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Red Faction: Guerrilla Cheats for PC
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Red Faction: Guerrilla PC Cheats

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Red Faction: Guerrilla Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Mega Trainer (Patch #2) by: Caliber Apr 13,2010
Mega Trainer (Patch #1) by: Caliber Mar 23,2010
Mega Trainer by: Caliber Dec 8,2009

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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat List 100%
How to unlock: Unlocking certain Achievements also unlocks certain cheats. The requirements for each Achievement are listed below as well.

Cool Turrets (Turrets do not overheat)Unlock the "Tank Buster" Achievement / Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks
Free Upgrade (Safehouse upgrades are free)Unlock "Freedom Fighter" Achievement / Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions
Max Morale (Max morale in all sectors)Unlock the "Don't Tread on Me" Achievement / Liberate Oasis Sector
Max Technology (Best armor and weapons for EDF, Guerilla and Marauder)Unlock the "Red Dawn" Achievement / Liberate Mars
No Green AlertUnlock the "One Man Army" Achievement / Complete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign
Super Debris (Explosion and collision damage is tripled)Unlock the "Coming Down" Achievement / Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings
Super Hammer (Upgraded sledgehammer)Unlock the "Best Friends Forever" Achievement / Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the Campaign
Super Sprinting (1.5x sprint speed)Unlock the "Working The Land" Achievement / Mine all ore locations
Unlimited AmmoUnlock the "Freed Space" Achievement / Destroy 50 EDF flyers
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Bonus XP Events 100%
Description: The following XP Events can be unlocked after achieving the EXP amounts listed below. The requirements for satisfying the XP event criteria is also given below. Completing an XP event gives you 1 bonus XP.

Air Strike (Requires 13000 EXP)Destroy an enemy while in the air
Assist (Requires 150 EXP)Have a teammate finish off a damaged enemy
Back Off (Requires 6600 EXP)Destroy an enemy who is melee attacking you range
Backfire (Requires 7800 EXP)Destroy an enemy with its own explosive
Backwhat? (Requires 3200 EXP)Destroy an enemy that is wearing a backpack (you must not be wearing a backpack)
BBQ (Requires 17500 EXP)Hit 3 enemies with the Arc Welder at the same time
Beat Down (Requires 1600 EXP)Get a kill with a melee attack
Blast (Requires 11500 EXP)Get a kill with an explosive barrel or tank
Blindside (Requires 18750 EXP)Get a kill from behind
Bullseye (Requires 7200 EXP)Get a kill with a rocket hit
Camper (Requires 52000 EXP)Get a kill while standing still
Charge (Requires 8750 EXP)Get a kill by using the Rhino charge through a wall
Crush (Requires 1500 EXP)Destroy an enemy with building fragments
Death By Boundary (Requires 4100 EXP)Hit an enemy out of the level boundaries
Death from Above (Requires 2150 EXP)Destroy an enemy by thrusting down
Death from Below (Requires 29000 EXP)Destroy an enemy by thrusting up
Doppleganger (Requires 38000 EXP)Destroy an enemy that has the same backpack you
Dust Bunny (Requires 15500 EXP)Destroy an enemy while he is in mid-air
Flagman (Requires 12200 EXP)Destroy an enemy holding a team flag
Full Control (Requires 5400 EXP)Fully repair a target
Ghost Destroy (Requires 7000 EXP)Destroy an enemy who is using stealth
Good Timing (Requires 16500 EXP)Use the Rhino or Thrust pack to avoid an attack
Hail Mary (Requires 10900 EXP)Destroy an enemy from far away without using a gun
Headshot Destroy (Requires 4500 EXP)Get a kill with a headshot
Heal Teammate (Requires 325 EXP)Restore half of a teammate's health
Interceptor (Requires 10600 EXP)Dismember an enemy in mid-air
Knockdown (Requires 3650 EXP)Disable multiple enemies with the concussion pack at the same time
Lined Up (Requires 33000 EXP)Hit two enemies with one Rail Driver shot
Mega Destroy (Requires 5800 EXP)Destroy multiple enemies within three seconds
No Problem (Requires 56000 EXP)Destroy an enemy while at full health
Pack Hunter (Requires 550 EXP)Watch a teammate close by get a kill
Payback (Requires 20250 EXP)Get a kill on the player that killed you within 15 seconds of respawning
Power Trip (Requires 9500 EXP)With Firepower active, get a kill with a melee weapon
Rainbow Wars (Requires 31000 EXP)Destroy an enemy that is using the Heal Pack
Remote Save (Requires 2300 EXP)Destroy an enemy with a remote mine trigger while an unexploded remote charge is stuck to you or a teammate
Rescue Destroy (Requires 700 EXP)Destroy an enemy near a teammate that has been knocked down
Shake it Up (Requires 14200 EXP)Get a kill while your Tremor pack is activated
Sharpshooter (Requires 24000 EXP)Kill an enemy from far away with a gun
Sleeper Destroy (Requires 27000 EXP)Destroy a fallen enemy with a melee attack
Streak Stopper (Requires 1800 EXP)Destroy an enemy who is unstoppable
Stuck (Requires 4400 EXP)Explode a remote charge stuck to an enemy
Survivor (Requires 2600 EXP)Recover full health after nearly dying
Synchronized Destroy (Requires 900 EXP)Destroy an enemy at the same time a nearby teammate does
Unstopable (Requires 3050 EXP)Destroy five or more enemies in a row
Vendetta (Requires 1200 EXP)Destroy an enemy who recently killed a teammate
Vertigo (Requires 48000 EXP)Destroy an enemy above or below you
Who's #1 (Requires 5000 EXP)Destroy the enemy with the highest number of kills
X-Ray (Requires 22500 EXP)Destroy an enemy through a wall with the Rail Driver
You're doing it wrong! (Requires 8250 EXP)Destroy an enemy with the Reconstructor
Zombie Destroy (Requires 44000 EXP)Destroy an enemy from beyond the grave (with an explosion etc.)
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Vehicle Repair Strikes Back 100%
If you exit a vehicle near the end of a mission, after you beat the mission you can return to it and it will be fully repaired.
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Insane Difficulty 100%
Beat the Campaign to unlock Insane Difficulty.
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Vehicle Repair 100%
Tired of losing your walker after you spent hours finding it? To repair it, and any other vehicle, just use Guerrilla Express while inside your vehicle. It should be within or nearby the camp you traveled to all repaired and ready to go.
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Various 100%
Description: Under Options, choose "Extras" and select "Enter Code." Enter the codes below for the desired effect:

