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G-Force Cheats for PSP
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G-Force PSP Cheats

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Secret Agent Mode 65%
How to: Beat the game (on any difficulty) to unlock Secret Agent Mode.
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Super kill 39%
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G-Force 558447How do I get The Guns? Answers: 2
G-Force 787930How can mooch stun the satellite dish and deactivate the energy barrier Answers: 1
G-Force 800562How can I pass the round 2 in first rooom. I must get up in roof and I cant Answers: 1
G-Force 838189How to pass the level that says to enter the second airlock? Answers: 0
G-Force 844093How do I use the cheat codes do I push anything special Answers: 0
G-Force 844224How do I use blaster in g-force psp Answers: 0
G-Force 871831How to pass into the fire? Answers: 0
G-Force 931245How do I stun the satellite usnig mooch? Answers: 0
G-Force 936289How do I enter the cheat? Answers: 0
G-Force 942127How do we put the cheat code on the game Answers: 0
G-Force 945259Whats secret agent mode? Answers: 0
G-Force 983411How do you get on top of the reception desk? Answers: 0
G-Force 991041How to pass the first level in G force Answers: 0
G-Force 995259Where can I found the key card at chapter 4 episode 2 Answers: 0
G-Force 548769What do I do wen I get into the steam Answers: 2
G-Force 575347How do mooch pass getting through the shaft in mission 3 Answers: 1
G-Force 831322How to activate infinit jetpack Answers: 0
G-Force 518598How do you get pass mission 2? Answers: 1
G-Force 606463How to make secret agent mode,I have beat the game but I dont know Answers: 1
G-Force 766403How to get a gun in G force Answers: 0
G-Force 581351Whats the last mission? Answers: 1
G-Force 806591On psp how do I hack the vacuum cleaners to get past them? Answers: 0
G-Force 521453Were are the blueprints for the Saberling Motion Sensor 900. Answers: 1
G-Force 530419How to get across fire bars Answers: 1
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