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FIFA Soccer 10 Cheats for PS3
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FIFA Soccer 10 PS3 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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FIFA Soccer 10

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Manager mode help! 60%
This is really good if you're low on money. When it's transfer season, go to the transfer market and look up players in the free agents section. Buy the players and then once bought put them on for sale. Notice that they will actually be worth something. E.g: Cesc Fabregas is in the free agents so you buy him for Ł0. But when you put him up for sale, he will be worth Ł24 million. Advised only to use for desperate times when needing money. Another related thing is that if you go to team manegment at the home screen of fifa 10 and then go to transfers, here another way to make even more money. Think in your head of what team you're going to use in manager mode. Ok say you want to use Barcalona, they have a really good team because most of their players are 80+ statistics wise. So if you want to start your season with alot of money go to a club where they have a good player which they dont use often. Example is Samir Nasri from arsenal. He is 83 statistics and is worth a good Ł12 million. So put Nasri into the free agents section, and save sqauds. Then start up your manager mode and buy him, then sell him and you've made some money for free W00T.
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How to get the best young players in career mode. 59%
First, start up a career :)
Make sure you sell your most expensive players.
Then upgrade your scout to 10.
Play a couple of games untill you have about €5.000.000,-.
Now send your scout to europe and make sure you use the most expensive setting (it doesn't matter if you're searching for an attacker, defender, midfielder or goalie)
Simulate or play a couple of games untill you get a player from Spain, any others won't do, the Spain players are usually the youngest (Italy is ok to).
Voilŕ, you've got a super talent!

You may want to sell your scouted players, after a couple of matches he will be €10.000.000,- more worth.
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Great manager mode player growth 52%
Go to the team you want to go in manager mode but firstly edit all players date of birth to
1994 december 31
By: henriklarrsoner(31)
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Opening a chance for goal 49%
When you are running with the ball and you are on their side, make a teammate run to the side of a player that is trying to tackle you then do a through ball, but to make this work make sure the rest of the area is clear and the defenders are behind you. This is a very good strategy if the defenders surround you. As soon as you're clear make a run for it an score!
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Prem league win 40%
First you have to win five matches and keep clean sheets . then sim 2 matches then win five by clean sheet(or 2 cant really remember!)then sim the rest of league and you will win the league (and cups !)remember you can only use this 1nce (i think)
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Easy Smash Home a Volley in the Arena 39%
In 1-0n-1 mode move your player to the top of the circle on the 18yd. box, do a simple rainbow while moving forward then while the ball is in the air shoot, if you beat the keeper you get the accomplishment (this could possibly be done using the "Flick Up for Volley" move while juggling but I haven't tried that, I got the accomplishment using the simple rainbow). NOTE: you have to keep moving forward (press L analog toward the goal) while doing the rainbow or the ball will bounce before you shoot.
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Ultimate Manager Mode Staff 39%
When choosing a team, choose Real Madrid. They come with enough money to upgrade everything to 10.
By: boxingkitty(24)
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Best team in the world 37%
Get ur fav team and go to transfers then take all the players under 80 out then go to free agents and search by detail find min overall and go to 80 search then all the best players will be there and click on the 1ns u want
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Great manager mode player growth 33%
Ok go in to transfers put in the transfer players of 85 edit tthem and put there date of birth to 31 december 1994
By: henriklarrsoner(31)
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Fifa 10 ps3 cheats 30%
To unlock a super shot press: Up, down, down, up, circle
To run fast: Hold L2+down, up, right, left
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Manger mode 29%
Play with rubbish team (burnly or wolves) play on amateur difficulty win the league or cup and you get easy 2.5 stars
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful 29%
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Lots of Good players on Manager Mode 28%
First transfer all the players 86 or over to the free transfer team. Then start a new manager mode and all of those players will be there. You dont need to pay but you still need to pay salary.
By: Archman(41)
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Different keeper jersy 27%
Start a new game in legendary, sub keeper for keeper and two other players then restart .