MAPMAYHEMBonus multiplayer map pack
HARDHITTERGolden Sledgehammer for single-player use
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Righting a Vehicle 100%
If you have an overturned vehicle and you want it to turn it over back onto its wheels, hop out of it, and while it’s on its roof, walk near it and press TRIANGLE to hop into it. When that happens, repeatedly press TRIANGLE and the vehicle will right itself.
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Hidden Multiplayer Challenges 98%
Description: The following multiplayer challenges can only be done in online (not LAN) play:

1 Life: 10 Kills1 Weapon Kill 10 people with the same weapon in one life
1 Life: 15 BonusesWin 15 different bonuses in one life
1 Life: 25 Bonus XPWin 25 bonus XP in one life
1 Life: 5 XP5 Backpacks Win 5 XP with 5 different backpacks in one life
1 Life: 50 XPGain 50 core or bonus XP in one life
1 Life: Kill5 Weapons Kill 5 people with 5 different weapons in one life
10 KillsEvery Weapon Kill 10 players with each individual weapon
10 WinsEvery Game Type Win 10 matches in every gametype
100 WinsWin 100 matches (Mode does not matter)
100 XPEvery Backpack Gain 100 XP with each individual backpack
100 XPEvery Weapon Gain 100 XP with each individual weapon
1000 Kills1 Weapon Kill 1000 players with one weapon
5 XPEvery Bonus Event Gain 5 XP with each bonus event
500 XP1 Bonus Event Gain 500 XP with one bonus event (Ex Assist)
5000 XP1 Backpack Gain 5000 XP with one backpack (Ex Rhino)
5000 XP1 Weapon Gain 5000 XP with one weapon (Ex Assault Rifle)
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