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G-Force Cheats for WII
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G-Force WII Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Secret Agent Mode 78%
How to unlock: Beat the game (on any difficulty) to unlock Secret Agent Mode.
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Killing computers 45%
Wait till they have spawned little chips then on their side they have opened up shoot it there try not to kill the spawns until you have shot it. It close's up straight away after the spawns are killed it take quite a few time try not to get frustrated
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Electro whip 40%
For wii only: get the electro whip up grade enter up-up-down-right-down-right on the title screen note: only works on new game file
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G-Force 673004I have flown as the fly through the vents and to the switch to let Darwin in but cant get through the door as it opens. Answers: 5
G-Force 698512How do I fly mooch through the vent? Answers: 3
G-Force 703001Once mooch picks up the computer chip in the board room, how does he get it back to Darwin? Answers: 3
G-Force 575893How to get the wifi conecters Answers: 2
G-Force 654027How do destroy the machine arms through the glass Answers: 1
G-Force 656670I need help with the server entrance/wifi I cant get the 2nd one planted Answers: 1
G-Force 676838How do I shut down the center computer please help me. Answers: 1
G-Force 699454Hi I think im on level 3 or 4 I need to get to th boiler room in basement which im in and when you check how far away th item is you are looking for its behind a vent im in as mooch but I dont no what im looking for anyone no ? thanks aideen Answers: 0
G-Force 751028How do I get mooch through the spaces in the vent? Answers: 1
G-Force 752370Ok.. I changed to the fly. flew. shot the camerea it stopped working.. but when I change back the door well not open and I have to do it all over again. How do I advance? Answers: 1
G-Force 759840How do you get past mission five. Im stuck at the beginning of mission. There's too many vacumes and there's no motion sensors anywhere. I need help! Answers: 0
G-Force 769311My son cannot get passed the beginning at the interference beam. He has tried everything and no matter when or where he pushes b and c nothing happens. He flies through the vent and can't get any further. HELP! it #7 out of 9 in the very beggining of the game! Answers: 0
G-Force 776532As Mooch flying through the vent how can I turn around to jam the beam to let Darwin through? Answers: 1
G-Force 807671Im in the mansion but for some reason I cant get mooch to stunn the cameras plz help getting my hair off with it Answers: 1
G-Force 820932My son is having trouble trying to stop the numbers with mooch, the code is 4231. How does he enter it in? Answers: 1
G-Force 8672443rd floor how to get fan Answers: 0
G-Force 880774How do you stablize something? Answers: 0
G-Force 939791How do you get past the saterlite dish at the power genrator because every time I go there the saterlite dish comes Answers: 0
G-Force 525534Stuck at level four and five Answers: 0
G-Force 541865How to get past the level with boxes on a convaer belt? Answers: 3
G-Force 558524I'm already stuck at the beginning. How do I get through the interference beam with mooch. Can somebody help me? Answers: 3
G-Force 737103How do I free the vacuum from the frozen lock in the fbi fornsics lab? The fire extenguisher isn't working and I don't have a flame thrower... Answers: 1
G-Force 740904Mooch beam Answers: 0
G-Force 528227Stuck as a fly, trying to shoot a lazer beam Answers: 3
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