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Ultimate team tip 26%
If you want your normal squads 2 stay the same and you want a dream tea on manager mode in the main menu go into squads and put all of your fav players on your fav team and start a manager with your fav team save your manager mode, and when you go back in2 the main menu the normal squads will b loaded
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Who to sign?(manager mode) 25%
Sign pedro messi ronaldo aguero long cox chamakh torres dani alves jonson(adam)
milner welbeck(definitley)iniesta .......thats all
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Slide tackle for ps3 16%
For the ps3 you press the square button
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54 Trophies
FIFA Soccer 10 - Photographer Photographer
Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS™ Football World
FIFA Soccer 10 - Camera Man Camera Man
Upload a video to EA SPORTS™ Football World
FIFA Soccer 10 - Shooting Boots Shooting Boots
Score 5 goals in 1 Arena kick-about
FIFA Soccer 10 - A Star Is Born A Star Is Born
Create a Virtual Pro
FIFA Soccer 10 - Window shopping Window shopping
Visit the FIFA 10 Store
FIFA Soccer 10 - FIFA Fever FIFA Fever
Catch the Fever by beating someone on Xbox LIVE who already has it
FIFA Soccer 10 - Off the Woodwork Off the Woodwork
Score off the post or cross bar in a match
FIFA Soccer 10 - Hard Earned Win Hard Earned Win
Beat a 5 Star team with a ½ Star team on Xbox LIVE or against Professional difficulty or higher
FIFA Soccer 10 - Grind it Out Grind it Out
Win a match with 10 men on Xbox LIVE or when playing on Professional difficulty or higher
FIFA Soccer 10 - Cup Upset Cup Upset
Win a 16 team Tournament with a 1 Star team when playing on Professional difficulty or higher
FIFA Soccer 10 - Wheeler Dealer Wheeler Dealer
Buy 50 players in your Manager Mode career
FIFA Soccer 10 - Challenging Schedule Challenging Schedule
Complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game
FIFA Soccer 10 - Good Friend Good Friend
Create a goal for a Friend with a cross
FIFA Soccer 10 - Real Fan Real Fan
Play for over fifty hours
FIFA Soccer 10 - Well Travelled Well Travelled
Win a match in every stadium
FIFA Soccer 10 - Total Control Total Control
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)
FIFA Soccer 10 - Top of the League? Top of the League?
Win a match in a Friends League
FIFA Soccer 10 - Lounging Around Lounging Around
Score 2500 points and win 5 Badges in a single Lounge Mode match
FIFA Soccer 10 - Around The World Around The World
Play a match with a team from every league
FIFA Soccer 10 - Always Available Always Available
Complete a season in Be A Pro: Seasons without simming a game
FIFA Soccer 10 - Underdog Underdog
Win an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent
FIFA Soccer 10 - Experimental Experimental
Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches using a different team
FIFA Soccer 10 - Ton up Ton up
Win 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches
FIFA Soccer 10 - Team Player Team Player
Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team (10 players)
FIFA Soccer 10 - Skilled Pro Skilled Pro
Unlock 100 EA SPORTS™ Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro
FIFA Soccer 10 - Looking Good Looking Good
Download your Game Face from EA SPORTS™ Football World
FIFA Soccer 10 - Recognise Anyone? Recognise Anyone?
Download your Club member Game Faces from EA SPORTS™ Football World
FIFA Soccer 10 - Double Champs Double Champs
Win consecutive League titles in any top tier League in Manager Mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Climbing the Ladder Climbing the Ladder
Win consecutive promotions with the same Club in Manager Mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - The Treble The Treble
Win 3 trophies in 1 Manager Mode Season
FIFA Soccer 10 - Established Established
Become a 5 Star Manager
FIFA Soccer 10 - No Pressure No Pressure
Achieve 100% Board Confidence at any Club in Manager Mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Theatre of Dreams Theatre of Dreams
Upgrade your Stadium Manager to Level 10
FIFA Soccer 10 - Globetrotter Globetrotter
Win titles in all 5 major European Leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain)
FIFA Soccer 10 - Phoenix from the Ashes Phoenix from the Ashes
Make a 5 Star team out of a 2 Star team or lower within 5 seasons in Manager Mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Good Form Good Form
Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches without losing
FIFA Soccer 10 - Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Work on your skills in Practice Mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Limited Resources Limited Resources
Win a League or Cup in Manager Mode with a 1 Star team or lower
FIFA Soccer 10 - Still Practicing? Still Practicing?
