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Bigs 2, The Cheats for WII
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Bigs 2, The WII Cheats

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Bigs 2, The

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Better team. 33%
To get a better team in become a legend, when you steal a player get someone with no-doubter home runs.
By: RCShoe(218)
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Homerun hitter 32%
First you put the nunchuck on the wii remote then you hold c and z on the nunchuck and hold the nunchuck as high as you can and when the pitch comes you hit a homerun but only if the batter is legendary in power
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Home run bat 29%
While playing the game press + which is pause then press A,A,B,C,Z,A
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Bigs 2, The 950895How to unlock stuff Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 537515Hints on beating the superstars when they ask not to allow them a run? Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 526099If you used turbo how much better is that then legenday Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 580247How do you get youre legend on to youre team in regular play Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 808420In the become a legend I'm a outfielder and the challenges are asking me to throw out a runner at second base, try playing 2nd base... how do you switch positions? Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 961630How do you get the 2 throwouts in Mexico for the legend mode? Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 698877How do you catch balls in the bigs 2 in become a legend Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 806047In Become a Legend, how do I make trades? Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 871286How do I stop the batter from bunting when I'm trying to steal a base? Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 829056How do you beat chipper jones in the contact game? Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 855231When I create a player on the home screen how do I get him a power up? Answers: 0
Bigs 2, The 887408How do you skip innings Answers: 0
Bigs 2, The 891570Can you skip contact mini game in become a legend Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 926752How do you make the batter right handed ? Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 934154How do you do play on multi-player? Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 935078Printed words on screen are blured. How do I select a pitch for the pitcher Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 935250Is it hard to throw a no hitter? Answers: 4
Bigs 2, The 937795Batter does not swing when I do. Why? Answers: 0
Bigs 2, The 983273How do you change your positin in become a legend mode Answers: 0
Bigs 2, The 983489What is the best position to pick? Answers: 0
Bigs 2, The 984035I cant beat the rays in story mode cause I cant get 2 batters out how do I do that. Answers: 0
Bigs 2, The 527075How do you beat Wade Boggs and the other 5 of last 6 legends in the easiest way possible? I'm having difficulty against Wade Boggs in the last contact mini game. Answers: 1
Bigs 2, The 527764Its impossible to beat the speed mini game in legends mode...I have no idea what they are asking for!? Answers: 2
Bigs 2, The 873311How to stop legendary catch Answers: 1
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