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Boom Blox Bash Party Cheats for WII
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Boom Blox Bash Party WII Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
Boom Blox Bash Party Cheats

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Boom Blox Bash Party

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Open cheat menu( works on both boom blox) 98%
How to: When on title screen on control pad press up,right,down,left.
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Codes 93%
Description: At the first screen (where it says "Press A + B"), press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT to open a cheat menu. *** To disable a cheat, just type it again.

Bailout1 Million Boom Bux
Nothing But HopeUnlock All Levels
Musical FruitTurns all sound effects into Virus Blox sound effects
Freeze FrameTurn on Blox Time
Blox BouquetTurns all animations into flowers
Rainbow Blox-turnsTurns all normal blox (including ice blox ) into random colors
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Money money money 76%
Here is a cheat I know. Press the wii remote d-pad like so: up right down left then type bailout and you get 1000000 boom bux note: cheats disable saving.
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Omg real cheats 74%
Bailout= 1 million boom bux!
rainbow blox = unlock all colored blox
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How to re-spawn blox 67%
To make blox respawn, go to the "sets" icon on the toolbar. Then click on the one that says blox generators. The set just has a bunch of blox but when you hit play, blox will appear out the blox that were in the set.
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Found out some cheats for boom blox bash party 65%
Try These Cheats:Bailout,Nothing but hope,Musical fruit,Freeze frame,Blox bouquet,
By: stevotto(17)
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Bonus blok 62%
In almost every level of the game,there is a bonus blok that has a b on the is hidden,so look carfully. hit it down and get more boom bux!
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Boom Blox Bash Party codes at main menu 61%
Up right down left: rainbow blox, freeze frame, bailout, nothing but hope, WARNING CHEATS DISABLE SAVING have fun
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Boom blox bash party cheats 58%
Up right down left.

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Get a biilion boom bux 55%
At the menu press up right down left a cheat code enter will come up say billion bailout
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How to clear the arena 50%
Createwatever you want when you are done go to the ball and pick the vanish ball then play when you play throw the vanish ball at every thing in the arena it works
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Cows 47%
If your playing with the flying saucer in create if you put 1 cow out of any people the saucer
will always abduct the cow first. what coincedince!
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Unlock Mario Bros 43%
To unlock Mario , you will first need to have 100% of complection of the game , then you will need to have a Super Mario Galaxy save slot on your wii , if you have done these two things you will be able to play a minigame called: Boom MARIO Blox , its an all new experience o gaming , it look like another game. if you get a Elite Rank on that minigame , you may be able to play with Mario.
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Old billboard!! 33%
When you are on the building, if you look over the roof of the building, you will see the boom blox 1 title cover!
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Bloxs trouble 33%
When you are on levels where you have to hit blox to hit other blox try to hit the bottom o the blox.
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Scoer more points 27%
Hit the bottoms of the blocks to score more points on boom blocks bash party
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Slingshot 16%
Find 3 differents colors: red, blue and green
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Boom Blox Bash Party 522388I had a go at the cheats from the last game, but no luck. Someone must know the codes here. They could be a number code, I will try everything, help me out here, please? Answers: 4
Boom Blox Bash Party 585515How can you complete boom trees send me a video and ill do anything! Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 517938Can someone please tell me where or how to get the mario game on boom blox bash party? I have 100% on the game and cant find mario anywhere. Anything would be great. Thank you Answers: 3
Boom Blox Bash Party 642625Why does this game had a cheat for unlocking Mario? Answers: 1
Boom Blox Bash Party 699871How do you get 100 point blox? Answers: 3
Boom Blox Bash Party 878785How can you get unlimited space and memory on create mode? Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 887711How you get a flat blox? Answers: 0
Boom Blox Bash Party 917720Do the game disks themselves come in different colors for wii Boom Blox Bash Party? I bought a new game and the disk is blue with colored graphics. I just bought a used Bash Party for a family member and the game disk is yellow with black and gray graphics - Is this a bootleg copy? Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 933092How do you get your levels in download levels? Answers: 0
Boom Blox Bash Party 947961How do you get to the chain reactions Answers: 0
Boom Blox Bash Party 994690Weconnect21 dose not work so how do you get magnet block Answers: 0
Boom Blox Bash Party 1003686How do I make a Blox Generator? Answers: 0
Boom Blox Bash Party 540549How do you make a blox generator? Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 517684In the cheats there is a thing about playing a mini game with mario.... where is the mini game? How do you get it? Answers: 1
Boom Blox Bash Party 573866Ive noticed these magnet blox online. can you tell me how to get them? Answers: 5
Boom Blox Bash Party 518636Has anyone got the mario game for boom blox yet? I have 100% on the boom blox and I have super mario galaxy saved, But I cant find the game. Does anyone know where or how to find the game? Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 530286Its been 4 months and no cheats! is everyone too lazy to try now! in the first game they were out in 4 days! find some plz! Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 514466Does anyone know any codes for the game? Its been 3 months now since it was released! Answers: 3
Boom Blox Bash Party 472265In the explore part(ferris wheel) and when you go to the spare change catagory, and then I can't figure out how in the world to beat "cut em down" I've tried EVERYTHING, someone please send me a vid or step-by-step instructions thx Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 482568How do you make blox re-spawn in multiple times in a certain area in create mode? Answers: 4
Boom Blox Bash Party 505183How do I pass the pendulum 2 in the space mini golf? Answers: 1
Boom Blox Bash Party 680395Why is Boom Blox dead? Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 718697How do I add an extra remote so I can play with a friend? Answers: 2
Boom Blox Bash Party 734743How do I make those flat bloks and really skinny poles Answers: 1
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