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Aliens VS Predator Cheats for PS3
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Aliens VS Predator PS3 Cheats

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE
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Aliens VS Predator

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE

Skins 87%
Description: You can unlock additional skins by reaching the following levels:

Alien / NetheadAchieve Rank 34
Alien / PraetorianAchieve Rank 19
Alien / RidgedAchieve Rank 10
Alien / Warrior DomeAchieve Rank 04
Marine / ConnorAchieve Rank 05
Marine / GibsonAchieve Rank 02
Marine / JohnsonAchieve Rank 22
Marine / MossAchieve Rank 13
Marine / RookieAchieve Rank 28
Predator / ClawAchieve Rank 03
Predator / HunterAchieve Rank 16
Predator / SpartanAchieve Rank 31
Predator / StalkerAchieve Rank 07
Predator / WolfAchieve Rank 25
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Keep Your Back to the Wall, Marine! 87%
Description: When playing as a Marine in multiplayer, keep you back against a wall and the alien races will not be able to instantly kill you.
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Collectible Locations 78%
Description: When playing as an Alien or Predator, activate FOCUS to make collectibles flash on your HUD.
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Guide to kill predator as marine 74%
When facing the predator on marine us the sniper or smart gun so yo can see when it has the clock on becuse the sniper and smart gun both highlight enemys
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Aliens vs predator game guide: jungle 72%
Heres a guide to beating jungle on nightmare first jump on the tree in front of you then jump on the next tree in front of you then wait for the marines to get near the tree you were on (there are two marines wait for one to walk by then kill the other one) ok now you are in front of the sentry gun jump on the ledge to the far left distract one of the marines far away from where you are,now kill the one near the sentry gun then kill the other one now drain the power node ok heres the hard part (taking out the aliens) for this part block,when you here the alien doing a heavy attack quickly use a light attack,block repeat process you can use any weapon you turn on your cloak,jump on top of the fence then jump on top of the door way to the left distract the marine to the little dark area near the sentry gun and then jump on top of the building to the right jump on top of the big building and then look in the area in front of you distract the marine to the right side of the building now go to where the generator is (on the left side)cloak yourself and kill him,now disable power and jump on top of the big building wait for the marine to go to the box then when he goes back peform stealth kill now cloak yourself and distract the marine to outside then kill him go upstairs distract the marine to the far right corner run over there and kill him take the security guards head disable sentry guns and power down the fence kill the aliens repeat the process I told you then use the humans head to open gate supply up if you have to now kill every one using your cloak
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Melee Finisher 71%
When you're an alien or predator use heavy attack to stun the enemy then when it says "press square" you can do a melee finisher. this is the easiest kill stratagy to use.
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Die predator 63%
This is a hint on how to beat the predator (alien campaign)wait for the predtaor to follow you then hit the exploding barrels repeat process and he should lose alot of health then hithim with your claws and tail
By: thedominater323(613)
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Alien Hint 55%
The easiest way to take down a marine. is to charge ajacent too them this way you can close the distant and keep from getting shot up, by a pulse rifle.
By: ExpCheat(331)
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Marine 54%
The best way to fight an alien as a marine is to run up to them pistol whip than run back. This stuns them, so that you can get a clean shot. Or keep backing up until they chase you its much easier to hit them when their charging in a straight line at you then moving your cursor everywhere.
By: ExpCheat(331)
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Get bigger 50%
While playong the game push xxxl1l2r1r2xxx
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Easy 30 enemy kills with handgun 47%
When you are versing the quenn alien and use the switch to blow her up and dosen't work, don't destroy more than 1 of the canisters right next to her and instead just kill as many xenomorhphs as posible to get the 30 kill trophy with the hand gun.
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Aliens vs predator guide:predator refinery 46%
Ok wait for the marine to walk by you then turn on cloak and peform stealth kill (stay were you are)turn on your cloak jump on top of the bulldozer disract one of the marines were you did the stealth kill just keep doing the same thing now turn on cloak follow the objective marker after your behind the sentry gun jump on the pipes to the left then distract a marine to where the health shard is peform stealth kill distract the other marine to the stairs quickly peform stealth kill go up stairs jump on the pillar to the right while the other marine is going up stairs do stealth kill on the marine in front of you jump on the floor the marine is on distract him away from you do stealth kill follow the objective marker supply if you have to jump on the elevator then jump on the ramp looking thing beside the elevator well I dont know how to get past this part (just use your plasma cannon or mines) now for the alien part destroy the eggs (ones with the facehugger in it) do your objective then destroy the facehuggers below do the process I told you with the aliens well first you might want to damage the pipe the one above the fire defend your self against the aliens now go through the tunnel with the fire you put out keep running.
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Marine Hint 45%
With the right timing this will work. As a marine run towards your enemy time it right and press the R1 this will use melee, that stuns your opponet then quickly run back while shooting this if very helpul in close range combat. Campaingn/Multiplayer
By: ExpCheat(331)
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Regenerate or heal 45%
