicle devistator and their dead
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How to defeat supreame hunter last boss 100%
If you use the blade then equip the armor abiaty alex can use the ground spike devistator consume all the blacwach then use the devistator note this is on hard mode this cheat allows insta kill enimies when used use it if it dose not hit the supreame hunter use the blade to hit him enough until you get him down to your last chet try to consume ther supream hunter then shuld get a new abilaty hunter mode alex
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Hard Mode 89%
How to unlock: Beat the game on Normal to unlock Hard Mode.
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Mind the Crows 89%
Description: Infected water towers are always circled by squawking crows. This makes it easier to track them down
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Platinum 89%
Earning a Gold in every event unlocks Platinum Events, which are more difficult.
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Unlimited EP Exploit 86%
How to: On mission 22/31, where you get the first cell phone cut scene, you will be asked to jack a Black ops helicopter. Once you have the helicopter, you are prompted to pick up a few Black Ops guys and then destroy a Hive. Do not destroy the Hive!
You now have a helicopter with unlimited missiles, no time limit, and as long as you do not destroy the Hive, you can blow up anything else without it kicking off the alert meter. This also allows you to get out of the helicopter without it ending the mission (useful for
collecting Memory Strands).
The easiest way to get EP in this is to switch to your Infected Vision and fly around blowing up infected water towers. You can save your game in the middle of this mission if you need a break and do the same thing. You can max out your skills and then some using this exploit.
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Prototype 67%
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Jerico 50%
Cheater jerico prototype
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Jerico 50%
Enter the cheat or hints here! jerico
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Walk throw wals 24%
At the cheats menu
up up X O left r2 l1 l2 richt up l2 down down up
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Hunter dirtnap 20%
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Transport Helicopter Apears When you Spawn 18%
Enter this Cheat in Extras Menu:Right› Left‹ Left‹ Right› Right›
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Palm slam 17%
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Palm slam 17%
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Hunter dirtnap 17%
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40 Trophies
Prototype - Revenge Revisited Revenge Revisited
Complete Story Mode on hard difficulty.
Prototype - Endless Hunger Endless Hunger
Consume 200 characters to boost your health.
Prototype - Trail Of Corpses Trail Of Corpses
Kill 53,596 infected.
Prototype - Wrecking Yard Wrecking Yard
Destroy 2,000 vehicles.
Prototype - Misconception Misconception
Destroy 25 Infected Water Towers before they hatch.
Prototype - Brain Trust Brain Trust
Complete all Consume Events.
Prototype - Streetwise Streetwise
Collect all Landmark collectibles scattered across New York City.
Prototype - Polymath Polymath
Collect all Hint Collectibles scattered across New York City.
Prototype - Half-Truths Half-Truths
Complete a mission without causing a single Military Alert.
Prototype - Mankind Is Your Mask Mankind Is Your Mask
Complete 3 missions without causing a single Military Alert.
Prototype - The Butcher The Butcher
Kill 50 characters in 5 seconds.
Prototype - Return Fire Return Fire
Catch any object tossed by a Hydra; and throw it back.
Prototype - Gunning Gunning
Destroy 20 Helicopters in a single Helicopter flight.
Prototype - Cleanup Cleanup
Kill 15 characters with a single Whipfist attack.
Prototype - The First Thread The First Thread
Unlock the Web of Intrigue.
Prototype - Self-Deception Self-Deception
Discover what happened to Alex Mercer through the Web of Intrigue.
Prototype - Web Of Knowledge Web Of Knowledge
Acquire all nodes of the Web of Intrigue.
Prototype - It's Him! It's Him!
Patsy 5 military personnel.
Prototype - In Plain Sight In Plain Sight
Evade 10 strike teams.
Prototype - Infiltrator Infiltrator
Infiltrate 10 Military Bases disguised as a Commander.
Prototype - Threat Elevated Threat Elevated
Destroy 25 strike teams.
Prototype - Repossession Repossession
Seize 50 vehicles from enemy hands.
Prototype - SME SME
Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles.
Prototype - Surface-To-Air Surface-To-Air
Shoot down 50 helicopters while driving armor.
Prototype - Evolutionary Step Evolutionary Step
Use the Upgrade Menu to acquire an Upgrade.
Prototype - Unnatural Selection Unnatural Selection
Acquire all available upgrades.
Prototype - The Cleaner The Cleaner
Destroy 10 Military Bases or Infected Hives in New York City.
Prototype - In The Web In The Web
Consume 50 Web Targets.
Prototype - Au Au
Achieve a rating of Gold or better in all Events.
Prototype - Nice Guy Nice Guy
Complete the game while consuming 10 Civilians or fewer.
Prototype - Hard To Kill Hard To Kill
Complete Story Mode in any difficulty without dying.
Prototype - Speed Bumps Speed Bumps
Run over 500 characters in a single tank.
Prototype - Pt Pt
Achieve a Platinum Medal in all Events.
Prototype - Crossing The T Crossing The T
You've completed the Hunter Boss Encounter.
Prototype - Errand Boy Errand Boy
You've completed the Specialist Boss Fight.
Prototype - Children Of Blacklight Children Of Blacklight
You've completed the Supreme Hunter Boss Battle.
Prototype - On Instinct On Instinct
You've completed the Mother Boss Battle.
Prototype - One Thousand Suns One Thousand Suns
You've completed the Supreme Hybrid Boss Battle.
Prototype - Hope Hope
You've discovered the truth behind Hope, Idaho.
Prototype - Origin Origin
You've discovered the history of Elizabeth Greene.

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