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Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Cheats for PC
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Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim PC Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Cheats

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Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

47 Minute Gameplay video 90%
This gameplay video is 47 minutes long so enjoy and learn.
Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim cheat video Cheat Video
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Rat King level part 1 85%
This is part one of a video of the Rat ing level.
Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim cheat video Cheat Video
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Rafnir the Dragon 83%
This video features the Rafnir the dragon and how to defeat him.
Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim cheat video Cheat Video
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Easy Gold & Hero Level Cheat 59%
**This cheat requires editing a game file on your computer, so please make a back-up before you change anything in the file.

Start a campaign mode game and then choose which ever beginning point you want. As soon as the game is started save the game. Exit to Windows to edit the file that was created.

Now you need to locate the save file to edit to cheat. From your Windows desktop, go into My Documents first: The path to your saved files will be like this:

My Documentsmajesty2profilessavescampaigns

You will see numbered folders for the saves (With just one save it will be "0").

Example: My documentsmajesty2profilessavescampaignssave0

Go into the numbered folder and open the "mission.sav" with a simple text editor like notepad.

Now search for the following: kingdomtreasure "money"

Following the "money" there will be a number, that is your current gold. Change this value to to give yourself more gold! *** Sometimes the number will have a decimal, not sure what it is yet, altering the front set of number(the number before decimal) will do the money cheat.
You can also edit Hero levels with 100 as the max.

In the same file mentioned above, search for:
"hero_dwarf" (mage, rouge, hunter, warrior, etc).

Change the line reading "Current Level".

*** Not all Heroes are listed in this file, plus even when updating other values for a hero, it does not always work. Attempting to change max health, dps, or others, but level was the only value that seems to be able to be changed like this along with player gold).
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Game Mod cheat 39%
Go to your game install folder and find the subfolder called "resource". You should back up this entire folder just in case you make a mod that breaks the game.

Inside this folder should be a file called resource.pak. Rename this file to and extract the contents of this file into the resource (current) folder. You should now have several subfolders off of resource such as "entity" and "map".

At this point you can modify just about anything in the game.

In order to permanently fix the maps (without going through the savegame rigamarole, go to this folder: resource/map/Campaign_01 and choose whatever map you want to modify. Go inside the appropriate folder and edit the campaign_name.mi file. Find the line with "kingdomtreasure" in it (just as you would if you were modifying a savegame) and alter the money field.

In order to modify hero stats, go to this location: resource/gameData/units
and find the file called rpg_params.xml. Find the hero you want to modify and change the attributes of the f_strength, f_maxHealth, etc etc fields.

Save your changes. You don't have to zip the file back up. The game will find the files.

Run the game and test your changes. If the game crashes, you did something illegal - restore your backup and try again.
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Cheat campaign using editor glitch? 38%
1.load up your campaign then QUICK SAVE it. then exit the entire game.
2.OPEN THE EDITOR. push f3 to make the editor say "mission" in the upper right corner. load the same campaign as you had saved in the regular game.
3.then after you've loaded it hit escape to show options again to choose the "simulation" option.
4. once the editor is rolling the sim hit PAUSE, THEN "QUICKSAVE"

NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE 2 SAVES 1 in your "campaign" folder and 1 save in your "single" folder.

5.pause editor sim WITHOUT closing your editor. minimize it then open your "campaign" folder and copy all the files EXCEPT the "sshots". file(for some reason it'll crash on you when copied/pasted this way)
6.paste those 5 files in your newly created quicksave folder under the "single" title (in majesty 2 folder) then maximize and quick load it
7. if done correctly, you should be able to edit your campaign save then copy paste back into your campaign folder with all the alterations made.

f7 in editor is used for experience and nationality(used to make monsters on your side etc) and if you wish to alter hero stats you'll want to wait till youve made the best armor weapons your smithy can make FIRST, THEN WAIT TILL HERO BUYS BEST ARMOR WEAPONS.(do this by altering how much gold hero has) Then you'll alter not the heros stats but how much of a bonus the armor and weapons give on the hero

WARNING: DONOT do this process with lords, for whatever reason having lords on the field before this process negates the glitch.

it's the only way ive been able to cheat but hey you can cheat gold(you and your heros), stats and monster nationality.

by Bard Freedom
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Make your hero powerful, one hit killer! 36%
Save whatever mission you are playing, Find the saved folder - open mission with wordpad, search for your hero ( hero_hunter,cleric,rogue,warrior,mage,blademaster,elf,dwarf,darkpriest,priest) or what ever your hero is. Once you Find your hero slowly scroll down and look for {"level"... here you can just make you hero whatever level you want:
{currentlevel 75}
{currentexperience 2181.25}
{lastlevelupdatedview 75}

just cut and paste that to where you hero's level is. you can do this to all your heros.

To make a low level hero, one hit kill do this: same as above find you hero, scroll down to this line: {"rpgmodule" ...

{dps 5 30 5}
{defence 99 99 99}
{strength 9999}
{agility 9999}
{intellect 9999}
{stamina 900}
{dps "" "" ""}
{defence "" "" ""}

cut and paste over your hero's old stats and replace them with that. your hero will have insane stats.
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Money 32%
Save whatever mission you are playing, Find the saved folder - open mission with word pad, search for" kingdomtreasure " and you will find next line
{kingdomtreasure "money" 999999( how much money you had when you saved the game) "wood" 0 "id" 1}
Make you rich modifying the 99999999999 number . Good luck
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Get Monters on Your Side! 22%
**This cheat requires editing a game file on your computer, so please make a back-up before you change anything in the file.

Start a game campaign or single mission, once started save the game and exit to windows.

Go to my documents and find this file for campaign:

\My Documents\majesty2\profiles\0\saves\campaigns\

or this for single mission:

\My Documents\majesty2\profiles\0\saves\single\

There will be numbered save files, the one you just saved will be the largest number, find it and open it, there will be a "mission.sav", open this with notepad.

To make all enemies join you click the "edit" "find" and type in "enemy" and it will find the first enemy, replace "enemy" with "player" and it will join you, do this as much as you want but stop when it gets to the "diplomacy" section.
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Leveling up 14%
Type in grow up to raise your heroes rank by 5 lvls
By: thedominater323(613)
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What were did they come from??? 14%
Type in prepare to die to spawn (golems :and dragons)
By: thedominater323(613)
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Hey its fixed 13%
Type in restoration to repair all buildings (will not repair enemy buildings)
By: thedominater323(613)
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Hey i can see everything 13%
Type in revelation to reveal the whole map
By: thedominater323(613)
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Give me money!! 12%
Type in"fill this bag"to get $10'000
By: thedominater323(613)
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Hey i can build anything i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11%
Type in build anything to unlock all buildings
By: thedominater323(613)
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I win 9%
Type in"victory is mine"youl win the lvl instantly
By: thedominater323(613)
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Death to all 9%
Type in"now you die"to destroy the selected building or object
By: thedominater323(613)
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Were did they come from 2??? 8%
Type in night of the living dead to spawn the (undead)
By: thedominater323(613)
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