Heres a tip on how to get the "aint got time to bleed" trophy first kill all the aliens til theres only one left wait for him to hit you then block and run away and heal yourself.
By: thedominater323(613)
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Special/Trophy Kills 44%
Sneak up behind your enemy. and press SQUARE when it is promted. this is the easiest and safest way to get a kill. or on special occasions your can press SQUARE during combat. here is a quick video of some of the kills. (only can be done by alien or predator)
Aliens VS Predator cheat video Cheat Video
By: ExpCheat(331)
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Unlock all missions 42%
Main menu hold r1, press xoxxoxoxoxdown up
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Infinite predator health 39%
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One hit kills playing the alien only 39%
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Predators weapons are always stronger 39%
Make sure to use a plasma cannon on a full charge (multiplayer)
By: thedominater323(613)
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Unlock all maps for online 38%
Go to the maps press rightrightleftleftrightrightupdownleftrightstart the next time you pick a map you can pick more
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Unlock ufo ending 34%
On game play shoot the door at the last stage enter upupxxodownl3l3r3 enter the code real slow for it to work
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Infiniteammo 30%
Hold x press ooor3r2r1r3l3l3l1l2downrightupupstart
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Is that what i think it is 26%
When playing on multiplayer use your alien vision
By: thedominater323(613)
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50 Trophies
Aliens VS Predator - Not Bad for A Human Not Bad for A Human
Get all the Aliens vs Predator achievements
Aliens VS Predator - Game Over, Man! Game Over, Man!
Complete all three Campaigns
Aliens VS Predator - Club hopper Club hopper
Survive The 'Party' at The Club
Aliens VS Predator - Exit Strategy Exit Strategy
Escape from C-Block
Aliens VS Predator - You Have My Sympathies You Have My Sympathies
Help Van Zandt
Aliens VS Predator - Regicide Regicide
Defeat the Matriarch
Aliens VS Predator - I Will Never Leave You... I Will Never Leave You...
Locate Tequila
Aliens VS Predator - ...That's A Promise ...That's A Promise
Get Tequila to surgery
Aliens VS Predator - One Big Bug One Big Bug
Defeat the Praetorian
Aliens VS Predator - Get to The Chopper! Get to The Chopper!
Recover Weyland's datapad
Aliens VS Predator - Come to Mama Come to Mama
Liberate the Matriarch
Aliens VS Predator - Breaking Quarantine Breaking Quarantine
Escape from the Research Lab
Aliens VS Predator - Grunt Hunt Grunt Hunt
Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony
Aliens VS Predator - Under Pressure Under Pressure
Solve the riddle of the Ruins
Aliens VS Predator - Grim Reaper Grim Reaper
Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign
Aliens VS Predator - Alien vs Predator Alien vs Predator
Create a new species
Aliens VS Predator - It Uses The Jungle It Uses The Jungle
Find a way through Gateway
Aliens VS Predator - Fallen Comrade Fallen Comrade
Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle
Aliens VS Predator - Matter of Honor Matter of Honor
Discover the Elite Predator's fate
Aliens VS Predator - Eyes of The Demon Eyes of The Demon
Retrieve the ancient mask
Aliens VS Predator - World of Hurt World of Hurt
Survive trial by combat
Aliens VS Predator - Breaking and Entering Breaking and Entering
Find a way into the Research Lab
Aliens VS Predator - Reclaimer Reclaimer
Retrieve the second artifact
Aliens VS Predator - Extinction Agenda Extinction Agenda
Destroy the Abomination
Aliens VS Predator - Stay Frosty Stay Frosty
Complete Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
Aliens VS Predator - I Admire its Purity I Admire its Purity
Complete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
Aliens VS Predator - It Ain't No Man It Ain't No Man
Complete Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
Aliens VS Predator - I LOVE the Corps! I LOVE the Corps!
Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
Aliens VS Predator - Magnificent, Isn't It? Magnificent, Isn't It?
Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
Aliens VS Predator - One Ugly Mother One Ugly Mother
Complete Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
Aliens VS Predator - Harsh Language Harsh Language
Discover all 67 Audio Diaries
Aliens VS Predator - Quite A Specimen Quite A Specimen
Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers
Aliens VS Predator - Fortune and Glory Fortune and Glory
Find all 45 Predator trophy belts
Aliens VS Predator - Scatter Shot Scatter Shot
As a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match.
Aliens VS Predator - I Like to Keep This Handy I Like to Keep This Handy
Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun
Aliens VS Predator - Spin Doctor Spin Doctor
Kill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc
Aliens VS Predator - Let's Rock! Let's Rock!
Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun
Aliens VS Predator - Elite Sniper Elite Sniper
Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle
Aliens VS Predator - Stick Around Stick Around
Kill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick
Aliens VS Predator - Gunslinger Gunslinger
Kill 30 enemies with the pistol
Aliens VS Predator - Welcome to The War Welcome to The War
Play and complete your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode
Aliens VS Predator - Killer Instinct Killer Instinct
Win your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode
Aliens VS Predator - Serial Killer Serial Killer
Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode
Aliens VS Predator - Very Tough Hombre Very Tough Hombre
Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match
Aliens VS Predator - Persecution Complex Persecution Complex
Achieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match
Aliens VS Predator - The Six Pack The Six Pack
Play with six friends in a Ranked Match
Aliens VS Predator - Ain't Got Time to Bleed Ain't Got Time to Bleed
Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor
Aliens VS Predator - The Uninfected The Uninfected
Finish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey
Aliens VS Predator - Welcome to The Party Welcome to The Party
Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches
Aliens VS Predator - Real Nasty Habit Real Nasty Habit
Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches

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