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Disney/Pixar's Up Cheats for NDS
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Disney/Pixar's Up NDS Cheats

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Disney/Pixar's Up

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

No Damage, No dog Meter 67%
At the title screen press B,Y,B,Y,X,Y,X,Y,B,A you cannot save in this mode
By: AngelorDevil(30)
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Note on refill health, stamina, dog meter bar cheat 44%
When you visit the pool for a refill, the game will still save. However, this does not work if the Ellie photo has been activated. You can wait by the pool for the Ellie photo energy to wear off and then refill all the meters if you want. There's only one of these per level, so use it if you need it!
By: saharantea(404)
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Refill health, stamina, and dog meter bars 43%
Refill your health, stamina, and dog meter bars without using any of your supplies. On levels 2 and up, in between "phases" of the level, when you go through a cave with a water pool, visit the pool for a full recharge of all three.
By: saharantea(404)
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Up control 34%
Press square to switch chracters
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Unlimited live 30%
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Questions & Answers
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Disney/Pixar's Up 635802On Level 2, I can't get Russell and Carl to both get to the top of the cliff.  Russell and Carl can't both jump to the last cliff.  Then, Carl can climb the cliff with the vines, but Russell gets stuck at the bottom.  It's too high to pull Russell up with Carl's cane.  Russell can't climb the vine, nor can he jump over all of the cliffs on his own... can he?  Please help.  Thanks! Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 502123How do you beat the black feline FAST! Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 482806How do you enter a cheat code on the DSi for the Disney game UP? I got the cheat code and I thought it said to hit the select button to enter it but I tried and it's not working :( Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 537781How do I turn over a rock so I can get to the bugs underneath? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 570287How do I finish the big boss on leavel 5! I just keep dying no matter how much I use the cain to try to hit the plain, it doesn't give me any more help. Any info would be great thanks Answers: 3
Disney/Pixar's Up 603966What do I have to save a game when I am half way through a level? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 604830Where is the special rocks in level 1 for Carl in UP. for ds? Answers: 3
Disney/Pixar's Up 839616How can Dug beat the airplanes and missiles in level 5? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 867550In Level 1 Tepui Jungle, how can Russel and Carl cross the water? The hint says find special rocks for Russel to exit Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 774249How maney levels is it Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 479861I can't lodge the rock with his cane. I've tried everything. It just says to use his cane, but nothing happens can anyone help? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 483418In level three, Carl has fallen between some rocks into a black screen. You can see his progress on the map above, how do I get him out (he's moving around, but seems to be underground) or how do I get Russel to him? Pop up says "good scout doesn't leave partner behind" when Russel goes to far, but he's still on the main screen, with Carl below. Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 494677Where are the secrect rocks on level one Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 547563How to move the big crate down from the upper platform on level 10? (The one where Kevin seems absolutely useless?) How is it we use it, by the way? I'm stuck in it for almost 2 hours now. Any help would be welcome. Thanks. Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 556193In Level 4 there is a raft and when I steer it into the islands there is nothing. There are no clues anywhere! Help! Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 569372At the end of level 5 how do you attack the plane? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 572595How do I beat the plane at the end of chapter 5 - I can't work out how to cause it damage :) Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 588962How do you save your progress? Answers: 4
Disney/Pixar's Up 617430Nintendo ds disney pixar up. at top of a rock at the tepui map, at level where first time the black dogs appear, Carl climbes up a plant, and following the subsription, by pressing at B carl shoulb be able to pull up Russell by the cane, but it doenst go, I tried everything, but normally it worked in previous actions, by pressing at B. What is your advise? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 621950I can't beat the alligator in the "boss challenge". I always die. how do you beat the thing!? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 727754How do you find rocks for russel to cross the water Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 664090How do you beat the croc at the end of level 4 Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 665279How do I beat the croc in Boss Battle at the end of level 4 Answers: 1
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