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Disney/Pixar's Up Cheats for PC
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Disney/Pixar's Up PC Cheats

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Disney/Pixar's Up

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Drop out at levels ....................... 35%
Drop out at the levels where you play with kevin and
use russel to blind the dogs will get best time award

and more points
By: hishamelhadidi(10)
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Questions & Answers
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Disney/Pixar's Up 487761Unable to save game progress Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 507679How to solve the puzzle with Kevin at Chapter 15? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 499187How do I get past the final alligator on chapter 2? I haven't figured out exactly how to steer the boat with Carl in the back not having the controls listed. I am trying to use a joystick and that controls the kid, but not Carl. I think I have to go toward the alligator and then turn around after he starts chasing and go in behind him, but I keep getting dragged down the river or can't get turned around because I don't know how to control Carl. Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 501328How do you protect the house in the final stage after taking out the engines and rudders? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 521869Stuck on chapter 3. Trying to cross the log and keep falling off on the right trying to pass the prickly vines. Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 530558Where do Carl and Russell fly to? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 565124Where is the magnifying glass Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 573765Chapter 12 log control. any help would be thanklful Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 586853How do you grab the rope in level one? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 588084How to pass chapter four? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 618642How do you get on the ledge on chapter on chapter 15 whith carl to whack the bats? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 619668HELP! I am stuck on the level where I look for Dug. I cannot get the armadillo into the trap he just keeps killing me. How do I get him into the trap? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 621292Help! stuck on chapter 21 how do I launch the rocks at alpha? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 683639How do you get Kevin to push the crate off the ledge in Chapter 10? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 714937On level 2 when you need to use Carl's cane to push the rock off the edge, I am pressing X as advised and nothing happens, any ideas? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 766675How can I play chapter 27 pleas get a solve to me? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 805639Trying to grab the rope by method suggested and cannot do it! Spent 1 hour today trying diff angles and run ups all to no avail! help! Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 846563I can't get pass the chimpanzee in Ch 15 Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 866048How do you pass level 4 on a computer? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 866278How do I get the pick ax Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 869273I am stuck in chapter 22.How can I pass through that? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 884336Cant get past chap 1. The rope swing. It says space(jump) and then direction button. please help. tried for days just fall off. Managed to grab it once, but then fell Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 971197Hiya. During the course of the game one aquires tools. Tools you need for areas once you have complete the game to rerun chapters to get all hidden things. Question. How do you ACTIVATE these tools? Ive tried and tried . Nothing happens. Aid please. Thanx! Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 481216How do you push the box from the hill in chapter 9, the voice? Answers: 2
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