Score 20 goals in 1 Arena kick-about
FIFA Soccer 10 - Gutsy Call Gutsy Call
Take an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match to extra time when playing as a weaker team
FIFA Soccer 10 - Glory Hunter Glory Hunter
Play 10 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches with the same 5 Star team
FIFA Soccer 10 - Good Support Good Support
Play an Online Team Play match as your Favourite Team
FIFA Soccer 10 - Bad Loser Bad Loser
Select to Quit & forfeit 5 Xbox LIVE matches when losing
FIFA Soccer 10 - Time For A Testimonial Time For A Testimonial
Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro
FIFA Soccer 10 - Tournament Winner Tournament Winner
Win a Trophy in Ultimate Team mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Tournament Champion Tournament Champion
Win 10 Trophies in Ultimate Team mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Tournament Legend Tournament Legend
Win 25 Trophies in Ultimate Team mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Match Winner Match Winner
Win 10 matches in Ultimate Team mode
FIFA Soccer 10 - Perfect Chemistry Perfect Chemistry
Win a match in Ultimate Team mode with a 100 chemistry squad
FIFA Soccer 10 - International Unity International Unity
Win a Ultimate Team mode match with a 100 chemistry squad where no player is from the same nation
FIFA Soccer 10 - Coalition of the Winning Coalition of the Winning
Win a Ultimate Team mode match with a 100 chemistry squad where no player is from the same club
FIFA Soccer 10 - A Good Start A Good Start
Open 10 Ultimate Team packs
FIFA Soccer 10 - Pack Rat Pack Rat
Open 100 Ultimate Team packs
FIFA Soccer 10 - Resource King Resource King
Open 500 Ultimate Team packs

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FIFA Soccer 10 678796Can you change the uniform in ultimate team? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 720471How do I know who´s suspended for the next game? A yellow card is showen but it says that I dont have a full team to proceed! Answers: 3
FIFA Soccer 10 724044How do you land a backflip (acrobatics) in celebrations? I keep falling over! Answers: 3
FIFA Soccer 10 574556Why cant I sell my players in manager mode and why my for sale players dont show up on transfer market? Answers: 7
FIFA Soccer 10 578649How do you do the advanced rainbow? Answers: 12
FIFA Soccer 10 683079Why do fifa put some players in certain boots and then not allow you to use them when editing other players? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 683356How come some oppents online have stronger player than I do ? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 686189How to change players skills in edit mode Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 714748What team is the best to be because i'm stuck who to be I want to be a team that is good but not good Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 10 722804Exhibition Match Is anyone aware of any settings/cheats that change the the game to favour a team or decrease/increase another teams ability. The reason I ask is my friend and I always have top battles until a week ago. he has starting beating me with ease and I can seem to get close, nothing goes my way. Please Help Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 10 725432Can you use your manager mode team in a normal exibition match? If so, how? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 734915When I buy new players in manerger mode they somtimes tranfer to other teams when there still on contract Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 736555How do you dive in fifa 10? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 739429Why can't you lift trophies on tournament mode Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 740294Why can't I buy players in manager mode? I can sell but not buy Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 741380When I was playing manager mode in the community shield final against my friend, and it was about 90mins but my keeper came out and my friend scored because I did a pooh corner Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 744016How to do around the world? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 10 746916How do you brace a player off the ball or prevent yourself from being braced off the ball? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 756599In club management how do I get max power for my team Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 757842What do the attributes in Be A Pro: Seasons all do? I mean, sure there's a name, but I have no clue how to improve my shot accuracy, etc etc. I'm not even sure huh? finishing actually is? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 766621How do you get xp and what is xp Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 767484How do you get your skill to 4 or 5? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 10 789917Does any1 know any money cvheats for fifa 10 Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 10 815456Whyle in manager mode I accidently changed teams at the end of a cup and I want to change back to the previous team I had is there a way for me to do it ir its not posible? Answers: 0
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