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Disney/Pixar's Up Cheats for WII
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Disney/Pixar's Up WII Cheats

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Disney/Pixar's Up

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Disney/Pixar's Up Cheats 36%
At the main menu, select "Bonuses", "Cheats", "Go Down", then enter one of the following codes.
To enable cheats, pause the game, select "Cheats", "Go Down", then press X to activate a cheat.
-Carl creates multicoloured balloons when he jumps
Enter "BALLOONPARTY" as a code.

-Carl jumps from the teeter totter to lift Russell up in the air
Enter "CARLHEAVYWEIGHT" as a code.

-Carl wears Muntz's aviator goggles
Enter "AVIATORGOGGLES" as a code.

-Russell attracts all butterflies
Enter "BUTTERFLY" as a code.
By: ahmedalani(9)
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Crocadile level 24%
Hit the croc with sharp statistical and make his belly hurt. then kill him.

hahaha this is the best cheat in the world use it and you get money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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Disney/Pixar's Up 482672How in the world do you beat the spirit of adventure. I've been at it for weeks it's impossible! I need help!1 Answers: 5
Disney/Pixar's Up 662808About three quarters of the way through Russell is trying to pull Carl up rock front using the rope and its not working what do I need to do differently Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 495553How do you get peaple Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 579529How do you kill the alligator? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 617095How do you get past the leval a voice in the mist? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 630969How do you shoot down the zepellin? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 634608How do you shoot all of the planes down? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 724276In spirit of adventure how do you keep Russell from Dying Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 734979How do I add another player while playing the game? Answers: 3
Disney/Pixar's Up 791512How to kill spiders Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 551106I cannot get past the opening biplane level of Wii Up. What is the trick? Answers: 6
Disney/Pixar's Up 604133How do you save your game Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 617044While at the bridge at level 7 there seems to be no way to cut the rope. The application isn't working and has been problematic all throughout the game. Any suggestions? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 618817How do you get past the section voice in the mist where Carl and Russell are attached by 2 wasps and there does not seem any way out? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 669015How do you get both carl and russel onto the high rock to push the other rock off in level where dog is introduced Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 673607How to cross/shimmy across the rocks on level 2 Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 702504Stuck on level voice in the mist - the wasps and no way out! Old man says Carl should use the bird but he's not there. Help please Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 711460Getting past the Anaconda. We are on the third part, to break through the wall w/the eels, but Russel is always tired of holding Carl. Any help? This game is pretty hard for kids IMO. Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 713989How do you get rid of the blimp? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 723383How do you get past level nine when Carl, Russell and Doug keep dying from all the spiders? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 725690How can carl climb the stone wall Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 730443How do you pass level 10 with the biplane how to keep russel from falling cheats? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 731028How do you kill the alligator Answers: 1
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