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Disney/Pixar's Up Cheats for PS2
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Disney/Pixar's Up PS2 Cheats

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Disney/Pixar's Up

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Passwords * 87%
Description: Navigate to the Cheats Menu from the Main Menu and enter the codes below for the desired effect. Pause the game and choose "Cheats" to toggle them on and off during gameplay.

AVIATORGOGGLESCarl wears Muntz's aviator goggles
BUTTERFLYRussell attracts all butterflies
CARLHEAVYWEIGHTTo lift Russell end up in the air, Carl just needs to jump from the teeter totter
BALLOONPARTYWhen he jumps, Carl creates multicoloured balloons
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Drenchedsole 40%
Russell's shoes are completely drenched: his shoes make a funny sounds
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Questions & Answers
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Disney/Pixar's Up 473176How do you get past the snake on the rock? Answers: 5
Disney/Pixar's Up 499084Stuck in Chapter 15. How do I get Kevin to move the boxes so Russell can cross the rocks? Thank you! Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 488964How do you get past the level with the zeppelin attack and the dog on the rock? Answers: 3
Disney/Pixar's Up 490155How do you get past the river area in the first chapter? There is no raft. Thx! Answers: 7
Disney/Pixar's Up 482400Carl is stuck behind a boulder by the geyser on Level 5. How do we get him out? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 522042How to get carl up the rope in chapter nine Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 561922I'm stuck on chapter Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 740130Provide guidelines for completing chapter 15 Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 484431How do you pass the last level! Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 486664Stuck on chapter 15, where I need to solve a puzzle with doug, the thing is that's impossible to get dough on top of the rock Answers: 4
Disney/Pixar's Up 494239I can't find the cheat window to enter cheats into because I can't do anything without help! Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 514246Where are all the books in chapter 3 Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 537100How to defeat annaconda? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 550622I cant get past chapter 11? how do we get the gapple hook and the golf club? someone reply please im desperate Answers: 5
Disney/Pixar's Up 565662Chapter 25. you can become Dug and Kevin (dog and bird) Can get the bird up to where the box is but it takes 2 to move it. Cant get any of the other to get up there to move it. Help, this is driving me crazy. Thanks Answers: 6
Disney/Pixar's Up 568497How do I get the magnifying glass Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 570321How do you get past the level where you have to carry the rock through the canon Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 493488I'm stuck in Chapter 9 Pixar's Up!how do you push that big box from the hill? Answers: 2
Disney/Pixar's Up 493815How do you throw the rock near the water and thorns without using the tetertoter? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 497419How do I get out of the canyon at the very beginning? Answers: 0
Disney/Pixar's Up 498221Where to position Carl to make rock to collapse in starting screen level one? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 505080How do I get past the vines on Chapter 16? Answers: 1
Disney/Pixar's Up 510800Chapter 21-Stuck on the beginning how do you stop the bombing and get rid of the dog? We are assuming with the rock and see saw but not sure how to use them? Answers: 3
Disney/Pixar's Up 518282Chapter 4 cant figure out what im to do please help Answers: 1
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