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FIFA Soccer 10 Cheats for PC
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FIFA Soccer 10 PC Cheats

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FIFA Soccer 10

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Recommended players 71%
Andrey Arshavin
Carles Puyol
Cristiano Ronaldo
Fernando Torres
John Terry
Lionel Messi
Sergio Ramos
Steven Gerrard
Wayne Rooney
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Manager mode help! 63%
This is really good if you're low on money. When it's transfer season, go to the transfer market and look up players in the free agents section. Buy the players and then once bought put them on for sale. Notice that they will actually be worth something. E.g: Cesc Fabregas is in the free agents so you buy him for 0. But when you put him up for sale, he will be worth 24 million. Advised only to use for desperate times when needing money. Another related thing is that if you go to team manegment at the home screen of fifa 10 and then go to transfers, here another way to make even more money. Think in your head of what team you're going to use in manager mode. Ok say you want to use Barcalona, they have a really good team because most of their players are 80+ statistics wise. So if you want to start your season with alot of money go to a club where they have a good player which they dont use often. Example is Samir Nasri from arsenal. He is 83 statistics and is worth a good 12 million. So put Nasri into the free agents section, and save sqauds. Then start up your manager mode and buy him, then sell him and you've made some money for free W00T.
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Best team players 38%
Gk:hugo lloris
def:fabio ,rafael,santon[inter],vermalaen[ars],ramos
mid:fabregas,hontly[search he is just 18 at start],bosttock[also 18],mata[grows to 93],messi ,ronaldo,rodwell[everton],vukcevic[sporting]
forward:boltelli[inter],welback[man u],rooney,vela[ars],pato[milan],baxter[everton],jovetic[fiorentina]

do not take bojan [barca] he does not score much even etoo and ibrahamovic
By: VAN6376(28)
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Scoring a goal 38%
Always use the whole field to penertrate through the defence,I recomend L.Messi and F.Ribery on the wings.
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Best Team in 3-4-3 formation for fifa 10 35%
Gk M.Neuer
rcb S.Ramos
cb P.Mestesacker
lcb J.Obi-Mikel
rm c.ronaldo
cm f.fabregas
cm m.essien
lm j. navas
rs l.messi
ls g.dos santos
st alexandre pato
by ronaldo
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Cheats fifa 10 pc 31%
IF956OMP alle spelers 99
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Best team in the world 31%
Get ur fav team and go to transfers then take all the players under 80 out then go to free agents and search by detail find min overall and go to 80 search then all the best players will be there and click on the 1ns u want
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How to cheat in fifa 10? 30%
If you want to cheat in fifa 10 {on all platforms pc,ps3 etc} just press esc go to controls and then change your side you can score own goles with the opponent's team and change your side again and you will win the game
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BIG FAN ONLINE NAME yusufthechamp
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful 23%
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FIFA Soccer 10 739186Tell me the contols(all) of fifa 2010 ..?pls ..i don't have that game ,but I have played fifa 07 the contols of fifa 2010 same as fifa 07?any additional keys..pls let me know cox ia am playing a tournament dis friday(fifa 10)..pls let me know at earliest.... Answers: 1
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FIFA Soccer 10 823276How to lob the ball over the goalkeepers head properly Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 882095How can I do the double kick?and how can I trick my opponent? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 903593What are my rights if I am fit and healthy to play, but my club want to transfer me to another club without my agreement, or reduce my salary by 50%? Urgent please advice. Playing in vietnam. Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 905783How do I move the Gk while taking free kick Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 956802How to take free kick or corner in be a pro season.? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 957157How do we give high through passes in fifa 10?, because I have tried to do this for a long time. Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 957158How do we curl a ball in fifa 10? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 980483How to remove injury of an injured player? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 991669How to transfer you be a pro player in fifa 10 Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 700337Can anybody give me the fifa 10 skill move list?and how to use them? plz plz help me... Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 641136How can I make my pro to be the 100%? Answers: 3
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FIFA Soccer 10 744165How to earn points in FIFA 2010? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 669943How to make more money in manager mode? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 10 613468Can anyone give me a dam good dribbling trick Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 610212All moves to get pass the defenders in key board Answers: 0
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